Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday is a Telecom featured, Waterboarding event!

Waterboarding has been banned, and Telecom Immunity has been rejected. Two steps in the right direction..................................................although Bush will veto both of them :(

On a simpler note~ Here are 3 youtube videos that have been created by the candidates, the original from Obama, 'Yes We Can', the parody of Mccain, and then Hillary's attempt.

Senate Passes Ban On Waterboarding, Other Techniques. On Collision Course with Whitehouse [politics] (

House Rejects Telecom Immunity as FISA Clock Ticks Down [politics] (

Bush says US will waterboard whether legal or not [politics] (

John McCain, who was tortured back in 'Nam, just voted NO on banning waterboarding and torture. (

Bush admits to violating the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, that he swore to defend. [politics] (

President Bush pressured the House on Wednesday, saying "terrorists are planning new attacks on our country ... that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison." [politics] (

Great idea - Obama's energy plan to invest $150 billion over 10 years to establish a “green energy sector” to add up to 5 million jobs in the next two decades [politics] (

Obama launches economic manifesto - to include a "Credit Card Bill of Rights" [politics] (

I hope you haven't given $$ to Hillary, because if you have, she's sold your info to a direct-mail spammer. [politics] (

Maybe We Should Start Tracking Each FBI Agent By Satellite 24 Hours A Day Since They Have Routinely Proven To Be Criminals Who Can't Be Trusted [politics] (

Department of Homeland Security to use spy satellites to monitor the country [politics] (

U.S. may shoot down errant spy satellite -- In reality, of course, U.S. just wants to show Russia and China it can shoot down a satellite [science] (

America's Creeping Fascism [politics] (

Sissy Nation: We've become a herd of Holsteins. Soft, lazy, stupid, knee-jerk, head-bobbing, fundamentalist, high-brained, less-than-human humans now. [politics] (

The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google (

While bloggers and print journalists lock horns over media hierarchies and journalistic standards, Web 2.0 is making Google a noiseless fortune (

Nine Secrets Health Insurers Don’t Want You to Know (

Why YOU should want to legalize marijuana (

World Bank prohibits Mali from subsidizing its farmers, so that heavily subsidized Amercian farmers can wipe them out. (

Material selectively swallows CO2 [science] (

Neuroscientists are probing why some married couples can maintain the spark for years. [science] (

Teleportation and Wormholes: The Science of 'Jumper' [science] (

Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth [science] (

The Physics of Gridlock [science] (

Map of Humanity [Image] (

Caffeine: A User's Guide to Getting Optimally Wired [cogsci] (

New Solar Collector So Efficient It Works At Night (

COLOUR MUSIC IN THE NEW AGE: De-mystifying De Clario (

Jaanix (

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday is Telecom Immunity

So, what will it be today boss? Some Obama with Clinton on the side?

Obama takes all 3 primaries today [politics] (

Dear Senator Clinton, Please Step Down [politics] (

Hillary Clinton should be worried, not because Barack Obama won the Potomac Primaries, but because of how he won them. [politics] (

Hillary's Turf Invaded: Obama Wins Women, Working Class, White Males [politics] (

McCain votes "yea" to Telecom immunity from prosecution. Obama votes "nay". Clinton stayed home. (

A review of actions taken by this Administration that point to a possible declaration of martial law. [politics] (

Dodd: "We passed the largest invasion of privacy in history." (

We Are Sliding Into Recession Or Worse Because We Have Been Living On Credit. The Only Way Out is to give middle- and lower-income Americans more buying power — and not just temporarily. [politics] (

The 911 Timeline: Follow the Money [politics] (

Retroactive telecom immunity was passed, 31-67. Roll call here so you can see who the traitors were [politics] (

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power [politics] (

One by one, the Senate rejected amendments that would have imposed greater civil liberties checks on the government’s surveillance powers. [politics] (

Russia and China want treaty to ban weaponization of space. US flatly rejects. (

After spending $1.3m on private planes, Giuliani can only afford to pay 10% of his campaign debts [politics] (

U.S. court declares corporations are people, some human beings are not -- another way to let Bush admin off the hook [politics] (

Hugo Chavez makes good on his threat, suspends crude shipments to Exxon Mobil (

I believe after being witness to more then 14 hours of manipulation and controlled mass confusion at my Polling Place, I am convinced there is corruption within our electoral system. [politics] (

England Prevails (

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. [technology] (

Five-seat concept car runs on air [technology] (

What's Nasa Up To? List of Current Missions [science] (

The 5 Ballsiest Con Artists of All Time (

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday is Darwin Day

Happy Darwin Day to all you Evolutionists. To the Creationists, I say to you 'Ba Humbug!'

Happy Darwin Day - here's a list of every article on Darwin written for the occasion [science] (

February 12 is Darwin Day - A day to promote the man and science in general [science] (

Obama money bomb TODAY: Donate your $5.01 [politics] (

Clinton refuses to release tax returns information - says she will only do so if she secures nomination [politics] (

Obama again earns respect while Clinton lets everyone down. Retroactive immunity is passing in the senate, Clinton isn't even there to vote. [politics] (

Bush's fantasy of solving the Israel/Palestine problem evaporates in a storm of violence. Did anyone really believe he could solve this in the first place? [politics] (

If Americans Knew What We Did to Iran, Would We Still Talk About Using Force? [politics] (

“We the People” are the only ones who can take our government back from the tyrants in power. We must work single-mindedly to restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the halls of government. [politics] (

The point of Obama's candidacy is that the damaged state of American democracy is not the fault of George W. Bush and his minions - the point is that this mess is our fault. [politics] (

Neo-Cons Admit Ron Paul Has "Changed GOP Forever" [politics] (

You Know Who Else Liked To Waterboard Human Beings? (

Discovery Channel Accused of Political Censorship for Dropping Oscar-Nominated Doc on U.S. Torture [politics] (

U.S. bombing in Iraq massacring civilians, creating terrorists [worldnews] (

Russia, China challenge US with proposal to ban space weapons [worldnews] (

Europeans see what America cannot [politics] (

US Customs Will Search Your Laptop - LIKE IT OR NOT! Says "This is the kind of scrutiny the American public expects." [politics] (

Making Pot Legal: We Can Do It -- Here's How [politics] (

US defense official, an ex-Boeing engineer and two others were charged Monday with spying for China [politics] (

Tesla guitar: 250,000 Volts of Axe Slinging Distortion [Video] (

Cheney: "I cut all ties to Haliburton years ago." Congressional Research Service: "Cheney made $8,000,000 from Haliburton while in office." (

How Americans Spend their Money (charts) (

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War (

France Halts Genetically Modified Corn As Full Ban is Expected from EU. (

Secrets in Your Food (

It Costs $134 Million To Make $80 Million In Pennies (

Pests are now evoving resistance to Genetically Modified crops. Thanks Monsanto! (

Prostitution: Story of the Oldest Profession on Earth [nsfw] (

Top 50 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google Maps [geek] (

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday is Slime

Hello and welcome- Slime is real and its coming to an ocean near you. Also, Obama is now in the delegate lead thanks to Maine!!

We have changed the chemistry of the seas, and now something has emerged [science] (

"They said when--not if--martial law is declared...if we had to use deadly force to protect it, we couldn’t be prosecuted.” [worldnews] (

Obama is offically beating Hillary; Maine put him over the top in delegates! [politics] (

Stop Blair!--Petition against the nomination of Tony Blair as "President of the European Union" [politics] (

Breaking: Hillary's campaign manager quits [politics] (

Clinton's new campaign manager comes with financing scandals [politics] (

Detailed list of What Civil Liberties we have Lost since 9/11 [politics] (

CFR Book: Building A North American Community. -- "There appears to be no evidence that the American people themselves are even aware of the catastrophic events soon to overtake them." [politics] (

What all Americans need to know. [politics] (

Nobel winner Lessing thinks Obama will be assassinated if he wins [politics] (

Oregon City Impeaches Bush/Cheney [politics] (

Cheney asserts independent power from Bush. [politics] (

The American people have a right to debt-free currency. Debt-based currency, issued and valued by the Federal Reserve violates both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. [politics] (

"The unclassified report identified problems with nearly every organization that had a role in planning the war," [politics] (

Bush: "'ll be dead before the true history of the Bush administration is written.” [politics] (

H.R. 4137 Passes House: RIAA One Step Closer to Having the U.S. College System by the Balls [politics] (

It's Time To Kill Electoral College [] (

When the world's great scientific thinkers change their minds [science] (

The Biggest Thing Man Has Ever Done? [science] (

U.S. Army sniper accused of killing an unarmed Iraqi civilian and planting evidence on his body was found guilty on all charges Sunday [politics] (

One group is very happy with our new budget; AIPAC noted that the proposal includes $2.55 billion in foreign aid to Israel, an increase of $170 million [politics] (

Six million Britons are living in homes where no one has a job and "benefits are a way of life" [politics] (

Athletes are forced to sign contracts banning criticism of Chinese regime during The Olympics [] (

Biofuels: Worse for Earth Than Oil? [science] (

Genetic test in three years to detect prostate cancer [science] (

The Illusion of Reality - BBC documentary - [VIDEO] [science] (

Dirac equation - the formula for anti-matter [science] (

The late formation of rocky planets might explain a vexing cosmological coincidence about why intelligent life has evolved precisely at a relatively exciting point of the universe's history [science] (

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is gaining speed so quickly that we could soon detect radio signals from other sentient species [science] (

Space Smells [] (

A sea-going robotic glider that harvests heat energy from the oceans is tested by US scientists. [science] (

A huge solar-powered office that produces more energy than it uses [science] (

Converting land for biofuel crops results in major carbon emissions and actually worsens the problem of global warming instead of mitigating it [science] (

Million-Degree Plasma May Flow throughout the Galaxy [science] (

Researchers find that the brain processes memories six to seven times faster than real time. [science] (

Suicide is an intimate, often impulsive decision that has defied scientific understanding. [science] (

Global Warming: Nine Things that Will Put us Over the Edge [science] (

Building a Base on the Moon: Part 2 - Habitat Concepts [science] (

Military-grade gel-based liquid bandages: new frontline in wound treatment [science] (

We're Rich, You're Not. End of Story. [] (

Depleted uranium is a disgusting weapon that should be banned immediately. [] (

Science of the orgasm [] (

New way of storing gas - the nanotech way [science] (

Troops struggle with 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants [] (

Botox (short for Botulism Toxin) found to be toxic, cause botulism [] (

People here don't have to work. Every week, sometimes every day, 35kg sacks of cocaine drift in from the sea! [] (

Everything* You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Increased Death and Disease Near The Great Lakes (* But The CDC Was Afraid You’d Ask) (

How the Potato Can Relieve World Hunger [happy] (