Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday is whoopie!

Horay, take that- NEWS.

ARREST BUSH - Yahoo! News (

Helen Thomas Op-Ed: Bush admits he approved torture [politics] (

Hitler plot survivor dies aged 90 [worldnews] (

Second carrier group deployed to Gulf as U.S. approves plans for Iran "counterstrike" [worldnews] (

Six weeks ago, President Bush signed a secret finding authorizing a covert offensive against the Iranian regime that, according to those familiar with its contents, "unprecedented in its scope." [worldnews] (

Who else thinks the DC Madam was murdered because of what she knew? [politics] (

"The DC Madam Clients Included Cheney, McCain, Fred Thompson and Giuliani" - Wayne Madsen [politics] (

List of Suicides by whistle blowers or those that knew things [politics] (

Iraqis are fuming at suggestions that Baghdad should pay part of war's costs by providing cheap fuel to the U.S. military [worldnews] (

The Bush Administration's Imperialist Arrogance [worldnews] (

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds [worldnews] (

High-Level US Officials Warn of Fake Terror Attacks [worldnews] (

As college courses in how to start small businesses are becoming as ubiquitous as Economics 101, gone is the conventional wisdom that such skills cannot be learned in class. [business] (

First Solar, the “Google of Solar Energy,” Is Coming to America [environment] (

Alternative energy alternatives: Race to algae-based biodiesel heats up [environment] (

Muslim immigration to Europe – colossal failure [worldnews] (

Nuclear Proliferation? Don't Worry So Much. Preventing the Spread of Nukes has Caused More Harm than Good [worldnews] (

Can Desert Solar Supply Europe's Energy? [science] (

New Solar Company Exits Stealth Mode with Promise to Compete with Coal! [science] (

World Now Considers US to be a Rogue State [worldnews] (

"People are not willing to modify their lifestyle in order to live on what they earn" [business] (

EFF: HOWTO keep your laptop from being searched at the border (it's hard) [technology] (

In the first phase, about 4,500 cameras trained on schools, public housing, traffic and government buildings will feed into a central office at the D.C. Homeland Security [WTF] (

Remember that Pentagon millimeter-wave "pain ray"? Yeah, it kills things, too [science] (

Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion - NON LINKJACKED, Good Writeup [offbeat] (

Online profiles and "faves lists" have turned us into a bunch of unwitting snobs [geek] (

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday is an undertow

News that creates and undertow to pull you in.

High-Level Officials Warn of Staged Provocation to Start Iran War [politics] (

Remember how Hillary Clinton mentioned last week the US could "totally obliterate" Iran if it attacked Israel? Well, Iran has responded, and they are PISSED. [politics] (

"With Iran...shifting its crude trading to the euro and the yen... treasury managers feel that this could well be the first challenge to the US dollar’s dominance as currency of global trade. " [business] (

Hillary, foot in mouth: “Rich people, god bless us. We deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our blessings continue to the next generation.” [politics] (

Did the US just bomb Somalia? [politics] (

NBC's Brian Williams: 2 Minutes for Hannah Montana, 80 Seconds for Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Likely to Disenfranchise Millions of American Voters... [politics] (

Video: Obama's New Ad Rejects Clinton/McCain Gas Tax Holiday [politics] (

Tortured Logic: Scalia Says ‘Torture’ Is Not Unconstitutional Because It Is Not ‘Punishment’ [politics] (

The government puts everybody's earnings on the web. Five lessons. [worldnews] (

Must Read: "War is a Racket", By the Most Highly-Decorated Soldier of All Time [worldnews] (

The real US deficit with China – knowledge [worldnews] (

The world is beginning to accept that Iran harbors peaceful nuclear ambitions. What will it take to get the U.S. on board? [worldnews] (

A Price Drop for Solar Panels The silicon shortage that has kept solar electricity expensive is ending. [environment] (

Joseph J. Andrew: On My Switch From Clinton to Obama [politics] (

Hillary vs the Coffee Maker is now the #1 vid on YouTube - Hillary is in trouble [politics] (

Memristors will enable very small nanoscale devices to be made without generating all the excess heat that scaling down transistors is causing today. [science] (

Starbucks is latest victim in economic downturn. Suddenly, no one needs $4 coffees. (

Good Luck Trading In Your SUV [business] (

Free Hawaii! [worldnews] (

“Disney Hypocrisy” In America: Corporate Outraged Over Risqué Hannah Montana Pics. In China: Racy Disney Ads Featuring Underage Girls On Their Billboards A-OK. [business] (

America's Most Overrated Product: the Bachelor's Degree (

The McCain Health Plan: Millions Lose Coverage, Health Costs Worsen, and Insurance and Drug Industries Win [politics] (

Google diving into 3D mapping of oceans (

Physics: Quantum all the way [science] (

Economist's View: "The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class" (

What Do Off Grid Homes Look Like? Here are 5 Examples [environment] (

In Obama's new ad attacking the gas tax "holiday", he states specific energy policy positions. Nice. [politics] (

The Curse of the Clintons: The truth is they have become a curse for Democrats and not an asset. [politics] (

More On The Gas Tax Holiday Scam [politics] (

Amazing Collection of Physics Video Lectures (Quantum Physics/Mechanics, Field Theory, Applied Group Theory, General Relativity. Cosmology, and others) [science] (

"Women Are Being Beheaded for Taking Their Veil Off": Honor Killings On Rise in Iraq [worldnews] (

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear [politics] (

Dyncorp used armored vehicle to transport prostitutes in Iraq [worldnews] (

Indian baby dropping ritual [WTF] (

Things I Learned From 5 Months Of Meditation [offbeat] (

Helen Thomas with Her Flowers [pic] (

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday is News?

News? You call that shit news? Fucking media and your bullshit excuse for news. Trying to feed us garbage so we'll forget about REAL mother fuckin issues. IM PIST. because we really care about the back of a 15 year old kid's star. you see more fucking skin in a bathingsuit! its NOT NEWS.

ABC, CBS and NBC agree. Not news: Discovery of hidden ties between media military analysts and the Pentagon. News: Vanity Fair photo of Miley Cyrus (

Obama's Press Conference on Wright: quotes and video [politics] (

John McCain claims he is healthy but he gets tax-free pension because he is 100% disabled [politics] (

Iran Ends Oil Transactions In U.S. Dollars, OPEC's Second-Largest Producer Now Pegs Petroleum To Euros And Yen [worldnews] (

The McCain gas tax plan is a giveaway to oil companies, disguised as a gift to consumers [politics] (

Cheney asserts total and complete immunity from oversight [politics] (

This year, about a quarter of U.S. corn will go to feeding ethanol plants instead of poultry or livestock [environment] (

So this is how the White house managed to lose email... [technology] (

How to Sabotage a Presidential Campaign by Reverend Wright (

Nearly 7 yrs after 9/11, why, absent any evidence of serious domestic terror threat, is America's War on Terror so enormous and still expanding? [worldnews] (

Two big solar power cost breakthroughs. Clever system tweaks for 7 cents per kwh selling in 2009 [pic]. Revolutionary protein system for future costs 100 times less [science] (

Harnessing the Saharan Sun: Is Desert Solar Power the Solution to Europe's Energy Crisis? [science] (

You Got More Procreative Power: Scientists discover how to store, grow human eggs [science] (

He said if a female chimpanzee was inseminated with human sperm the two species would be closely enough related that a hybrid could be born [science] (

Has U.S. Science Lost Its Competitive Edge? [science] (

Tenant who lived in incest house for 12 years heard knocking from sex dungeon 'but did nothing' News This is London [WTF] (

London: Brown says message must be sent on cannabis due to "lethal quality ". WTF? [worldnews] (

Buy your own "Climate Change Protection Complex" [WTF] (

Former terrorists to explain 'why we want to kill you' [WTF] (

The First Known False Flag Trick: Ancient Rome [worldnews] (

Oinking Good Fun [pics] [WTF] (

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday is regular

Another tuesday coming right up...

McCain keeps all his assets in Cindy's name. [politics] (

Jimmy Carter Knocks Clinton's Chance of Nomination [politics] (

I think I'm gonna be sick- "House Democratic leaders are putting together the largest Iraq war spending bill yet" [politics] (

WSJ explains why Hillary leads among non-elected superdelegates while Barack leads among those that are elected. [politics] (

Bush Ignores His Own Administration’s Guidelines, Refers To Terrorists As ‘Jihadists’ [politics] (

A must read if you love democracy; How the Bush Admin pushed military analysts into media rooms to build the case for war and later defend torture. Propaganda [politics] (

Finally, proof that the Saudis are lying about their oil reserves [business] (

The Federal Reserve's rescue of Bear Stearns Cos. will come to be seen as its "worst policy mistake in a generation," says a former top Fed staffer. [business] (

Shell and BP, between them, just reported $14.3 billion (!) profit. That's PROFIT, not turnover. And no, not in a year - in three months. [business] (

Top 10 declassified secrets [politics] (

When it serves us, we the USA, harbor terrorists. [worldnews] (

The Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor is a USB thumb drive used by police to quickly bypass Windows security measures when looking for computer evidence [gadgets] (

In 1980, Congress passed the Energy Security Act, which led to the creation of something called the Synthetic Fuels Corp. (SFC). Oil went from more than $39 a barrel to less than $8 a barrel. [science] (

The biggest villain here is not Rumsfeld or the Pentagon. It’s the TV networks. In the land of the First Amendment, it was their choice to shut down debate and journalism. [politics] (

The secret to Absinthe's mind-altering properties discovered! Not as cool as hoped [science] (

The Matrix is upon us. Check out the sentinels... er, I mean 'AirJelly' [science] (

Russia Inches Towards Mission to Mars [science] (

Most kids are natural born scientists until we adults beat the living curiosity out of them. (

Increasingly, psychologists are looking behavior and noting, high self-esteem is not the same thing as healthy self-esteem. [science] (

Solar without the Panels [technology] (

Emotions can be unconsciously and subliminally evoked, study shows [cogsci] (

Ancient Antarctic sediment reveals climate change history [environment] (

"Get over it" Scalia ruled that the military could give LSD to soldiers without telling them, and the soldiers could NOT sue the government, because it was all part of military "discipline" [politics] (

18 year old inventor creates the world's first unicycle motorbike (w/ pics) [science] (

21 Easy Ways to Shoot Better Photographs (

Ron Paul Pushes Medical Marijunana, Hemp Reform [politics] (

The first of the flowers for Helen Thomas (pictures!) (

The Real Face of Lions [21 PICS] [pics] (

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday is back to the grind

Rainy Monday...

Number of donors who contributed to Barack Obama's campaign: 1.1 million, more than the total number of donors to all candidates' campaigns in 2000 (

People seem to forget that John McCain was charged with corruption and accepting bribes during the Reagan years. [politics] (

This red square shows the area of current technology solar cells needed to supply the whole world's energy [science] (

Why is this quote buried 20 paragraphs into today's front page NYT article: "The administration has discussed whether to attack training camps, safe houses and weapons storehouses inside Iran" [worldnews] (

60 yrs of enormous military spending is taking a dramatic toll on the rest of the U.S. economy [politics] (

The Obama Fox Interview: 8 Questions about Rev. Wright, 6 about race, 0 about gas prices, 0 about Iraq, 0 about health care. Thanks, Fox! [politics] (

The Hidden Battle to Control the World's Food Supply [environment] (

Nobel Economist: Greenspan and Bush to Blame for U.S. Crisis [business] (

Barrage of rockets fired at Baghdad's Green Zone [worldnews] (

FDA protecting big business? Imagine an extract from a berry that would make sour things taste sweet and help you lose weight. Then imagine not being allowed to take it. [science] (

2/3 of Americans now believe global warming is real , but incredibly few realise how urgent it is [environment] (

This Month in 1943 Dr. Albert Hofmann tested LSD on himself … here is some of what we have learned since then ... 1) LSD was critical in the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA [science] (

Scientists demonstrate first nano-assembler. I welcome our future nano-overlords [science] (

Warren Buffett: U.S. economy is in a recession that will be more severe than most people expect. (

Scientists create GM mosquitoes to fight malaria and save thousands of lives [environment] (

Environmental Cost of Shipping Groceries Around the World [environment] (

OPEC president responds to $200 oil question: "...each time the dollar falls one percent, the price of the barrel rises by $4" [business] (

"This is a good day for civil liberties." -- Canada bans random drug-dog sniff searches; police must have reasonable suspicion. [worldnews] (

Minds Limit Found 3 to 4 Things at Once [cogsci] (

Discovery of new Continent: PALSTERICA [environment] (

Ontario Scores 400 Megawatts of Solar [environment] (

Human Brain Appears “Hard-Wired” for Hierarchy [cogsci] (

The human genome is old news. Next stop: the human proteome [science] (

Saddled With Legacy of Dioxin, Town Considers an Odd Ally: The Mushroom [environment] (

Microsoft's strategy all along? "Yahoo loses value as workers leave for jobs elsewhere to avoid becoming part of the Microsoft machine." [business] (

FDA to review Lasik eye surgery side effects [science] (

This is the kinda seat I want next time I'm on a plane! [gadgets] (

Video technique makes thermal and pressure differentials viewable. Amazing visuals. [video] [science] (

Top 10 Guitarists You Don’t Know [Music] (

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Disneyland [entertainment] (

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry [offbeat] (

Best of Office Jokes [32 PICS] [pics] (

Flower deliveries starting monday! (