Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday is a Compost Heap

Hello. Here for your amusement, I have compiled a bunch of mishmosh links for your enjoyment. Friday is the day for unorganization, so have fun!

A powerful group of neo cons working to undermine Obama with "a series of carefully planted character assassinations and deliberately misleading innuendo" [politics] (

Exxon makes the same amount of money IN TWO WEEKS that is spent by the federal government on renewable energy research IN ONE YEAR [environment] (

Ant world filled with dishonesty and the exploiting of altruism-like behaviour [science] (

Stem Cells Discovered in Human Breast Milk. Is There Anything Those Things *Can't* Fix? [science] (

'10-minute walk can better quality of life' [science] (

Monster bug camera brings about vast improvement for surveillance [science] (

Two-Dimensional High-Temperature Superconductor Discovered [science] (

'Pre-Inca' temple found in Peru [science] (

Antarctica's unique space rocks: A pair of meteorites discovered in Antarctica are in a class all of their own. [science] (

What if I told you that 10 months before 9/11, Saddam Hussein did something very big, and pissed off the US Administration? [politics] (

Who Owns All The Organic Companies? [Chart] (

Anonymous finally hits the jackpot: leaked emails show the "Church" of Scientology illegally encourages political candidates, in violation of its tax exempt status. (

"Let’s give each millionaire in America a $20 bill, and every poor child $287,000" [politics] (

Ten things you don't know about the Milky Way Galaxy (

Screw Paying to Learn a Foreign Language, These Edu Sites Offer Then for Free (

A US military study officially acknowledged for the first time yesterday that Saddam Hussein had no direct ties to al-Qaida, undercutting the Bush administration's central case for war with Iraq. [politics] (

Bush Tied to Child Prostitution - Resignation or Impeachment Expected! [politics] (

US Denies UN Torture Chief Access To American-Run Iraq Prisons [politics] (

Collapse of the U.S. dollar: Oil rallies above $110 per barrel, gold soars to $1,000 an ounce, euro trades above... US$1.55 [politics] (

If We Yell "War Criminal!" at Every Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rummie, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle and other Neocon Appearance - The MSM Won't Be Able to Hide It - It Will End Up On the News [politics] (

Will American War Crimes Be Revealed? (Like Vietnam vets did decades ago, a group of soldiers are poised to speak out about atrocities US committed in Iraq & Afghanistan.) [politics] (

The External Tank of a Space Shuttle [Pics] [science] (

20 Things You Didn't Know About Relativity (Who invented relativity? Bzzzt—wrong. Galileo hit on the idea in 1639 ) [science] (

Breast cancer 'master gene' breakthrough [science] (

Fighting A Bug Invasion With ... Bugs [science] (

Quantum-Dot Leap: Tapping tiny crystals' inexplicable light-harvesting talent (for those interested in learning about nano-photovaltics) [science] (

Brain scientist recalls every moment of a massive stroke she suffered as her brain functions slowly slipped away. [science] (

Artificial Event Horizon Generates Hawking Radiation- an effect Stephen Hawking predicted more than 30 years ag [science] (

How does the U.S.A today compare to Czechoslovakia in 1975? (

#1 Cash Crop in the US? Not wheat, not soy, not corn....CANNABIS (

Affluenza - American Obsession With Getting Rich And Buying Stuff (

Citing judgment and ability to lead, US Army, Navy, Air Force leaders who served under last nine presidents endorse Obama [politics] (

Here's an obvious solution to the health care crisis: why not cut the Pentagon's massive budget to fund health care for all? [politics] (

Massive FBI Spying Abuses Reported (

The Fox and the Hound: Why Fallon's resignation should be the front page news--but the public prefers the Eliot Spitzer gossip story [politics] (

China has accused the US of double standards over human rights. [politics] (

Security guide to customs-proofing your laptop (

ACLU "Surveillance Clock" 1 min closer to midnight: "... NSA has effectively revived the Orwellian "Total Information Awareness" domestic-spying program that was banned by Congress in 2003." [politics] (

"Total Information Awareness" secretly revived by NSA, in defiance of Congress. [politics] (

Olbermann Slams Clinton in Special Comment: "You Are Campaigning As If Barack Obama Were The Democrat And You Were The Republican" [politics] (

Bound to offend almost everyone... [SFW] (

Since the NSA slurps all email traffic, would they have all of the missing White House emails? [politics] (self.politics)

John Kerry: "Congress needs to determine immediately whether Admiral Fallon's resignation is another example of truth tellers being forced to the sidelines in the Bush administration" [politics] (

If you bail out every investment bank that gets in trouble, that's not capitalism, that's socialism for the rich (

Google closes $3.1 billion DoubleClick deal (

The iStraw Cleans Water As You Drink It [environment] (

Major Advance In Biofuel Technology: Trash Today, Ethanol Tomorrow [environment] (

Pollution may make you dumber. And it certainly affects how your brain process information. [environment] (

Dark Days at the Environmental Protection Agency [environment] (

The world's most eco-friendly museum [science] (

From gunk to drink, the lifesaving water bottle [environment] (

The Ugly Side of Solar Panels: Inspecting the Carbon Tradeoff [environment] (

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday is Political

So, here it comes. FAST. There's a lot happening right now, and a reason a lot is happening. Mainstream media was created as a blindfold. 'Pay attention to this news so that you will be unaware of the news you shouldn't know about'. Gota loooove the mainstream media. Also, a side note: all of these governors getting ostracized for minimal events that would otherwise be ignored are being brought to light for a reason. So they take the rap on mainstream news, covering and hiding real news. Its sad, Larry Craig and Eliot Spitzer are 2 of many men that are coming to light only to put real news in the shadows. Media finds people to pick on to divert the attention. WAKE UP people, wake up.

These Boys Have Held Power for a LONG Time (Cheney and Rummie In Ford's Oval Office) [pic] [politics] (

It's the "Oh Shit!" Moment on Iran [politics] (

Fallon's resignation "a serious blow to any sane policy in the Middle East." [politics] (

Falon's firing all comes back to "a Presidential administration that thinks it knows more about war fighting than the men and women in uniform." [politics] (

Obama scored a 60-38 victory over Hillary last night in Mississippi. Would you like to guess what the AP headline is? [politics] (

If Obama wins the presidency, he will be 47 old when sworn in. Bill Clinton was 46 yrs old when sworn in. Obama is youthful, but how is he too young? [politics] (

So it turns out Obama won Texas after all. [politics] (

Hillary Clinton's Only Remaining Hope: Steal This Election [politics] (

Ferraro: My comment wasn't racist, it was fact. Fact: Ferraro was only VP candidate becuase she is a woman. Fact: Clinton's only the Presidential candidate because she's an ex-president's wife. [politics] (

Geraldine Ferraro "absolutely not sorry," Clinton campaign digging a deeper hole on this one. [politics] (

McCain More Hawkish on Foreign Policy Than Bush [politics] (

Bush: Iraq war "will forever be the right decision" because God is great [politics] (

Foreign occupation is never a positive thing. It's a systematic violence that's imposed on an entire nation. They have 24,000 Iraqis in American-run prisons. They haven't been charged with anything. [politics] (

The American people have every right to demand answers and accountability from those they elect to govern. No one is above the laws of our nation - not even the President or Vice-president. [politics] (

Media need accountability for spreading false information [politics] (

Condi Says Congress Will Have No Say in Plans for Iraq [politics] (

The Bush Debt: $7.7 Trillion [politics] (

House Democrats new FISA bill REVOKES telecom immunity! Good work, Democrats! [politics] (

Bush Admin Ramps Up The 'Iran = WMD' Propaganda [politics] (

New House bill eliminates telecoms' main excuse for retroactive immunity [politics] (

White House bashes China torture, vetoes bill banning torture [politics] (

A third of Americans 50 and over are not confident they will have enough money to retire, and more than two-thirds expect to keep working well into old age, according to a survey published Wednesday (

~300 Women In Brazil Break Into Monsanto And Destroy Genetically Engineered Crops. Thanks Ladies! [politics] (

A 75 year old organic, vegan 'junk food' that only has 3 ingredients and you've all eaten before. (

A tiny chemical "brain" which could one day act as a remote control for swarms of nano-machines has been invented. [science] (

It has begun: BMW outsourcing production to America to cut costs (

Bees unwillingly being tracked with RFID chips. WAKE UP BEEPLE!!! (

If WWII had been played in Age of Empires... (

Polimon! Political Monsters! (

Vietnam Agent Orange Aftermath [pic] [non link jacked] [pics] (

Bank of America will enjoy your money when you die. (

Well, It Was a Farm Before It Was Your McMansion (

Avian Flu was Hoax: Never a real threat, it cost taxpayers $2 billion in useless vaccines and lined the pockets of none other than... Donald Rumsfeld (

Second friendliest city in Europe? London. Third most unfriendly city in Europe? London... (

Dirty Secrets about Clean Fuels [science] (

The Geometry of Music [science] (

The At-Home Nurse: 101 At-Home Remedies For Common Ailments [science] (

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Drags

Hello. Welcome to another dragging monday. Here are your well-deserved links:

US armed forced - freedom world tour (Pic) [] (

Dick Morris To Clinton: It's Over [politics] (

Hillary's ad: debate footage doctored to make Obama blacker [politics] (

"[This ] veto will be one of the most shameful acts of his presidency"--Bush Vetoes Bill That Would Ban CIA From Use of Waterboarding [politics] (

It's Almost Like Hillary's Shooting For a VP Spot With McCain... [politics] (

For one-sixth of an Iraq war, you could have fixed Social Security for the next 50 to 75 years.” [politics] (

NPR seems to think Obama won Texas afterall, why does noone else care? [politics] (

The FISA fight isn't about security; warrants are still valid. Or about telecom cooperation; they still cooperate. It's about Bush's spying; with retroactive immunity, we'll never know what happened. [politics] (

Monsanto doesn't want consumers to know the truth about the milk they're drinking. The corporation's monopoly is at stake. [] (

Turning Glare Into Watts: Solar Thermal Plants On The Rise (

When North Americans try to gauge someone's feelings, they look at his or her facial expressions. When the Japanese do it, they look at the people around the individual. (

Warren Buffet warned 6 yrs ago that the arcane financial instruments invented by Wall Street in the last decade could cause a collapse in the global banking system - now it's happening [] (

Confirmed: Obama Has 50 Superdelegates Ready To Endorse ... Obama's Missouri co-chairman: "Race is Over" [politics] (

Grand Canyon flooded [] (

US Army enlistment rates (pic) [politics] (

Real Life Vs Politics [Comic] [politics] (

Don't let them BAN the "growth hormone free" label. We have a right to know! (

#1 recipient of Wal-Mart campaign contributions? Hillary Clinton. [politics] (

Crushed by Hand, Cut into Little Pieces, then Scattered in Different Trash Cans: Tape of Interviews of Air Traffic Controllers On-Duty on 9/11 [] (

Russian election was rigged [politics] (

35 Slick Gmail Hacks, Tips & Tricks [] (

antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans [] (

The world's largest natural mirror [Pics] [] (

A black hole has been made in the laboratory. "Completely harmless" say its creators! (

Solar Thermal Power Could Supply Over 90 percent Of US Grid Plus Auto Fleet (

Finland vs Russia [pic] [pics] (

Men vs Women [] (

Slow Sex: Moving Toward Informed Pleasure [sex] (