Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally Friday!

Hello and good morning to you! Concluding my 6th week on the blog territory, there is a terrible stirring of controversial news. There isn't much to be said anymore, other then to WAKE UP! We are under attack by our own government and the only weapon we have is knowledge. So become informed and research the conspiracies that surround our every day lives. We will no longer be rats in a maze- we need to break free of the invisible walls that hold us into what we believe is being free! Go forth and spread the word, the end is near.

This is a wake-up call that we are about to experience another 9/11-WMD experience.

800 empty prison camps in the United States, waiting...

This Is How Empires End - by Pat Buchanan

Sometimes a comment needs to be singled out. "Do you people begin to realize what the fuck is happening?"

Bush Abolishes Fifth Amendment

Homeland Conspiracy

Bush is the imperial president that James Madison and other founders of this great republic warned us about.

America is just starting to wake up to the awesome scale of its Iraq disaster

Does the fact Ron Paul has 3% mean anything? Apparently not. Bill Clinton was only at 2% in 1991.

Report: "Anti-gang legislation and police crackdowns are failing so badly that they are strengthening the criminal organizations and making cities more dangerous."

Why vote for the people keeping our troops in Iraq? Here they are, it's no secret

Demonizing Putin: US' real intention is to force Moscow to do whatever Washington wants by putting a loaded gun to its head. By placing weapons systems and radar on Russia's borders the US will have a critical advantage that will disrupt the essential balance of power. Putin can't allow this to happen.

Man beats IRS in court! Avoids paying income tax on 10 years worth of earnings.

Our Emanuel Goldstein: Taliban leader confesses, "Bin Laden died of lung failure on 26 December 2001. I attended his funeral."

Bush administration: This is it -- this is the tipping point.

Senator Patrick Leahy sends Attorney General Alberto Gonzales his questions in advance so he can't dodge them with an 'I don't recall' response

Did I Hear You Right? Oil Execs Call For Doubling Of Vehicle Fuel Economy

For 6 years, Vice President Dick Cheney has guarded the secrecy of the discussions and participants in his energy task force, now some information comes to light

84% of sunscreen products are harmful to health, says alarming EWG study

Chemistry Professor Designs Inexpensive Water Filter That Brings Health to Millions

9 Superpowers made real by modern technology [Videos]

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday's Pay

Hello and good morning! We are one step closer to the weekend, and for the first time in recorded 'history' there is a steam pipe explosion in NYC rather then a 'terrorist attack'. I'm actually surprised the media hasn't portrayed this accident as a terrorist attack. They very well could have blamed some Muslims, thankfully they didn't. Apparently, if you would like to protest the war, you are considered unamerican and can have your stuff taken by Bush. Regarding the 'War', Bush has just about hit the 1,000,000 civilian casualty total. Also, you may find this interesting: The US dollar is collapsing. Every day it is hitting a new low against other major currencies, recently closing in on 1.38 against the Euro. Our government's policy is to crash our currency in order to boost our exports and reduce the real value of the US deficit and debt. The policy of making US citizens purchasing power insignificant is arguably an unnecessary policy. The US economy is largely driven by intellectual property which doesn't need the boost of a worthless currency. The industries that do need the boost (auto manufacturing, etc.) will become that much less competitive when the boost is gone, and one day it will be gone. And then, of course, there is the impact that this has on all of us - forget buying that new Porsche or taking the family on summer vacation to London these days since these things are prohibitively expensive. Just thought you'd like to know, so start buying up foreign stock! America is going Chinese cheap, and foreign bidders will want a bigger share if the stock is that low. Also, Ethanol is not the answer. They want you to think it is, but even if every Acre of farmland was filled with corn crops, it would only supply 15% of the worlds ethanol needs. So, good luck with that. Welcome to the day!

Steam Pipe Blast in NYC

This Modern World: How the news works [comic]

So, as of yesterday, If you protest the war, the President can take your stuff!

The US dollar Collapse Has Helped this Market

Notes From Last Night's Senate All-Nighter

[Pic] After 8 years of debating exit strategies

Prediction: Bush, Cheney NOT Leaving Office After 2008 Election

If Every Acre Grew Corn For Ethanol, It Would Make Just 15% Of Our Fuel Supply

(Nobel Prize Winner) Milton Friedman on the War on Drugs: "Government never has any right to interfere with an individual for that individual’s own good. The case for prohibiting drugs is exactly as strong and as weak as the case for prohibiting people from over eating."

One soldier's challenge to " the president or anyone to ride alongside me. .. I'll do 15 more months. They don't even have to pay me extra." [PIC]

More Pictures of Iran, taken by photographers from all over the world. It's a real country, with real people, and an ancient culture. Do we really want to let the Neocons attack this country?

Cheney hints at invoking executive privilege of his own

Bush's Civilian Death Toll Reaches Just a Few Victims Under One Million

CNN's Baghdad reporter: Beware of 'smoke and mirrors from the administration'

What Does the Military Think Will Happen If the U.S. Pulls Out of Iraq?

Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage

Actual Carl Cameron FOX NEWS report linking large ISRAELI Spy Ring to 9/11. "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is CLASSIFIED. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information." Without explanation FOX pulled the story, removed it from their website, and have not mentioned it since.

What's your AQ? (Asperger Test)

The Spoiled-Meat Trick

Learn how to identify constellations, find North, and find Jupiter in the night sky in 10 minutes.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday is open for suggestions

Hello and welcome to the day. It is always important to greet the new day as soon as you wake up, rather then cursing and fussing about waking up. Every new day is a blessing, and it is truly amazing that we are all still here. Our species continues t0 thrive and that alone is compelling. Apparently the democrats and republicans stayed up 'all night' in a heated debate on whether or not to bring our troops home by April '08. Of course the democrats were trying to convince the stubborn republicans, because they need at least 60 votes. Honestly, as much as I want the troops home just like everyone else, it most likely will not happen. Our future has already been decided by 'them', and our puppet govt will oblige. It's a sick and twisted fate we are all bound to, but we will surpass somehow....

Why Liberals are More Dangerous than Terrorists: They Keep Getting in the Way of Bush's Plans

Member of Iraqi Parlaiment: "What the Americans are doing is very risky and unwise. They are planting the seeds for future wars."

Osama bin Laden Discovers Secret Anti-Aging Process

97 Senators and 411 Representatives all bang the war drum for Iran. Only 2 vote no: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul

A Cancer Cure Most Doctors Won't Tell You About

$227 million of the Catholic sex-abuse settlement in L.A. will be paid for with... a sex-abuse insurance policy.

This is the text of the United States Constitution. Please read it at least once before spouting off again about what is or is not Constitutional. Thanks.

Greatest Living American Ignored

10 Articles that Changed My Life

Think twice about that Diet Coke: Aspartame causes cancer.

At Home With Hitler (Home and Gardens, 1938)

Costco treats its employees well and succeeds big-time as a result. Wall St. analysts--"Stop treating your employees so well"

Sole Survivor of Indigenous Clan Tells Energy Giant to Take Their Money and Shove It

Many people in Zambia and other parts of Africa are living in terror of elephants, which are becoming increasingly aggressive. Scientists believe they may be seeking revenge for the culling of their parents.

Just when you thought Microsoft couldn't get any worse

Peter Norvig on the future of search

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday's a laugh.

Hello and good morning to you. The forecast claims it will rain, but the sun is shining and my aspirations are high. Life is good and ex's are bad. I'm very excited for plans to travel in the Fall. That special somebody and I are planning a getaway weekend which is much anticipated. Massachusetts insurance is no longer state capped, so maybe I can finally get Geicho. I watch about 15 minutes worth of 'Good morning America' every morning, and it has finally become apparent that I watch the ticker at the bottom of the screen 85% of the time. News just isn't news when you have a puppeteer entertaining you. News should be what it is- cold hard facts with mild opinions. It should give you both sides of the argument and let the audience decide it's fate, rather then having the left or right wing forced down your throat. Newspapers and news channels are more like dramas, or soap operas, rather then an informing news cast. I feel like I deliver 80% more news then all of the news channels combined. Of course, when I say 'news' I mean articles that will actually effect your life, rather then what movie is coming out, or what celebrity is being ridiculed. Alas, that is just my opinion, and also I have far fewer attendees then the newspapers and television stations.

BREAKING: Reid To Force All-Night Filibuster On Iraq Withdrawal

Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives Say When They Think We Aren't Listening

New Superlensing Technique Brings Everything into Focus: Scientific American

How Useful Are You? Take This Technology Quiz

Has Science Unearthed The Holy Grail Of Pain Relief?

Another Dubious Osama Tape Appears When The Neo-Cons Need It Most

Producing Solar Power Like Paper

US Intelligence Officer (DNI): Bush Knows Where 9/11 Perps Are Hiding In Pakistan But Chooses Not To Capture Them

Ancient Massacre Reveals Mysterious American Culture

This Summer, Will America Officially Become A Totalitarian State?

An "almost miraculous" cancer treatment remains unused. Why? Doctors don't get paid extra for prescribing it

Stop Trying To 'Save' Africa

Cheney is winning the debate on war with Iran. There are 3 aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. Are U.S. citizens powerless in preventing a war with Iran?

Cheney Wants A US Strike On Iran To Provoke Lasting Conflict Post-Bush

Breaking: Japan hit by a major earthquake

Reagan Rep. Paul Craig Roberts: Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran

to iPhone "BAM! Now What, Motherfucker?"

Receive an MIT education for free (An absolute must bookmark)

4 Powerful Reasons to Meditate and How To Get Started

Sleep is just a bad habit

60 percent of teens can be considered to be basically uninterested in what's happening in the world.
How Homer Simpson beat Rupert Murdoch

Viewers can expect to see a man kill his wife (twice), rape a woman, murder a child, stalk a woman (twice), murder or attempt to murder a woman (six times), discriminate against a woman, beat his wife, and murder his classmate. This is how men are portrayed in one week of America's entertainment.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday is far from funday

Hello, we have been up and running into our second month now. This blog has helped me keep track of the current events that I don't have time to overview during work hours. I hope this blog has helped it's reader as well. We had a beautiful weekend full of beaches, nature walks, pools, and fine dining. I couldn't ask for a better weekend with you know who. The news has stalled, as we do not want to come off of our weekend plateau. Monday brings the dredge of reality back into our focus, especially for the Japanese who endured a 6.7 quake. Welcome to the week everyone, its going to be a wet one.

Bush Values Himself and His Administration 32 TIMES More Than Clinton's: Becomes first president to go into the billions (7 billion to be exact) for executive office spending [PIC]

Iran Asks Japan to Pay Yen for All Oil, Starting Immediately (dollar meltdown continues)

War and Globalization - Historical Evidence Leading Up to 9/11

We're All Gonna Die: How the Bush Administration Covers Its Blunders With Panic

Russia withdraws from Cold War arms treaty.

Patriotism and the Decline of the United States of America: Is the United States in a decline? If so, is it a good thing?

Ron Paul: U.S. in "Great Danger" of Staged Terror Attacks & Major Economic Collapse (12July'07)

Senate adopts Bush's missile shield 90-5

Bush Rejects Republican Demands for Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

President Is Denied Executive Privilege!

"The burden is on government to give really good explanations as to why they're taking these extraordinary measures. And on that score, Bush has flunked on every single occasion." (Republican, Constitutional Law Expert, Bruce Fein)

Bill Moyers Impeachment Special Video Online

Bush gave $43 million to Taliban 4 months before 9/11

Did Military and Media Mislead Us? Most Outside Insurgents in Iraq Come from Saudi Arabia

CNN **FINALLY** issues a proper response to Michael Moore

Century of the Self: how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy

Parasitic Imperialism - The economics of war profiteering

45% of all foreign militants targeting U.S. troops are from Saudi Arabia; 15% are from Syria and Lebanon; and 10% are from North Africa