Friday, August 17, 2007


Yes sir, it's here. The most awaited day of the week. I'm so excited I'm just going to get right into it.

NeoCons: 'Make Bush Dictator of the World'

BANK RUN! Countrywide Financial customers rush to withdraw their money due to worries about stability

And now it's peak phosphorus? Yeesh.

Fed warns of economic meltdown

"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." George Herbert Walker Bush

Bush Is the King of All Elite, Effete Snobs

Jenna Bush is pregnant and unmarried, How will the family values Bushies spin this one?

The "Petraeus Report" -- the supposedly trustworthy mid-September reckoning of military and political progress in Iraq -- is instead looking more like a White House con job

Fox viewers being "softened up" to accept a unilateral air strike by the U. S. on Iran's nuclear facilities

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."

Those who say this is just a stock market wobble that will soon blow over, are in denial.

Why Are the New York Times and So Much of the Traditional* Media Neglecting a Vital Part of the Utah Mine Collapse Story?

Cleverest crows opt for two tools

The Dirty Dozen Credit Card Traps

How planespotters turned into the scourge of the CIA

Diebold vote-hack roundup - Everybody's talking but nobody's doing anything. Can we PLEASE get this HUGE problem fixed before 2008? Or are we going to watch a third election get trashed.

Researchers create gravity in lab experiment - why has this gone quiet?

Ron Paul: "[T]he drafters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both replete with references to God, would be aghast at the federal government’s hostility to religion."

Tony Snow to resign - Survivor Whitehouse who will be left on the Island?

A financial crash is a process, not an event. Takes six to nine months, like this one.

If Democrats really wanted to stop the accelerating slide into fascism, war and economic peonage for average Americans, they could do it, but only by behaving like a genuine opposition.

Feds pay $80,000 over anti-Bush T-shirts

Goodbye to oranges?

Further omens that Rudolph Giuliani aspires to be a worse president than George W. Bush

Major New Theory Proposed to Explain Global Warming

Did you know inflation is mostly *intentional*? And our government *wants* inflation?

Basic Food Prices Skyrocket

You can kill a cop if he is trying to arrest you without justification: U.S. Supreme Court case

Albert Einstein as seen by another brilliant scientist of his generation (Norbert Wiener in a private letter to his sister Bertha)

Military Interrogators Pose as Lawyers in Gitmo to Gather Information

SCARY: ‘Behavior Detection Officers’ are now watching passengers’ facial expressions for signs of danger

Smile at the airport... or else: A new level of absurdity for America

"Imprisoning a U.S. citizen, on U.S. soil, with no charges of any kind, and then keeping him for years completely incommunicado, is just one of those lines which many people believed would never be crossed in America"

How WalMart Killed America's Golden Goose

This Morning Alberto Gonzales Was Granted The Right to Force Through Executions

Dick Cheney's office reacts to the 1994 Video : "He was not Vice President at the time!"

Rep. Don Young's office phone number is (202) 225-5765. Let's make sure he has lots of messages when he gets back from his vacation. (No threats or profanity.)

We are now witnessing "an attempt to deceive Americans into yet another war"

Recognizing that Congress may not cooperate, President Bush is looking to use executive orders and regulations to get exactly what he wants

U.S. gives Israel another $30,000,000,000

The 6 Most Over-Hyped Threats to America (And What Should Scare You Instead)

Are Twentysomethings the New Teens?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday is not president for life

Alright. Let's get something straight here. We all know the possibility is there for our govt to declare Marshall law, and turn our country into a police state. When that inevitability occurs, there will also be a strong chance that it will be declared that we cannot afford to vote in a new president, and therefore completely throwing out the election in general. As much as that sucks, if we're at 'war', then our govt would want the same people directing it. Us, as the people, can only demand impeachment so much. I agree, we could stand up and try a little harder, but no one wants to become a martyr. They are too wrapped up in their own personal life to care about our nation as a whole. Or, even our civilization as a whole. Pretty much, we're wrapped up in ourselves too much- kind of like the fabled story of noah's ark. 'god' wanted to wipe out all of the people that were into themselves, rather then the populace as a whole. Anyways, back to my main point. I've been seeing many articles about Bush being president for life. Now, this sends chills down my spine and it should freak you out too. If you have any knowledge of history, you would know that Hitler was declared Dictator for life on March 23, 1933. Even though it was passed on a vote, many people opposed it until it was passed. That's when a flood of people became Nazi's. The German people were just as clueless as we American people appear to be. We have lots more access to information now then we did in 1933, so why are we letting this happen again? Besides our domestic issues, we also have stronger countries with many more exports then America has. China and Russia have held a meeting with Iran concerning Anti-America security. If that isn't a red flag, I dont know what is! China has 6x more people then us and about 100x more exports. Russia is roughly double the size of China, and Iran is full of religious martyrs' that only want to serve their higher power. We are so fucked, it isn't funny. Bush cannot be dictator for life, and if it does occur prepare for WW3 alongside another deadly holocaust. What do you think we're doing to the Muslim people? The same thing that happened to the Jews... Please, think about it and WAKE UP!

Group that wants Bush to be "President-for-Life" linked to Bush Administration itself

Family Security Matters doesn't want you to know they published this article advocating Bush becoming a dictator.

Retired CIA Analyst claims (on national radio) that on 9/11 Cheney issued a stand-down order and refused to reverse it, allowing the 9/11 attacks to succeed

Olbermann Destroys Fox Anchor For "America Needs Another 9/11" and Jon Stewart Mocking

Want to gain a little perspective on the last six years? - Jon Stewart's monologue his first day back after September 11th

TODAY! Deadliest single attack since 9-11. Deadliest single attack in Iraqi history.

Fed attempts to bail out bankrupt Wall Street speculators; Cheney demands staged terror attacks, war with Iran

“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” is not even in bookstores, but already anxieties have surfaced about the backlash it is stirring, with several institutions backing away from holding events with the authors.

Asian markets crashing, panic sets in as Fed bailouts fail

China and Russia meet with Iran in an Anti-US Security Summit

Administration’s Terrorist Labeling Is A Calculated Plan To Set the Stage For War With Iran

Scientists show that it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light.

The Fed Bought What?

The Advice Every Teacher Should Give Their Students

Rep. Don Young altered a bill's language AFTER it passed Congress -- but before Bush signed it -- to reroute federal money to one of his fundraisers in Florida. Congressional experts say they have never seen anything like this before.

Government Shouldn't Bail Out Failing Homeowners

Welcome to the Jungle: US Military Psychological Operations and You

"It is unclear what practical effect such a move would have"; first time the United States has placed the armed forces of any foreign government on a list of terrorist organizations.

What Really Brought Rove Down?

Young? Educated? Opposed to the Iraq war? NYPD thinks you're a terrorist

20,000 people stranded for hours at LAX when a single network card fails

Gene Found That Suppresses Human Tumor Growth In Multiple Cancers

Report: Top general may propose pullbacks for US troops in Iraq

Squirrel have a secret weapon that until now has remained invisible to the human eye.

Renowned scientist faces 16-year prison term

The War's for Sale, And There's Plenty of Buyers

The star Mira sheds a cometlike tail of rich material as it streaks through space—something that has never been seen before

Russians get day off to screw

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday has borrowed enough already!

Hello and welcome to the hump. We have made it through the first half, so let's just see how difficult it is to finish out this week. August is passing so fast, and soon enough all of my peers will be back in school. I will not be attending college this semester, too much going on. I am focused on my career here, and I will worry about my passion for geologic and zoophilic sciences later on. Financially secure is priority # 1 in my eyes, and I have never been stable in my life. It has always been about paying bills and staying afloat, but now I actually have spending money for things that I want, rather then living on a budget. Life is good, and work is peachy. I tip my hat to you and wish you the best of luck during this week.

Kucinich: They're Planning to Attack Iran

Kucinich: DLC Agenda 'Indistinguishable' From Neoconservative Agenda

Bush Borrowed More Than 42 Previous Presidents. COMBINED. And that was only up till 2005.

The Bush administration is preparing to declare that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is a foreign terrorist organization.

The Weak U.S. Dollar And How The World Is Pwning Us

The September Patreus Report on "the Surge" we've been wating for: "it will be written by the white house"

Signs of the Times (PICS)

And thus begins the War on Iran

175+ Died in Iraq Suicide Bombings Today

“You Have No Rights": How our president became a “medieval king,” and why your civil liberties are in greater danger than ever

Slipped into the Patriot Act reauthorization is a provision that gives Alberto Gonzales control over state executions - including the power to limit appeals

California Communities Stand Up to Blackwater War Profiteers

Fox News Changes Wikipedia To Smear Rivals; Comprehensive List of Changes

War Nerd - The American people are Pussies!

First, banks lobby to change the bankruptcy laws, then the housing market becomes over-inflated, and now housing loans are defaulting - borrowers are screwed

Rudy Giuliani says "Freedom is about authority", about giving the state the power over "what you do".

8 'Health' Foods That Contain High Fructose Corn Syrup

If you support keeping drugs illegal...

Ninjas Against Bush and other Wall Propaganda [Pics]

The Age of Endarkenment: are we now in a period in which truth ceases to matter very much, and dogma and irrationality have become more respectable?

Biggest cop scandal in U.S. history - the Rampart Scandal. LAPD *admitted* to unprovoked shootings, unprovoked beatings, planting of evidence, framing of suspects, stealing and dealing narcotics, bank robbery, perjury, and covering up evidence of these activities. Feds had to sue the LAPD to deal with the problem.

'It might be life, Jim...', physicists discover inorganic dust with lifelike qualities

Scientists have discovered a giant underwater current that is one of the last missing links of a system that connects the world's oceans and helps govern global climate

Forget the hole in the Ozone layer, the Great Lakes has a "drain hole''

One day after The New York Times printed a story about Iranian weapons allegedly blowing up large numbers of Americans in Iraq, President Bush warned that action might be taken against that country - haven't we seen this before?

Stone Age Settlement Found Under English Channel [non-linkjacked]

Psychologists to CIA: We condemn torture -- In a rebuke of President Bush, the American Psychological Association has resolved to condemn brutal CIA and military interrogations.

Greetings From Idiot America

The Professions Strike Back: Lawyers' group declared one of Bush’s executive orders illegal, and psychologists condemn brutal CIA torture

15 Amazing little known body tricks

In Iraq, Sex Is Traded For Survival

The Once Invincible Wal-Mart Begins to Falter

Rudy Giuliani's sexual history is so sordid that Bill Clinton looks like a Saint.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday's Gone

Hello and welcome. This week is inching by, and we're all going to slowly get there. Keep those spirits high and don't let your burdens hold you down. Summer is coming to a close, so prepare for the Autumn.

If you think the U.S. has only 160,000 troops in Iraq, think again. With almost no congressional oversight and even less public awareness, the Bush administration has more than doubled the size of the U.S. occupation through the use of private war companies.

A Disneyland of Military Ignorance: The Normalization of Mass Murder

Cop Arrest & Beats Good Samaritan Mom after She Helps Him and leaves to borrow a cellphone

Bush Administration spent 1.6 billion on propaganda in the US (2003-05); if you havn't heard about this, then your news sources were bought too.

A corporatist, authoritarian state is what the ruling elites want, and it is precisely what serves their interests, Republican and Democrat alike. They know it

YES! Dems Work to Foil White House Recess Ploys

Underwater turbines in New York's East River on hold because they generate *too much* power

Bush holds title as the biggest taxer in the history of the world

How does Fed ‘inject’ money into the system? - Please read this before spouting conspiracy theories

Noam Chomsky: The American approach to social control - In the West the calculated manipulation of public opinion to serve political and ideological interests is much more covert and therefore much more effective than a propaganda system imposed in a totalitarian regime.

As seen in Minority Report, the Crowd Iris Scanner

Since the launch of the “global war on terror,” the administration has systematically funneled billions of dollars in public money to corporations like Blackwater USA , DynCorp, Triple Canopy, Erinys and ArmorGroup.

Bruce Schneier: Why people believe conspiracy theories

CNN decides to air 'Cheney vs Cheney' video, contacts the VP office

Paper battery offers future power

The Biggest Thing in Physics

See all that gray whispy stuff on the top covering a vast area from one side to the other? That's smog.

How to REALLY Surf as Google - With Their IP, Their User-Agent, and Their Bot Characteristics

Monday, July 30 was a busy day. The House of Representatives passed 36 bills. Assuming a 9-hour day, a bill would have been read, debated, and voted on every fifteen minutes. But that couldn't have happened, because the House also managed to pass 17 resolutions.

Magic 'Fish Spa' Attracts More [Pics]

Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned

McDonald's is about business strategies, public relations, advertising... and plain deceit. But you know what? So is McPolitics. The vast majority of Americans are uninformed, misled and tricked into thinking that they can have it all.

New Spy Law Broader Than Thought

How The Right Wing Honestly Believe That Radical Islam is Going to Take Over the World

Buying A House Is The Biggest Mistake You Could Make - The Renting Vs Buying Argument

A fifth of all countries exceed US in life expectancy: "The US has the resources that allow people to get fat and lazy.”

Rudy Giuliani says "Freedom is about authority", about giving the state the power over "what you do".

Why Bugs Are Not Huge

ABC Caught censoring Ron Paul support to favor Mitt Romney!!

SWORDS, the first robots to break Asimov's First Law of Robotics, are here

"Let It Not Be Said That No One Cared, That No One Objected Once It's Realized That Our Liberties And Wealth Are In Jeopardy" - Ron Paul

Cheney Itches For a War With Iran

Talk Radio Can't Handle the Truth - How DJs were Fired for Debunking a Cherished Conspiracy Theory

Damn Interesting: The Doctors' Mob Riot of 1788

9 Digital Camera Settings for Every Photographer to Discover [COMPLETE]

The Myth of Al Qaeda Almost Totally Exposed

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday for Real

Here we are again, back into the real world. Karl Rove is out, who's next? The question is why is he running? What is the driving force behind his pull out? Only time will tell. Welcome to the week.

Karl Rove Resigns

Short and Sweet: Rove resigns!

We CAN'T WIN in 2008!

Rudy Giuliani: "Freedom is Slavery"

GENERAL STRIKE IN USA on Sept. 11, 2007 – 9/11

Stock market to SCO: reality bites you. reality bites you. you die. (-66.75%)

Congress at work, helping each other take bribes

Generation V for 'vulnerable' - body image, family breakdown,war combine to produce 'most vulnerable generation' yet

Bacteria-eating Virus is emerging as a tool to combat antibiotics-resistant bacteria

A major security alert has been sparked after the theft of a computer database containing thousands of top secret telephone records from police investigations into terrorism and organised crime.

Why it isn’t easy to replace bridges, power plants and planes

Central banks in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada add $135.7 billion to the banking system to avert global credit market crisis

MIT creates 3D images of living cell

Impeachment drive is dead serious and mounting

Dick Cheney Video - 1994 - "Iraq Invasion Would Be Quagmire"

The head of a Chinese company that was behind the recall earlier this month of more than a million Mattel toys committed suicide over the weekend

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks... will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

In One Month, the Greatest Minds in Humanity Meet to Discuss How Close We are to the Singularity

One out of every 250, or 0.4% of the votes at the Ames Straw Poll did not count due to a voting machine malfunction. In 2004, 122,293,332 votes were cast. 0.4 percent of 122,293,332 is 489,173 votes. That ’s right, if the same malfunction occurred nationwide with the same frequency, nearly 500,000 votes would not have counted

While everyone was at "The Simpsons Movie" on the first weekend in August, the U.S. government shredded the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. : Embarrassing Cheney video surfaces

A March To Irrelevance: Why mass protest marches have become a joke

25 percent of all the prisoners in the world are in American jails

Is that the same Dick Cheney?

Ebert Review: No end In Sight (Forcing Bush & the Neocons to Watch the Nightmare They Created)

Krugman: Very Scary Things - What's been happening in financial markets over the past few days is something that truly scares monetary economists: liquidity has dried up.

Ever seen Mormon temple underwear? It is item one of 10 weird religious practices

When a US soldier in Iraq won't soldier - What does the Army do when a soldier can't be persuaded to load his gun?

Atheist in Massachusetts? Enjoy your prison time.

Watercone - Ingenious Way To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Water

Incredible Omnidirectional wheels - non-linkjacked video