Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday is a latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund baby crowd

So Mrs. Clinton, when will you be stepping down?

Obama wins 11th in a row [politics] (

I Refuse to Buy into the Obama Hype [politics] (

Bill Clinton: If Hillary Loses Texas or Ohio, She's Finished [politics] (

Not including her $5 million loan, the Clinton campaign finished January $7.6 million in debt [politics] (

The Curious Myth of Hillary Clinton's Senate Effectiveness [politics] (

John McCain has been implicated by the New York Times in an affair with a 40 year old female lobbyist named Vicki Iseman. He also wrote letters to government regulators on her behalf. [politics] (

It's not the sex, it's about corruption: John McCain, "Mr. Ethics," is known for ties to K Street. His campaign is full of lobbyists, including his campaign manager, co-chair, and sr. policy advisor. [politics] (

Cindy McCain loves her country. It excused her drug abuse and theft, with a slap on the wrist [politics] (

John McCain and the New Fascism [politics] (

Torture and Democracy: "Soldiers who get ahead torturing come back and take jobs as policemen, and private security, and they get ahead doing the same things they did in the army." [politics] (

Fidel Castro Won. Time to Retire America's Failed Cuba Policy [politics] (

Bush explains why he didn't send U.S. troops to Darfur: 'Outside forces tend to divide people up.' [politics] (

In an apparent strategy shift, Barack Obama has hastened his timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq, setting the stage for an election battle with John McCain and the forces of neoconservatism. [politics] (

At Clinton Rally, Speaker calls Obama Supporters "latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies crowding in to hear him speak" [politics] (

Soon the space around the moon will be busy. China, Japan, India, Russia, and the US either have sent or plan to send satellites there (

U.S. judge orders Wikileaks Web site shut down - but doesn't quite understand how this internet thing works and only shuts down domain name [technology] (

Your Incredible Shrinking Paycheck [politics] (

Are We One Unforseen Crisis Away from a Military Draft? [politics] (

Is China democratizing? The country's leaders do not think of democracy as people in the West generally do, but they are increasingly backing local elections and judicial independence. [politics] (

"What I saw in the K-12 schools absolutely shocked me in both India and China. … I became very concerned about the competitiveness of my own daughters' education," [] (

The 74-year-old grandma who makes a crapload of money with Google AdSense [] (

Damninteresting: Life Without the Moon (

Hearing Voices? Pentagon report investigated lasers that put voices in people's heads and use laser beams for new methods of non-lethal torture - all from hundreds of meters away. [politics] (

Geeks have been around for much longer than we think - the ten most puzzling ancient artifacts [technology] (

Expressively Human: New Robots May Soon Have Your Face and Your Expressions (

Anger slows healing process after injury: study (

A material that is able to self-repair even when it is sliced in two has been invented by French researchers. (

Library built into a staircase (Pics) [] (

Super Cow - The Result of Selective Breeding (

The 14 greatest engineering challenges for the 21st century (

The 15 Most Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals [] (

T-minus Band - If It Ever Was At All

There's a place I go in the morning, Inside of which I’m often mourning. Through the mist I sometimes see your shadow. That's all that's left of the battles that we waged and of the games that we played. The love that we made, if it ever was at all.

There are trips I take in the daytime, Instances when sunny cloudy same time. Try to look into the muddy water, bloody too it's left from the slaughter that we bathed. It was a game that we played. It was a love that we made,
if it ever was at all.

Tenderly you run me through and you twist the blade. Gingerly you thrust me down, Responsibly you leave me Open on the floor. I won't let you have it all
, Undertones and craggy walls.

There's a drift that I take in the evening, it won't be long before I am sleeping. And the images are getting blurry, but that doesn't mean I’m free from worry I’m afraid. It's still a game that I play, a love I'd like to turn away.
Like it never was at all.

Tenderly you run me through and you twist the blade. Gingerly you thrust me down, Responsibly you leave me Open on the floor. I will let you have it all
, Undertows and crumbled walls.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday is a Lunar Eclipse!

Nothing to see here. Move along....

Don't forget to go out and watch the lunar eclipse tonight! (

The new US $5 (FIVE) Dollar Bill. It's got purple! (

Hillary's experience: 1) Vote for War without reading estimate on WMD. 2) Vote to make Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. 3) Skip the vote to remove TeleCom immunity from FISA. [politics] (self.politics)

Obama Winner of Wisconsin: 9 in a row! [politics] (

And Now, Hawaii for Obama - His 10th Consecutive Victory [politics] (

To catch up in delegates, Clinton has to win the next six states by margins of 20% or more. That's a pretty tough climb for someone who has been behind in fundraising and lost eight straight contests. [politics] (

John McCain is the Only Remaining Presidential Candidate who Doesn't Support Net Neutrality. In Fact, when asked about it, he Refuses to Answer. [politics] (

Latest Poll: McCain Beats Clinton, Obama Beats McCain [politics] (

Pelosi Blocks Bush From Calling Congress Into Session Over FISA [politics] (

Cuba pre-Castro: One major industry - corruption, 10,000 pimps, no blacks on beaches, and the main newspaper owner was on Mussolini's council (

Amtrak to begin random searches; officers with automatic weapons and bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling platforms and trains. Welcome to the police state, now move along. [politics] (

"Bush regime is paying Sunni insurgents $800,000 a day not to attack U.S. forces." [politics] (

Defend Wikileaks! (

International Telecommunication Union: Cut Cables Were Sabotage (

What Europeans think of each other (

This is what the United States now stands for: a vicious determination to dominate the world, criminal, genocidal wars of aggression, torture, and an increasingly brutal authoritarian state at home. [politics] (

Serbs in Kosovo Vow to Remain Part of Serbia [worldnews] (

CNN fired me...The mainstream media doesn't believe that new media can embarrass them, hurt them or generally hold them accountable in any way...I'm suddenly in a position to do all three... (

A controversial new book argues that shadowy intelligence agencies are pumping out black propaganda and the media simply swallow it wholesale. (

After years of silence, autistic girl of 13 finally speaks through computer. Parents astonished to discover the articulate and intelligent daughter within (

Recent samples of writing by Carly - the 13 year old autistic girl who learned to speak with a computer (

Top 5 Products Still Built in the USA (

Suburbia--the next slums? (

"If we had high speed rail service in the United States, we'd never get on another airplane" (

Scientology Given Direct Access To eBay Database. No potential for abuse, carry on… (

What People Owe Fish: A Lot [science] (

Brain waves pattern themselves after rhythms of nature [cogsci] (

Exploring Consciousness--with science! [cogsci] (

Sarcastic people protect themselves by only letting the world see a superficial part of who they are [cogsci] (

A detailed study on Nano Technology [technology] (

Amsterdam Subcity [architectural conjecture] [technology] (

The problem with search engines is that they remember everything that you ask. [cogsci] (

America Needs an Agnostic in the White House [politics] (

The new theories that are killing time [science] (

Novel organic metal hybrids that will revolutionize materials science and chemical engineering [science] (

Top 15 misconceptions about evolution [science] (

The Sweet Smell of ... Nothing. Cupids take note: more women are shunning wearing fragrances in favor of their own natural scent. [happy] (

3 of the Most Bizarre Micronations in the World [pics] (

Cool Study Explains How Some Thoughts Do Require Language (

Best Social Music Web 2.0 Sites - Reviewed by TechCrunch (

Khajuraho: sex and the sacred [PIC] [pics] (

Holy fucking shit: Browser-based creative suite with Photoshop-like image editor, vector editor, 3D modeller, audio editor, video editor, music generator, word processor, font editor and more (

Reddit Alternatives: A Detailed List of Other Social News Communities (

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday is Befuddled

Today is just another day. Just as the last and the next.

Iraq's oil is officially up for grabs. Iraqi people will get to "keep" 17 of their over 80 oil fields. (

Fidel Castro Resigns as President of Cuba [politics] (

Kosovo is Officially Independent! Congratulations! (

Federal Judge Shuts Down Controversial Whistle-Blower Site "Wikileaks" [politics] (

An attack on Wikileaks should be seen as an attack on the First Amendment itself (

USDA Recalls a Record 143 Million Pounds of Beef (

White House to veto Senate ban on waterboarding [politics] (

The Protect America Act expired last night. Do you feel less safe? No? Maybe American can finally dismiss what comes out of Bush's mouth as fear mongering and ignore him until January 20th, 2009. [politics] (

So-called Protect America Act allowed to expire because of citizen action toward Congress--stay involved! (

Brilliant strategy? I don’t get it. "U.S. BACKED Sunni militants have challenged the U.S.-BACKED Iraqi government in Baghdad" [politics] (

China has a plan for using industrial espionage to turn their country into the mightiest industrial and military power on the planet. [politics] ( Bush Censors, Suppresses and Falsifies Scientific Data [politics] (

Obama's words inspire Clinton and McCain so much they copy them in their slogans. [politics] (

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve: "The Federal Reserve is the world's largest and most successful scam." [politics] (

"Drinking bottled water should be made as unfashionable as smoking" (

Pilot: 'My life was ruined after 9/11' [politics] (

Obama: "I think even my six-year-old would understand it would not be fair for Senator Clinton to be awarded delegates when there was no campaign" [politics] (

Do you like to eat seafood? Well, say your goodbyes. (

Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge? - New York Times (

Lockheed Gets $1 Billion FBI Contract, To Keep Track Of You [politics] (

First telco immunity, now this: Sen. Jeff Sessions sponsors an unusual provision granting the banks immunity against an active patent lawsuit, potentially saving them $ billions [politics] (

PUTIN RIPS HILLARY: 'At a minimum, a head of state should have a head' [politics] (

Democrats Grow A Spine, Will Kill Telecom Immunity Bill In The House: "[We are] not a lap dog of the president or the United States Senate any more than they are of us." [politics] (

Reddit power! White House blaming the internets for Congress' reluctance to pass telco immunity [politics] (

Of the leading contenders, so far, only Senator Barack Obama has released his full income-tax returns — a level of disclosure once routine for candidates after the political corruption of Watergate. [politics] (

US President George W Bush has given his first interview to the BBC in almost seven years. Here is the full transcript of his conversation with BBC World News [politics] (

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Spanks Bush for FISA; Concludes Bush Is a Fascist (MSM Uses the F Word) [politics] (

"I, for one, do not intend to back down – not to the terrorists and not to anyone, including a President, who wants Americans to cower in fear." [politics] (

The Age Of Unreason: Unable to grasp the basic principles of scientific method, Americans buy into a host of bogus ideas - religious fundamentalism, junk science, and simplistic politics [politics] (

The House of Representative Grows A Pair, Stands Up To Bush's Fearmongering, and Lets FISA Expire! [politics] (

Bush uses scare tactics to railroad flawed spying act [politics] (

Way too many people claim "If you're doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear." They couldn't be further from the truth. [politics] (

How "flat earth" news is killing journalism (

22,000 People Died As Bayer Reaped Profits, Withheld Key Study From FDA [business] (

Stevia occurs naturally, is 10-15 times sweeter than table sugar, and requires no patent to produce it. That's why you haven't heard of it, but you've heard of aspartame. (

Stevia caused Rat's Testicals to Shrink and Sperm to Decrease. Still think it's a good sugar replacement? (

Who could imagine a private citizen would do an aspartame experiment with 108 rats for 2 years and 8 months? [science] (

Cuba demands US gives back Guantanamo Bay [politics] (

Mysteries of computer from 65 BC are solved [science] (

Mt Huashan Hiking Trail: For Acrophobics only [Pics] (

Telekinesis and Quantum Field Theory [science] (

Total Lunar Eclipse on Wed, February 20th - the last one until Dec. 2010 [science] (

Like Ants, Humans Are Easily Led [science] (

The best hybrid animals [Pics] [science] (

50 Weird Science Tidbits & Oddities [science] (

Who Are the Japanese, by Jared Diamond -- Discover Magazine, Non Linkjacked (

As a reaction to the hops shortage, Sam Adams is selling 20,000 pounds of excess hops to microbrews at cost. (

Marijuana news: Influential and respected group of doctors urge US goverment to roll back prohibition [science] (

This machine KILLS fascists (pic) (

How Porn Ruined Sex: How About You Don't Ask To Come On My Face On The First Date? [sorta nsfw] (

Los Alamos says it can manufacture gasoline from CO2 in the air at a price of $4.60 a gallon. [science] (

The Golden Gate Suicide Spot Location [Image] (

How To Make A Million Before You Turn 20 (