Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday for visiting

Hello and welcome. Today is a fabulous day for personal reasons. Besides that, we're still alive and the 2nd '9/11' event has not arrived as of yet. All is well except for a few minor details, I'll let you decipher them for yourselves though. Lets get right into it.

History will see us all as Bush's "Good Germans," and most of the world does already. (

Breaking News: Putin dismisses Russian government (

Study compares digg, reddit, etc. to mainstream news. (

Ron Paul is Seriously Flawed as a Candidate; We're Just So in Love With Him That We're Not Paying Attention (

John Edwards reponse to Bush withdrawing 30,000 troops: "taking credit for this withdrawal is like taking credit for gravity." (

Dem presidential frontrunners are pretending they want to end the war, but when you look at the numbers, we're talking about leaving up to 80,000 troops in Iraq. How does that constitute bringing home our troops? (

Pentagon recommends a "very rapid reduction in forces" in Iraq, as much as 2/3 redeployed "very quickly" (

Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-MI) signs H. Res. 333 to impeach Cheney (

Who receives the best terrorist training in the world? It's not al-Qaida operatives or anybody else associated with Middle East organizations that the U.S. is pleased to label "terrorist." No, the best terrorist training in the world is provided by the U.S. military. (

The Republican Party Platform of 1872: " We are opposed to further grants of the public lands to corporations and monopolies", "It disapproves of the resort to unconstitutional laws for the purpose of removing evils", "[Import taxes] should be so adjusted as to aid in securing remunerative wages to labor", and "Any system of the civil service under which the subordinate positions of the government are considered rewards for mere party zeal is fatally demoralizing". (

This is a must see video on a buried interview, proving the campaign against Iraq long before the government’s attack on 9/11. [Video] (

Attacking Iran Would be Criminal Madness: Invading a country that poses no immediate threat to the nation initiating hostilities is the gravest of war crimes. It is, under the Nuremburg Charter, a "Crime Against Peace" (

"Kucinich on 9/11: “We need to call those who used 9/11 to take us into war against Iraq to an accounting under the U.S. Constitution, U.S. law, and international law (

59% of Americans Say US Has Changed for the Worse Since 9/11 (

NYC Fireman: Giuliani Running For President "On The Back Of My Dead Son" (

Russians given a day off for sex. (will this spread?) (

Fidel Castro: US fooled the world over 9/11 (

Twice as many girls as boys born in some Arctic villages - man-made chemicals blamed (

Haven't we learned this time and time again? It happened with Iraq's infamous "weapons of mass destruction," and now it's happening again, this time with Iran's alleged activities in Iraq. (

Be prepared for the REAL Holocaust (pics) (

Jimmy Carter: By abandoning nuclear arms agreements the US has been sending mixed signals to nations with the ability to create nuclear weapons (

Al-Jazeera journalist detained in Guantanamo for 1916 days is close to death after a hunger strike lasting 230 days. Although being force fed psychiatrists fear he has lost the will to live and is suffering "passive suicide". (

Thank you reddit I love you! September 11th and you stay away from that fake patriotic bullshit. (

"Not everything is Vietnam. As a very wise guy once said: History never repeats itself. It only appears to to those who don't know the details." (

MI5 and MI6 to be sued for first time over torture (

Cheap and Available: how the US used prisoners as guinea pigs in scientific experiments (

Don't Like RFID In Your Credit Card? Ask 'Em To Turn It Off (

Since July, a new British law, called the "Corporate Manslaughter Statute" makes companies criminally responsible for deaths caused by a firm's gross negligence. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a law like that? (

Unionized nurses flex their political muscle, calling for a dramatic change in California's healthcare system (

Russia says builds most powerful vacuum bomb (

Young Muslims begin dangerous fight for the right to abandon faith (

Not since Bush Sr. was President has the dollar been worth so little. (

The Arms Deals No One Is Talking About (

Biofuels offer a cure that is worse than the disease they seek to heal (

Israel airstrike in Syria confirmed (

Eyes lock on different letters when reading - Left eye process one character, while the Rights does another. Explains dyslexia! (

29 Happiness Hacks to Feel Better Now (

1/4 of the Earth's biomass is made up of these. [pic] (

San Jose office building will use zero electricity, produce zero carbon dioxide, and still be a comfortable workplace (

What are the chances of finding intelligent life on other planets? They may be far smaller than we ever thought. (

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Nothing (

7 Stupid Thinking Errors You Probably Make (

How to Fill Leisure Time Intelligently and Some Powerful Reasons You Should (

A Single Sheet of Paper [Pics] (

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday has been 6 years

Hello and welcome. Can you believe it's been 6 years? Six year too long that is. Well, I dont need to stand up here and preach to you about conspiracy theories, so I will just post some links to support my views. Light a candle for everyone who has lost their life due to this 'War on Terror' scam.

Six years after 9/11, Bush & Co. have taken the U.S. from being the object of the world's sympathy to the object of their scorn (

Timeline of intel-fixing by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS; term ends 2008), to justify the invasion of Iraq. (

The 9/11 truth movement finally gets some recognition from engineers, though they may not like the results... (

Iran's Demand: Please pay us for Oil purchases in Yen and Euros,not dollars (

The Symbiotic, Symbolistic Brotherhood of Bush and bin Laden (

google trends don't lie. while the news media has been doing its best to downplay ron paul's popularity among voters, google searches for ron paul have skyrocketed above any other republican presidential contender, could it be that he's saying something that the people want to hear? eat that, sean hannity! (

Wash. Post: Petraeus’ long-awaited testimony leaves large questions unanswered (

Dennis Miller: The Ultimate American Failure (

Did the media tell you about the ACTUAL terrorist attack in NYC last month? Yeah, me neither. (

How will the Iraq war end? The ugly possibilities that politicans won't admit. (

RFID implants linked to cancer: the lowdown (

Dogs can read human facial expressions. Apes and wolves cannot. (

Accidental discovery that salt water can burn is "the most remarkable in water science in 100 years" (

Mexican gas and oil pipelines attacked in six places (

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday and we're moving quite slow

Hello and welcome to the week. Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was fantastic. Every little bit of me is moving very slowly today, so I'll try not to rip your sore heads off with complete controversy. So here it is, I'm getting straight to the point.

The guy who predicted the fall of the USSR, argues that the disintegration of American hegemony already is in full swing, and he predicts that the Bush American Administration and its neocon theorists "will go down in history as the gravediggers of the American empire." (

Perception Of The World By Americans [PIC] (

Shutting Down Transparent Government, Bush-Style: how the Bush government is now trying to prevent you from being able to use the Freedom of Information Act (

Latest Bin Laden Video Is a Forgery: All References to Current Events Are Made During Video Freeze (

Remember the Freeze Frame Bin Laden Video? U.S. Homeland Security advisor Frances Townsend says "Well, for sure, the intelligence community, having looked at it, believes it is bin Laden. The indications from the contents of the tape are that it was made recently, certainly in the last several months." (

First the people in the towers died. Then the rescue workers. Now first responders are succumbing to a 9/11 illness. The next victims: tens of thousands of ordinary citizens who worked and lived in Lower Manhattan—all of whom were told that the air was safe (

World Trade Center collapse -- UC Berkeley engineer reports results of his 5-year NSF project. Full report to be released Monday in New York City (

By large majorities, Americans distrust Gen. Petreaus’ report and, in general, claims about Progress in Iraq (

In U.S., science is distorted to promote political and corporate agendas (

9/11, Six Years Later: So, how has George W. Bush done? In a word, badly. (

Ron Paul on the Debate: "My opponents called for more war, more torture, more secret prisons, more eavesdropping, more presidential power..." (

RFID linked to cancer; FDA was ran by future CEO while investigating chips safty. (Tommy Thompson, the head of the US government department which approved the chips for use in humans, joined the board of the company that makes them, Verichip, just five months after approval was granted.) (

Microchip implants cause fast-growing, malignant tumors in lab animals: Damning research findings could spell the end of VeriChip (

Out of 173 countries, only four have no paid leave for new mothers -- Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, Liberia and the U.S.A. (

GOOGLE has been selling off the top rankings on its search engine results to commercial partners, rather than sorting them by relevance (

Project Censored's Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008 (

"We're Dealing with a Christian Taliban": the proselytising "freedom packages" that Pentagon wanted to send to U.S. troops in Iraq included an apocalyptic computer game in which "soldiers for Christ" battle satanic "Global Community Peacekeepers" (

Like all empires before it, the U.S. will slip from the top of the heap. Let's start getting ready. (

Bush prepares his midnight regulations among them: Making it OK to blow up the appalachian mountains, easier to destroy wetlands, easier to build coal plants in areas with clean air! (

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable (

"Kucinich: Court ruling against the Patriot Act is a victory for the Constitution" (

German Goverment warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi wherever possible because of the risks it may pose to health (

CIA Secrets: Bush knew Saddam had NO WMDs, intentional lie confirmed. Impeach the bastard, already! (

13 Things That Didn't Make Sense In 2005 (

Brain study shows that conservatives and liberals approach everyday decisions differently (

Neuroscience Study: Smart Brains Have Liberal Bias (

Archaeologists have discovered that Brak, a Syrian city and one of the oldest urban areas in the world, was built in a way that completely defies conventional wisdom about how cities grow. (

5 Thought-Provoking Mathematical Videos (

Even staunch conservatives are becoming alarmed at the Bush Administration's unconstitutional expansion of presidential powers. (

Missouri cop caught on tape "I can make up nine things to arrest you" (

Alex Jones Arrested In New York (

Pyramid of Capitalist System [Pic] (

Unbelievable-- Jessica Lynch's rescue was a staged bit by the US military (

813 more COAL burning plants are planned! Global Warming here we come. (

Timothy Durham, sentenced to 3000 years in prison for rape. 11 Witnesses placed him in a different state at the time of the crime, but they were over-ruled by DNA evidence. But he was innocent... (

Bush: Just so you know (

Giuliani: "For Me Every Day Is An Anniversary Of Sept. 11"- SHAMELESS ASSHOLE (

In the UK if you are arrested you get your DNA sampled, and even if you are cleared the DNA is kept in a database... EU court of Human Rights to decide if this is allowed or not. (

Congress passes student loan reform bill (Grant increases, interest rates lowered). President expected to sign it. (

Feynman: Why modern day textbooks are so awful (

Things I Hate About America (

A Saudi suspected of being the "20th hijacker" in the Sept. 11 attacks has recanted his confession, saying he made false statements after he was beaten, abused and humiliated at Guantanamo (

8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day (Pics) (

11 people chemically burned by Wal-Mart shoes (

[vid] Man takes pictures of Tokyo for 35-years, puts them into 10-second clip (

7 Amazing Holes (Photos) (