Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday a week later

Hello, back again and gone tomorrow!


Kucinich: "Thanks to you, impeachment will be heard Friday" (

McCain Has a Fundemental Misunderstanding of Iraq (

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has called for a strategic relationship with Russia to counter aggression from the United States. (

Bush: "Wall Street got drunk....and now it has a hangover". "Banned" video (

Stoooopid .... why the Google generation isn’t as smart as it thinks (

McCain adultery story rocks political world — oh wait, no it doesn’t (

The federal minimum wage will go up on Thursday to $6.55 from $5.85. (


American physicists warned not to debate global warming (

"The first big win in the fight to stabilise the world's climate" (

Going Solar Power: One Month Later (

The Cost Of Wind Power (

We need a green revolution -- but Republicans stand in the way (

Why do humans cooperate in things as diverse as environment conservation or the creation of fairer societies, even when they don’t receive anything in exchange or, worst, they might even be penalized? (

America's Best Places For Alternative Energy - The best states in America to have various types of alternative energy. (


Drug for prostate cancer hailed as most significant advance in the field in 70 years (

Women's brains are different from men's – and here's scientific proof (

Scientists drilling more than 160 feet below the seafloor have discovered an environment teeming with life. (

Five minutes with psychedelics researcher Bill Richards (

Why We Always See the Same Side of The Moon (

When a lab analyst found unrelated people with similar DNA profiles the FBI laboratory tried to stop distribution of her results and block similar searches! (

5 Sex Experts Who Made the World a Worse Place (To Do It) (

Companies develop body armor that can withstand a grenade blast, spikes (

The North Star Has Revived Itself (

Scientists make first paper transistor (


"Too Big to Fail" - The Hypocrisy of bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (

150 bank failures in the next 12 months. (

The Week that America Woke Up to the Economic Crisis (

How Europe lives with $10 a Gallon Gas (

Why the Founders Rejected a Central Bank (

does driving slower really save gas? If it takes me longer to get there, isn't my car burning more gas? (

Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century - by Dmitry Orlov (


7 Geeky Flowcharts (

10 Music Sites Not Owned By Viacom (or big business for that matter) (

The Top 7... Lazy Character Clichés (

365 days of free games (

20 Most Incredible Light Phenomena (

Lessons From Our Great-Grandfathers: How to Make Moonshine (