Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday has got some dirt for you

Hello, and welcome to the weekend. Some interesting developments are unfolding....


PELOSI: "If somebody had a crime that the President had committed, that would be a different story." KUCINICH: Well, I've got these 35 articles... (

To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them (

Cheney Considers False Flag Operation To Start War with Iran ( see VIDEO

Execution by Military Is Approved by President (

Actually Obama has made it very clear that he will investigate and judge the evidence after Bush’s classified torture programs are de-classified. (

Judge: Bush aides can be subpoenaed. President had tried to block Bolten, Miers from House testimony (

McCain Received $881,450 From Big Oil Since He Announced Support Of Offshore Drilling (

Why does nobody care about this? A sneaky provision in Housing Bill gives the IRS access to ALL online transactions. Next step: An internet sales tax! (

House Just Voted 20-14 to Hold Rove in Contempt (

Yesterday, Rove dismissed the Judiciary Committee's contempt recommendation as "ludicrous." Today, he continues his inexorable slide toward actually having to show up on Congress' doorstep. (

How Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar muscled Tony Blair into silence. (

United States has used and may be continuing to use the British-owned atoll of Diego Garcia and its territorial waters as a rendition hub and detention center for suspected terrorists. (

Unfortunately, the new details they uncovered are so disturbing that they could potentially make the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories pale in comparison (


'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution (

MIT makes energy by splitting water with sunlight: "You've made your house into a fuel station," Daniel Nocera, a chemistry professor at MIT said. "I've gotten rid of all the goddamn grids" (

New Way Of Storing Solar Energy Discovered (

Andrew Simms: We have only 100 months to avoid irreversible environmental disaster (

Biofumigation means using green manures of brassica plants such as mustard and radish to suppress pests and pathogens in vegetable crops (

Wind Power Superhighway for West Texas (

For the fourth time this summer alone, Senate Republicans have blocked any formal consideration of extending renewable energy tax credits. (

25 Big Companies That Are Going Green (

Less than two weeks before the Olympics, Beijing’s skies are so murky and polluted that the authorities are considering emergency measures (

Colorado billionaire Philip Anschutz is planning a 2,000-megawatt, 100,000-acre wind farm in southern Wyoming and a 3,000-megawatt, 900-mile-long transmission line (

A 'Dead Zone' in The Gulf of Mexico (

Laboratory rats, fed with a genetically engineered maize produced by Monsanto, have shown signs of toxicity in kidney and liver, despite it being cleared as food for humans and animals (


Nanoparticles + light = dead tumor cells (

Nasa's Lander samples Mars water (

Liquid Lake on Titan. Water Confirmed on Mars. (

New Solar Cell Material Is 23% More Efficient, Captures Infrared Light (

New types of solar cell that can be mass-produced cheaply, and integrated into building materials, are popular with venture capitalists and market analysts. But scientists are less gung ho (

Big Pharma Pushes Drugs That Cause Conditions They Are Supposed to Prevent (

Why 'Licking Your Wounds' Actually Works. There’s a compound in human saliva that greatly speeds wound healing. (

BBC vs. National Geographic: two different approaches to natural history filming (

A regular diet of even modest amounts of food containing soy may halve sperm concentrations, suggest scientists (

Gator blood, frog skin, and other next-gen antibiotics that could save your life (

...just take a pill that tricks muscles into thinking they have been working out furiously. (


Obama & McCain tax proposal chart (

Exxon Mobil Made Nearly $1,500 Per Second (

GM loses $15.5 Billion in 2nd quarter! "We don't see the macro environment anywhere near on the mend," -S&P analyst (

Since 2001 the United States taxpayer has given $11 billion to Pakistan. Are you getting your money’s worth? (

Good News: Oil Prices Down . . . Bad News: Its Because World Economy Is Tanking(

The Biggest Issue - How the decline of American Education is the main hiderance to a heathly economy | David Brooks Op-Ed (

U.S. Payrolls Drop 51,000 Jobs; Jobless Rate Rises (

5 dumbest things on Wall Street (

The Economics Of Solar Power (


Waterfalls, adaptation and light (

Twelve Natural Health Tips for Smart Travel (

My Chat with a Google Street View Driver (

The Seven Wonders of Russia - Russia's answer to Europe's "Seven Wonders of the World" list(

The Marathon Monks from Japan; 46 men have completed the 1000 day run since it began in 1885 (

Shocking Rock and Roll Deaths Minus Drug Overdoses or Being Attributed to Alcohol(

Wow! Turns out sign language is REALLY easy to understand. ( without the dots - version 2.0 is here (

I’m with the band… which is why I’m likely not hooking up with my female fans (

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday is a headache

Back in business with an aching head pain throb.


Kucinich Gets Hearing -- Just Don't Call It an Impeachment Hearing (

Why no impeachment? Because party leadership including Pelosi had been briefed by the Bush Administration on torture policies and could be held legally responsible? (

Bush’s “classified” torture programs, were vastly larger, and more well documented, than anyone had imagined. (

Know why the Bush administration said they weren't torturing people? Because newly released memos show they created their own definition of what torture was. No joke. (

How Obama Became Acting President (

America spends $217 million per hour, every day of every year, on health care, far more than the rest of the world. And we get less coverage and more bureaucracy. (

Fox News Busted as a Propaganda Tool for the Bush Administration (


Renewable energy was listed as an energy solution, and guess what? Americans chose it over drilling by an overwhelming 76 percent to 19 percent. (

Will clotheslines turn dryers into relics? -- "That simple change dropped our average monthly bill by more than $100." (

Villagers in western India burned a Dow Chemical building site. Dow is synonymous with deaths of 3,800 people in the catastrophic industrial accident in Bhopal. It is still hated. (

Life outside of civilization... (

Over the next 20 years, the rapid adoption of LED lighting in the United States could reduce electricity demands by 62 percent and thus eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions (


How “The Big Lie” works. Opinions, rumors, and outright lies can easily be "misremembered" as truths, particularly when they are heard repeatedly, or leave a strong emotional imprint. (

Cancer Killer Found In The Ocean -- Marine Biotechnologists Treat Cancer With Mud-loving Ocean Bacteria (

The "dirty dozen" are 12 fruits and veggies that, even when washed, tend to maintain high levels of pesticide residue unless they're grown organically (

why doctors are prescribing drugs they know won’t work (

"We'e evolved to be smart enough to make ourselves sick" - Robert Sapolsky discusses physiological effects of stress (

Read faster instantly. Seriously, you will be reading 300 words per minute instantly. (

Next: a Medical Wikipedia (


How Wall Street Wrecked Your Retirement (

People's Republic of China - A "Balance of Financial Terror" Against the US (

How American's View Business (

We are at a critical moment in history. Never before has money been debased on such a grand scale. (


How often have you stopped to ask yourself questions like these? (

Spam King Escapes Prison, Murders Family, Kills Self (

The 5 Creepiest Death Rituals From Around the World (

You Definitely Have Not Seen The Mercedes-Benz Buses (