Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday is Palin's Speech: Fact Checked

Hello, and Welcome. I'm almost at a loss for words regarding last nights RNC speech. I have reserved this entry for Sarah Palin's nonsense, please inform yourself and stop watching FOX news.

**also, we have invaded Pakistan.
U.S. confirms ground assault against Taliban inside Pakistan. Sept 03, 1:28am (**


Factchecking Palin's Speech (

Palin's Speech Fact Checked (

Palin Just Delivered One of the Most Tasteless and Petty Acceptance Speeches in Political History [Transcript] (

Palin lied when she said that Obama has never passed a single reform (

...."At last count, sponsorship of 820 laws in Illinois, and authorship of 152 bills and co-sponsorship of 427 in Washington. The 2007 Ethics Reform bill alone cannot be dismissed as simply non-existent. And since part of Palin's own claim to substance is an ethics reform bill, it seems extremely weird that she should believe that Obama's record is a total zero. You can go look at Obama's State Senate legislative record here. And his US Senate record here. "

Palin didn’t mention Bush once. Neither did Giuliani or Huckabee. Finally, they join us in being ashamed of our president. But voters will remember Bush this year when they’re in the voting booth. (

Palin: "... he's worried that someone won't read them their rights?" - Absolutely Disgusting. (

Palin Delivers Tired, Nasty, Telepromptered 40 Year Old Conservative Rhetoric at RNC (

"Mrs. Palin needs to be reminded that Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor." (

Palin Speech Empty as Her Resume (

Palin on 13 Issues: 47 Documented References (

The Hard Questions Remain; Easiest Task for Palin May Have Been Speech (

Two conservative commentators on MSNBC, after they're off the air, caught saying what they really think about the veep choice. (

This is what community organizers do...They change the world. Block by block, city by city, state by state, nation by nation...So, GOP, meet the community organizers... (

What is it Republicans hate? Guiliani and Palin both made it pretty clear: community organizing. (

Organizers Community Organizers Fight Back...demand apology from Alaska governor, say “we’re working to clean up your mess!” (

It was stunning that a woman billed as a “Hockey Mom” spent so much time acting just like all the other millionaires and billionaires who took the stage before her - laughing at American citizens. (

Last year, Palin requested more earmarks per person than any other state -- including some that were criticized by McCain himself. (

Palin built her political career on an image as a "reformer," but Alaskan journalists discovered she was committing the same abuses that she was decrying (

CNN's Roland Martin is PISSED -- His parents were community organizers (

If you don't want daugher to be a campaign issue, don't use her as a campaign prop. (

Romney's not so subtle attack on Michelle Obama was slimey and dirtbagish. You did not hear the DNC alluding to Cindy McCain's drug problem, did you? (

This was an evening of anger, hate, and spite. The speakers were downright mean, as was the crowd. Ironically, despite being a new face, Palin delivered the message of a tired, old Republican Party. (

But, the fact is, while she did POST the plane on eBay, she didn't SELL the plane on eBay...the state turned to an aircraft broker, Turbo North Aviation and THEY sold it. (

Calling your opponent an elitist as you parade around national television wearing $300,000 worth of material: Priceless (

Steelworkers President To Palin: ‘Stop Using Your Husband’s Membership In The USW As A Prop’ (

8 More Shocking Revelations About Sarah Palin (

Sarah Palin and the Environment: She has an extreme anti-conservation record on issues ranging from global warming, energy and drilling to wildlife and habitat protection (

In a More Diverse America, A Mostly White Convention (

If John McCain can't stand up to Larry King how will he stand up to the terrorist? (

Jon Stewart on GOP hypocrisy over the VP issue (

"Drill Baby Drill!" vs. "Yes We Can!": The Difference in 3 Words (

The Palin Affect: Obama hit's 50 percent in the polls for the first time (

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday brings more Palin scandal

Hello, and welcome to the day! It's not surprising that we find Ms. Palin at the center of the gossip gauntlet. Finally the media has backed off of Obama because there is new meat in town. The RNC support has quite a comical outcome as compared to the DNC of last week . .

|US politics|

In 57 days all of our internet activity, phone calls, text messages, email and VOIP will be monitored and stored for 12 months. Here is a manifesto for how we stop it. (

President Bush praised Senator John McCain on Tuesday for his strong support in sending additional troops in Iraq, saying he “helped change history,”. (

Rough review from Time Magazine: Palin's time as mayor is defined by religion, book banning, corruption and cronyism (

New York Times SLAMS McCain on Palin Pick (

McCain Goes Vindictive On CNN, Cancels Larry King Live Appearance...not happy that Tucker got questioned on specifics detailing Palin's experience..."CNN went over the line" (

Sarah Palin supports secession of Alaska from the US! (Goes to show McCain's inept judgement and incompetence in VP vetting....) (

If Palin succeeds in "normalizing" her daughter's pregnancy, will other teen girls look at this and say what is the problem with having a baby? (

Palin cut off money to help teenage mothers learn to raise children on their own (

Do you think the Republicans would lay off of Obama if his 17 year-old daughter had gotten pregnant out of wedlock? (

Thousands rally at Ron Paul convention while the RNC sucks (

Ron Paulians Swarm Minneapolis! There are paleocons, radicals, Constitutionalists, left-libertarians, right-libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, classical liberals, plenty of Rothbardians (

There is a remarkable and palpable fear abroad in this land - not a fear of terrorism, but a fear of speaking up, a fear of being labeled as "different" or as a "troublemaker." (

Rage Against the Machine show at RNC stopped by cops; march and tear gassing ensues (

U.S. State Department Warns Corporations: “Never confront the protesters…most of them know what their rights are” (

Senator Barack Obama's Speech Transcript from the DNC 8/28/08 (

Obama on O Reilly Factor Thursday (

|world politics|

Message from Russia: "America needs to acknowledge the reality of the post-American world and start adapting to it." (

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has threatened to dissolve parliament and call elections after the collapse of the country's ruling coalition. (

A girl filmed Israeli soldiers' brutality. Since then, her family has been the victim of revenge attacks. (

The Dutch have recalled a spy from Iran citing a U.S. plan to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft within a few weeks. An Israeli news source confirmed preparations for a military strike against Iran. (

U.S. Is Set to Announce $1 Billion in Aid for Georgia (


Arizona gets US$3 million for algae-to-biofuel project (

Indiana Pipeline Project Makes Unintentional Historic Find (

Major ice-shelf loss for Canada (

Meatpacker wants to test all its cows for mad cow. US preventing it so other meatpackers aren't forced to begin the expensive testing themselves. Just WHO is our government protecting? (

Climate change could release unexpectedly huge stores of carbon dioxide from Arctic soils, which would in turn fuel a vicious circle of global warming, a new study warned on Sunday (


It turns out that about 8 percent of the human genome is made up of viruses that once attacked our ancestors. The viruses lost. What remains are the molecular equivalents of mounted trophies (

USC's 'print-a-house' construction technology (

Loss Of Sleep, Even For A Single Night, Increases Inflammation In The Body (

Stanford's autonomous helicopters teach themselves how to fly, by observing other helicopters...and they can replicate stunts too. (

Bad Science: The Medicalisation of Everyday Life (

How Friendly Bacteria Avoids Immune Attack To Live Happily In The Gut (


For economies to work best, institutions must be allowed to fail. (

"This could be the worst winter ever for low-income folks," (

The great college textbook racket & five ways to spend next to no money on textbooks (

The poor used to work far longer hours than the rich - now it is the reverse. Why? (

If home ownership is truly the American dream that so many realtors profess, then the ongoing collapse in home prices will actually be a dream come true. (


Busheviks (

Is this really part of Chrome? If so, I'm sticking to Firefox. (

Google Chrome: And why not? (

Wanna learn music production secrets? The Music Engineer's Handbook (