Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday is a Debate Recap

So, Just so you know- I'm in favor of 'That One '08!'

When McCain loses, he will have contributed to his own downfall by failing to live up to his personal standard of honor (

Is McCain’s homeowner bailout proposal new? Nope. Biden proposed it in the VP debate. (

McCain calls Obama 'that one' in debate (

Worse Than "That One": What made McCain assume that a young black questioner wouldn't know (esp. after weeks of media coverage) about Fannie and Freddie? (

WSJ: McCain will slash Medicaid/Medicare benefits by $1.3 trillion. (

McCain Fled The Debate Within Minutes While Obama Stayed Around To Talk To Voters And Answer More Questions, That's Class For You. (

Obama won, hands down (

Obama: Health Care Should Be A Right (

Class act John McCain refuses to shake Obama's hand. (

Secret Service taking "Kill Him" remark very seriously, considers it a threat on the life of a Presidential Candidate. Stay classy, Palin! (

John McCain wasn't just TIED to the Keating Five, he was ONE of the Keating Five (

Palin palling around with secessionists: Does Sarah secretly hate America? (

What I Learned At The Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me Out! "Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in a dress." (

Anne Robinson (The Weakest Link), about Sarah Palin: "It's depressing that she exists, never mind that she winks" (

"Palin doesn't actually believe the rehearsed smears she's telling about Obama, but she does believe that she is morally right in lying. " (

Palin's mob turned on a black journalist, yelled "racial epithets" while telling him to "sit down, boy." (

With shouts of "Kill Him" and "Terrorist", Is Palin sowing the seeds of hatred that will lead to the possible assassination of Obama if he gets elected? (

"I'm Sarah Palin and I Support the 2008 Alaska Independence Party"(

Here's a letter Obama wrote to Bernake and Paulson in March 2007. Isn't it great to have a candidate who actually understands economics? (

I’m tired of him having to defend his name while these assholes are trying to dismantle the Republic. Barack Hussein Obama. 44th President of the USA. Get used to it. (

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday is preparing for Presidential debate #2

Hello, and welcome. The week has rolled out at a medium pace so far, Olbermann tore Palin a new one last night and the DOW has been under 10K since yesterday. In other news . . .


Tonight's debate is in McCain's favorite style (

Barack Obama has risen to his highest-ever level in both our electoral college and popular vote projections (

Olbermann's special comment on Palin (

The entire Keating Economics documentary (created and endorsed by the Obama Campaign) is finally available for download. Please spread the news. Obama is finally fighting. (

Krugman: I agree: the McCain plan would do for health care what deregulation has done for banking. And I’m terrified. (

McCain: Party Boy (

Soon, the 43-year-old naval attache and his 25-year-old sweetheart were engaged. There was only one complication: McCain was still married. (

The Make Believe Maverick: A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty (

Al Franken exposes O'Reilly altering Bidin interview vid to slander him (

Sarah Palin's Almost Creepy Ambition Should Worry McCain (

I am a 42 year old ex-Republican. I have decided this year that I can no longer sit on my ass. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee being taken to tears. (

Secret Bush Administration Plan to Suspend US Constitution (

|world news|

Iceland. Sept 5/08 : UN's Best Country to Live '07. Oct 5/08: Food hoarding begins, Currency rated just above Zimbabwe (

Iceland gets a 4billion euro loan from Russia. (

One of the oldest known bibles to be digitised and translated for all - significant departures from modern texts. (

Two French scientists who discovered the AIDS virus and a German who found the virus that causes cervical cancer were awarded the 2008 Nobel prize for medicine or physiology (

U.S. Security Firm Indicted for Fraud in Afghanistan (

(Russia) "You won't buy our version of the war in Georgia? Fine, we won't buy your version of 9/11." (

Iran says it forced down Western plane. U.S. denies initial Iranian reports that aircraft was American (

China abruptly cancelled military agreements with U.S. in protest to US-Taiwan arms deal (


Dow Dives 785 Points (

1929 crisis verses 2008 crisis [pic] (

Fed to buy massive amounts of short-term debts (

60 Minutes: Wall Street's Shadow Market (

As leverage vanishes, so does speculation: Commodities headed for biggest annual decline since 2001 (

Financial Dictatorship Comes to America (

The Federal Reserve act was unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous from its first moment of existence -- and remains exactly that today. (

The depression of 1929 is the wrong model for the current economic crisis: Try the Panic of 1873 (

The Wall Street 'Bailout' is a Ponzi "Pyramid Scheme" Designed to Give the Banksters Who Created the Bad Debt All Their Money Back! (

Failure This Big Wasn't Born Yesterday - Michele Singletary - read, "Wall Street Versus America: A Muckraking Look at the Thieves, Fakers, and Charlatans Who Are Ripping You Off" (


How Local Governments Are Standing in the Way of Clean Energy: Too often, people who want to install clean, efficient solar and wind systems can find themselves drowning in a sea of red tape (

Global warming in pictures - Seeing may lead to believing. (

Scientists have come up with a method for creating extremely thin solar cells that can be combined in flexible arrays. (

Researchers at Clemson University have created a biodegradable faux-plastic bottle. It's made from sugar and fiber. (

Ancient Peru pyramid spotted by satellite: 9,000-square-mile structure?! (

New California Law Protects Farms Against Genetic Engineering Threats: Monsanto's intimidation tactics no longer legal (

Of the 5,487 mammals on Earth 1,141 are known to be facing extinction. (

It's time to build the green-collar economy (


Asteroid to streak across southern Europe and explode in a 1-kiloton blast over the Sudan on Oct. 7th (

Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake (

From 2010 to 2015, the U.S. will have no human space flight capacity of its own, and will rely on Russia to carry its astronauts to space (

A Saw that cuts through anything, but not your finger (

'Deepest ever' living fish filmed. (

Solar cell startup gets $1.2 billion dollars in orders. Their product looks more like a compact fluorescent lamp than a panel. (

Astronomers find a planet denser than lead (

Nobels for spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum field theory: Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, and Toshihide Maskawa (

Are There Not Enough Journals For All The Good Science Being Published? (


Youtube took down the SNL VP debate. Here it is. (

Ever feel like the world is slowly becoming Orwellian, but there are too many stupid people to alter society's course, so we get dragged along as well? (


Pink Floyd - "Interstellar Overdrive" [live '66], Pt. 1 (

Awesome: Useable Wireless Earbuds (

100 skills every man (or woman) should know (with videos!) from Popular Mechanics (

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday is a quick recap

Hello, I'm off to NYC at noon, so I only have a few updates for you. First of all, please check out my entry on Pacified Citizen about the Bailout Bill that was passed by the Senate, and its lengthy analysis and comparison to the great depression. Long story short, The big guys wanted to centralize banking- and the best way was to make the small guys run, convincing them to sell for cheap. Now Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Inc. , Bank of America Corp. and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. all have more centralized power.

Palin Survived, But Biden Won (

Does the boldness with which Palin touts her complete lack of substantive knowledge strike anyone as eerily similiar to Bush? (

Palin's inability to answer real questions, her capacity to avoid follow-ups, her slightly manic quality, and her inability to relate to working class voters came across (

Like Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin believes the Office of the Vice President is part of the Legislative Branch (

Joe Biden: John McCain is not a Maverick (Video) (

Joe Biden: Experience With A Big Heart Is A Winning Combo (

Biden Gets First Laugh Of The VP Debate (

Palin's "White Flag Of Surrender" Line Falls Flat (

Palin delivers, but doubts linger - Washington Post- (

John McCain: "America doesn't care if [Palin] Can't Answer Every Question." (

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday is VP Debate time!

I'm so excited for the reality comedy show tonight featuring Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.


Seems she's not the Hockey Mom we thought, Estimates show Palin assets top $1 million (

So the Senate is voting on its own bailout bill. The Constitution says that all spending bills must start in the House. Ever wonder how they get around it? Here's how: (

Obama and McCain exchanged letters on ethics reform two years ago. Note the difference between Obama's and McCain's tone... (

Battleground Polls Show Stunning Shift To Obama (

CBS News: New Study Details Massive Voter Roll Purges Underway in At Least 19 States (

Obama campaign makes the most unusual media buy ever: An ENTIRE Dish Network channel. (

Bush thinks we'll get back "much, if not all" of the $700bn... Yeah, just like we'd pay for the Iraq war with oil, right? (

The richest 400 Americans -- just 400 people -- own MORE than the bottom 150 million Americans combined. 400 rich Americans have got more stashed away than half the entire country! (

**Sarah Palin Video Section**

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits (

I'm a Little Confused about the candidates standings . . . (

A terrific mix of the last month of Palin spins, contradictions, mischaracterizations and flat out lies, with accompanying is staggering to see the ease with which this woman lies! (

|world news|

The United Nations is raising its security level in Pakistan and ordering children of international staff to leave the country. (

Gorbachev forms new Russian party opposing Putin (

Russia: 'US economic dominance over', World needs 'more just' financial system (

Ahmadinejad accepts Israel's right to exist - The Iranian president has said he would accept a two-state solution if the Palestinians agree. So where are the headlines? (

China makes and exports Oreos, M&Ms, Snickers, cadbury chocolates, etc. Melamine health risks expand to more countries, more foods. (

Two French biochemical students, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were murdered by Israeli Mossad-British intelligence assassination teams on June 29, 2008. (


Bailout Passes in Senate (

The $700 billion bailout bill has passed, 74-25 (

September Madness- A straight Simple Picture (

Financial Crisis In The Media: Is The Economic Crisis Overhyped? (

Who's profiting from the crisis? Goldman Sachs, of course (

Sorry it's a PDF but must read: A responsible bank speaks out about the bailout (

While Attention was Focused on $700 Billion Bailout Last Week Treasury Gave Banks $940 Billion (

And while all this negotiation was taking place, the auto industry was quietly bailed out, with no controversy, no discussion, to the tune of $25 billion. (

SEC officially allows banks to lie about asset values (

Over 42% of the stock market is owned by the richest 1% (


23 Excellect Eco-Friendly Gadgets For A Greener Lifestyle (

Scotland And Northern Ireland Planning To Build Tidal Turbine Farms (

Google goes political...calls for aggressive legislation that would cut fuel based energy generation by 88%! (

Google Proposes $4.4 Trillion Clean Energy Plan (

Hondas All-New Honda Insight Hybrid: MPG similar to Civic Hybrid, price around $18,500 (

8 Ways to Green Your Office Supplies (


It’s snowing on Mars (

Brain science is about to fundamentally change computing (

5 Great Science Books to Expand Your Mind (

Human genome sequencing costs fall again: $300 million in 2003, $1 million 2007, $60,000 beginning of 2008, $10,000 now and $5000 by the end of 2008. (

Why are Americans shorter than North Europeans? The real answer may be that Northern European countries do a better job of spreading the wealth and taking care of their children. (

50 Surprising Causes of Weight Gain (

Free Piston Engine and Free Pistion Linear Actuator can be twice as fuel efficient as conventional engines (


This website will let you check your voter registration status. Take five seconds to make sure you weren't purged! (

Time for your mandatory geek-out: Kevin Kelly @ TED on The Machine (

Watch this video...just do it. You'll enjoy it. (

Click here to waste 2 hours of your day immediately! (

A Great List of Free PDF Sheet Music for Classical Guitarists (

.: Sumo Paint - Beta :. (

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday is a Bailout!

Well, its coming down and hard. The Republicans denied the bailout bill. Surprising. .


The Rich Are Staging a Coup This Morning... A letter from Michael Moore. (

Two McCain Videos That Can Lose Him the Election (

John McCain is forced to retract Sarah Palin's statements on foreign policy (Pakistan) (

Obama Way Ahead In Today's Tracking Polls (

Krugman: "Barack Obama seems well informed and sensible about matters economic and financial. John McCain, on the other hand, scares me." (

200 former U.S. diplomats endorse Obama (

CNN discovered that some of the funniest gobbledygook out of Tina Fey's mouth during her portrayal of Sarah Palin last night on SNL was an actual Sarah Palin quote (

Rep. Baldwin (D-WI) Introduces Bill to Undo and Prosecute Bush-Cheney Crimes (

|world news|
Pirates learn the hard way : "That ship is unusual..It is not carrying a normal shipment." (

US destroyer nears Somali pirates (

"We are concerned about the permanent destruction of [oil] demand: Those who buy hybrid vehicles are not going back to SUVs." -senior Saudi Arabian official (

Japan makes cars. Saudi Arabia pumps oil. China supplies socks and flat-screen TVs. What's America's No.1 export? Debt (

Chinese officials called it a separatist attack; new photos show Chinese officers attacking other Chinese officers.. with machetes (

US: Russia cannot stop NATO expansion (

Venezuela and China Sign a New Oil Deal (


What's In The Bailout Deal (

Bailout does NOT pass vote. 206 Yea - 227 Nay. Dow tumbles. (

U.S. economy meltdown happening now! [(

Dr. Paul’s House floor remarks on the bailout: "Dumping bad debt on the innocent taxpayers is an act of theft and is wrong." (

Mussolini-Style Corporatism in Action: Treasury Conference Call on Bailout Bill to Analysts (Updated) (

Study Ties Bankruptcy to Medical Bills (

Rudy Giuliani's 'crass opportunism' reflects on McCain (

Nouriel Roubini: The bailout is "a total rip-off that will mostly benefit... the common and preferred shareholders and even the unsecured creditors of the banks" (

Wachovia is gone, trading down about 90%. Nice call Cramer. (

Big Financiers Start Lobbying for Wider Aid (


The Element That Could Change the World (

BBC Investigated for not repeating what Shell and Exxon wants them to say on climate change. (

Breaking: Ecuador is the 1st Nation in the World to Give Nature Rights Via its Constitution (

Methane Begins to Erupt From Arctic Permafrost (


SpaceX did it -- their Falcon 1 rocket made it to space! (

NASA's dirty secret: Moon dust (

Vibrating a pile of salt with sound causes it to form itself into symmetrical series of shapes. I wish I knew more about the physics of sound waves. Cool stuff. (


FACE PUNCH! (Wait for it...) (

World of Goo: This is a game that constantly reinvents itself, reimagining the possibilities, evolving and throwing out surprise after surprise. (

Google's 10th birthday timeline. (

Internet Porn & You (

Monkey Smoking (

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday is Debate Time!

Hello, and welcome! Today's blog is especially reserved for Economics and Politics. Science, technology, and the environment will have to wait til next week! Be sure to follow the main headlines over at Pacified Citizen


It's on! McCain to attend debate. (

McCain Wins Debate [That Hasn't Taken Place Yet...] (

Debate Still in Limbo as Democrats Blame McCain For Interrupting Process (

Obama to McCain: "We're only talking about 90 minutes, here." (

"I didn't know I was going to be the referee for an internal GOP ideological civil war," Frank, D-Mass., said on CBS's "The Early Show." (

NPR: Debate-cancelling John McCain "hardly said a word" at bailout meeting! (Click "Listen") (

John McCain last night was accused of sabotaging the Wall Street bail-out with theatrics that reduced America's credit crisis to a showcase for his presidential leadership capabilities (

McCain Campaign: "Palin Clueless", "Debate Prep Disasterous" (

Huckabee: McCain made a "huge mistake" by even discussing canceling the presidential debate (

Liar, liar, LIAR! McCain’s Still Lying About Rick Davis And His Lobbyist Activities (

Watch Sarah Palin explain to Katie Couric how Alaska's proximity to Russia is relevant national security experience. This is beyond embarrassing. (

Palin caught in $25,000 gifting scandal. She accepted over 25k in gifts in just 20 months as Governor from lobbyists and CEOs. (

Palin to return donations from tainted politicians. Yeah. *Now* she'll give them back. Kids caught hand-in-cookie-jar are always contrite. (

Sarah Palin owes voters an explanation about charging rape victims for rape kits (

WTF: Remember when Bush could have insured millions of POOR AMERICAN CHILDREN for $35 Billion and vetoed the bill? But he RACES to give $700 BILLION TO BANKS. (

CBS News Executives "Aggravated" By Letterman's Use Of Internal News Feed: Yeah! Arrogant bastard. How dare he expose McCain's hypocrisy! (

Which Candidate Is Ready To Lead? ... During the Bailout Meeting, Obama said it was "time to hear from McCain". All McCain said was, "I support the principles that House Republicans are fighting for." (

Jon Stewart completely destroys bush - compares Iraq war speech and bailout speech side-by-side (

Gallup Daily: Race Back to a Tie at 46% Each (


WaMu becomes biggest bank to fail in US history (

JPMorgan to buy WaMu - and the market continues to fix itself (

The Banking Industry is the biggest contributor to all politicians. That is why they support the Bailout scam. Listen to Economists, not greedy Politicians! (

CBS: McCain offered last-minute new proposal with fewer regulations and more corporate tax cuts (

French banks were hit a lot less hard than those in many other countries: "generally in France you spend what you have and not more," (

Welcome back to perfect credit and 20% down for a house. Houses are for the wealthy only. (

France's top diplomat said Thursday that many European nations have decided to wait out the Bush administration (

Smoking Gun: Clinton is Responsible (

Very good video explaining how debt is created, and how it powers the US economy. Disturbing, yet informative. (

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday is seriously Sarah?

Well, Well, Well. Three holes in the ground.


Obama Will Make Debate A Townhall If McCain Doesn't Show (

McCain's debate ploy--A move so unserious, contemptible and cynical that it's hard to imagine how they even thought of it (

This is why McCain canceled the debates. Watch Sarah Palin on CBS tonight. Utter disaster. (

Couric Calls Out Palin Who Can't Offer of a Single Example Of McCain Attempting to Reform Wall Street (

Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State (

If McCain doesn't vote for the Bush admin's $700 billion economic bailout, the plan won't pass (

Congresswoman Maxine Waters: "It is an ominous coincidence that the price tag of the war in Iraq is nearly the same as the $700 billion price tag of the bailout..." (

The time has come for a final report on the 43rd president of the US -- the man who set out to reinforce unbridled American power has weakened it in all three essential dimensions (

A Frightened President Tries to Scare American Public on Bailout (

Pictures: Lego Block Prison Cells Readied In Utah -- Debate rages over blocks that can be snapped together to build prisons anywhere, at any time (

The anatomy of a smear campaign (

Massachusetts proposal to decriminalize marijuana, stirs debate (

|world news|

Thousands of people have been fleeing renewed fighting between African Union peacekeepers and Islamist insurgents in Mogadishu. (

Russia to loan Chavez $US 1 billion to buy arms (

After a 28-yr binge of drunken optimism and blind nationalism Americans are waking up with a painful hangover, facing a grim “morning in America”... (

Germany: "US will lose its superpower status in the world financial system" (


Economist: Fed Acted Like a Liquidity Drug Dealer (

How Relevant: "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." - Alexis de Tocqueville (

US govt. on the unprecedented $700bn bailout: "It's not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. "We just wanted to choose a really large number." (

10 Ways to Bail Out Wall Street (and Main Street) Without Soaking Taxpayers in Debt (

Last year 7 firms in Wall street got $33.2 billion bonus. 4 of them are out of business. (

Although Morgan Stanley is now a bank holding company, it is not yet subject to any of the activities restrictions that apply to bank holding companies (including commodities) (

Taxpayers should wake up their politicians and ask them to tell Wall Street: "We want the same deal Warren Buffett got." (

China banks told to halt lending to US banks (

Financial crisis: Does the US face a full-scale run on its currency? (


The Approaching World Oil Supply Crisis - "This is the first time a top executive of a major oil company has stated a maximum world oil-production level this low." (

An Arctic Sea "Foaming" with Methane: What Now? (

Windmills in the Sky Can Generate Up to 250 Times the Energy That They Generate on the Ground (

Solar stocks jump after Senate backs tax credits (

Virginia's first algae farm an experiment in biofuel (

Ocean Buoys to Provide 10% of US Energy Requirements (


From 12 years onward you learn differently - study (

Artificial Trees to Produce Alternative Energy (

Astronomers have discovered a bizarre celestial object that emitted 40 visible-light flashes before disappearing again (

Where to get $70 billion? One word, son: "asteroids" (

Bionics: Improved Vision Implants Rejuvenate Damaged Retinas Like Digicam Sensors For the Eye (

China Launches First Space Walk Mission (


5 Ways To Fall Asleep Quicker (

What is the Monkeysphere? (

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday is a cavity

Hello, and welcome- I have a giant gaping hole in my tooth. Fun times!!


No Candidate With More Than 50% Support in Sept. Has Lost Presidential Race Since '48. Latest ABC News/Washington Post poll: *Obama 52%* ... McCain 43% (

We are more than halfway towards Karl Rove's America, isolated by embarrassingly inept and corrupt leaders... telling bigger and more transparent untruths while daring the press to cover them as lies. (

Watch the Corporate Media Flatten, Fragment, Filter and Frame the Obama-McCain Debate...showing sound-bites and clips out of context...will be masticated and mauled (

Conspiracy theories aside, I really think Osama Bin Laden has won. USA is falling apart along with it's economy. Just as Osama told you in 2004 (

This is a terrible, terrible story for McCain, and yes, the biggest political story of the general-election campaign so far. (

CNN's Campbell Brown on Palin: "Let her have a real news conference wth real questions ... Sarah Palin has just as much a right to be a real candidate as the men do. So let her act like one." (

Votes are being stolen, now, by hundreds of thousands--and the Democrats aren't doing anything about it (

Emergency? White House admits to planning bailout for MONTHS. Updated. (

Study: Liberals fear emptiness; conservatives fear chaos (

|world news|

The wreckage of a suspected US spy plane has been found near the Afghan border by the Pakistani army, but it has denied claims it was shot down (

N Korea nuclear seals 'removed' (

Global corruption index: Somalia most, Denmark least corrupt country (

Putin Gives Up on Bush: Russia is intent on mending ties with the U.S. once President George W. Bush leaves the office on Jan. 20 (

The end of the Mediterranean diet: 'If we continue like this, we’re going to become like Americans, and no one wants that.' (


Freddie Mac paid McCain aide's firm (

Banking crisis: Warren Buffett sees US bailout as a golden opportunity (

FBI Launches Investigation into Lehman Brothers, and other Crunch-hit Firms (

Lehman Salaries in: The Downfall of the Investment Banking Model (

The Shadow Banking System is Unravelling (

The Idiocy of Wall Street: Applauding Its Own Demise (

When Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs, the average pay of its 22,425 staff was $521,000 (


World's First Wave Power Plant Opens In Europe (

Polar bears resort to cannibalism as Arctic ice shrinks (

Al Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants (

If you drink 2 cups of coffee a day, there are 18 coffee trees out there solely for you (

Top 5 Green Technologies Still Missing from the USA (

190 Million Tires Thrown Away Each Year: Where’s The Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC)? (


The patent system is stifling advances in science (

The LHC will be shut off until spring 2009 while engineers probe a magnet failure. (

45 million year-old yeast trapped in amber now produces BEER. (

China will build the highly controversial Emdrive engine by the end of this year, success would revolutionize space and earth based transportation (

Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space (

Want your kids to understand particle physics better than you? (

US astronomers discover inter-planetary collision 300 light-years away (

US Homeland Security FAST Becoming Thought Police (


This is a McDonalds Hamburger from 1996 (

Man decorates his entire basement with one $10 sharpie (w 360 degree photo) (

Top 10 things that are surprisingly good for you (

The Ultimate Library with the Artifacts of Geek History (

10 Books that will Substitute A Computer Science Degree (

10 of the Worst Skateboard Crashes Caught on Tape (