Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday is preparing for Presidential debate #2

Hello, and welcome. The week has rolled out at a medium pace so far, Olbermann tore Palin a new one last night and the DOW has been under 10K since yesterday. In other news . . .


Tonight's debate is in McCain's favorite style (hosted.ap.org)

Barack Obama has risen to his highest-ever level in both our electoral college and popular vote projections (fivethirtyeight.com)

Olbermann's special comment on Palin (msnbc.msn.com)

The entire Keating Economics documentary (created and endorsed by the Obama Campaign) is finally available for download. Please spread the news. Obama is finally fighting. (keatingeconomics.com)

Krugman: I agree: the McCain plan would do for health care what deregulation has done for banking. And I’m terrified. (nytimes.com)

McCain: Party Boy (creatingprogress.blogspot.com)

Soon, the 43-year-old naval attache and his 25-year-old sweetheart were engaged. There was only one complication: McCain was still married. (washingtonpost.com)

The Make Believe Maverick: A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty (rollingstone.com)

Al Franken exposes O'Reilly altering Bidin interview vid to slander him (youtube.com)

Sarah Palin's Almost Creepy Ambition Should Worry McCain (alternet.org)

I am a 42 year old ex-Republican. I have decided this year that I can no longer sit on my ass. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee being taken to tears. (dailykos.com)

Secret Bush Administration Plan to Suspend US Constitution (globalresearch.ca)

|world news|

Iceland. Sept 5/08 : UN's Best Country to Live '07. Oct 5/08: Food hoarding begins, Currency rated just above Zimbabwe (guardian.co.uk)

Iceland gets a 4billion euro loan from Russia. (reuters.com)

One of the oldest known bibles to be digitised and translated for all - significant departures from modern texts. (news.bbc.co.uk)

Two French scientists who discovered the AIDS virus and a German who found the virus that causes cervical cancer were awarded the 2008 Nobel prize for medicine or physiology (news.yahoo.com)

U.S. Security Firm Indicted for Fraud in Afghanistan (alternet.org)

(Russia) "You won't buy our version of the war in Georgia? Fine, we won't buy your version of 9/11." (weeklystandard.com)

Iran says it forced down Western plane. U.S. denies initial Iranian reports that aircraft was American (msnbc.msn.com)

China abruptly cancelled military agreements with U.S. in protest to US-Taiwan arms deal (telegraph.co.uk)


Dow Dives 785 Points (thestreet.com)

1929 crisis verses 2008 crisis [pic] (aztlan.net)

Fed to buy massive amounts of short-term debts (hosted.ap.org)

60 Minutes: Wall Street's Shadow Market (youtube.com)

As leverage vanishes, so does speculation: Commodities headed for biggest annual decline since 2001 (bloomberg.com)

Financial Dictatorship Comes to America (lewrockwell.com)

The Federal Reserve act was unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous from its first moment of existence -- and remains exactly that today. (populistamerica.com)

The depression of 1929 is the wrong model for the current economic crisis: Try the Panic of 1873 (chronicle.com)

The Wall Street 'Bailout' is a Ponzi "Pyramid Scheme" Designed to Give the Banksters Who Created the Bad Debt All Their Money Back! (newworldrhinos.blogspot.com)

Failure This Big Wasn't Born Yesterday - Michele Singletary - read, "Wall Street Versus America: A Muckraking Look at the Thieves, Fakers, and Charlatans Who Are Ripping You Off" (washingtonpost.com)


How Local Governments Are Standing in the Way of Clean Energy: Too often, people who want to install clean, efficient solar and wind systems can find themselves drowning in a sea of red tape (alternet.org)

Global warming in pictures - Seeing may lead to believing. (cnn.com)

Scientists have come up with a method for creating extremely thin solar cells that can be combined in flexible arrays. (nytimes.com)

Researchers at Clemson University have created a biodegradable faux-plastic bottle. It's made from sugar and fiber. (greendaily.com)

Ancient Peru pyramid spotted by satellite: 9,000-square-mile structure?! (msnbc.msn.com)

New California Law Protects Farms Against Genetic Engineering Threats: Monsanto's intimidation tactics no longer legal (organicconsumers.org)

Of the 5,487 mammals on Earth 1,141 are known to be facing extinction. (telegraph.co.uk)

It's time to build the green-collar economy (gristmill.grist.org)


Asteroid to streak across southern Europe and explode in a 1-kiloton blast over the Sudan on Oct. 7th (activeboard.com)

Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake (ecoworldly.com)

From 2010 to 2015, the U.S. will have no human space flight capacity of its own, and will rely on Russia to carry its astronauts to space (nytimes.com)

A Saw that cuts through anything, but not your finger (launchwire.org)

'Deepest ever' living fish filmed. (news.bbc.co.uk)

Solar cell startup gets $1.2 billion dollars in orders. Their product looks more like a compact fluorescent lamp than a panel. (blog.wired.com)

Astronomers find a planet denser than lead (blogs.discovermagazine.com)

Nobels for spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum field theory: Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, and Toshihide Maskawa (nobelprize.org)

Are There Not Enough Journals For All The Good Science Being Published? (scientificblogging.com)


Youtube took down the SNL VP debate. Here it is. (rightpundits.com)

Ever feel like the world is slowly becoming Orwellian, but there are too many stupid people to alter society's course, so we get dragged along as well? (zeitgeistmovie.com)

MY PUSSY'S SO HOT [gif] (i35.tinypic.com)

Pink Floyd - "Interstellar Overdrive" [live '66], Pt. 1 (youtube.com)

Awesome: Useable Wireless Earbuds (cordless-phones.uk.com)

100 skills every man (or woman) should know (with videos!) from Popular Mechanics (popularmechanics.com)

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