Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday before the lake

Hello, This post will be the last for awhile- I'm headed up to the mountains lakes and rivers :)


Iran test fires long and medium range missiles (

Iraq insists on withdrawal timetable for US troops (

Europe! It happened! (

Judge Walker ruled, effectively, that President George W. Bush is a felon. (

Bush Quietly Declared a National State of Emergency on June 26, 2008 (

The FISA Cavein Is Congress’ Shame (

61 year old Librarian carrying McCain=Bush sign kicked out of McCain Event (

Anti-Terrorism Exercises in China (

White House in climate change cover up "This cover-up is being directed from the White House and the office of the vice president," (

AT&T Whistleblower: “Congress is intervening ... to ... protect the President ... It was all a secret deal, a conspiracy against the American people” (

Almost 35 years ago, a U.S. President was forced to resign due to lawbreaking and surveillance abuses. This week, the U.S. Congress will act to cover-up and protect far worse lawbreaking. (

Brainwashing: How the CIA Sought Control of the Mind (

Landmark Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative in Massachusetts (


A Green Let-Down at the G-8 Summit (

The G8 are responsible for 62 percent of the carbon dioxide accumulated in the Earth's atmosphere, which makes them the main culprit of climate change and the biggest part of the problem (

Over the last two weeks, climate change has graduated officially from an environmental to a full-fledged national security issue (

Pennsylvania does it ! Is First State to Pass Greenhouse Gas Emissions Legislation (

"Revenge of the Electric Car," coming to a theater near you (

Utilizing only 1% of the earth's deserts to produce clean solar electric energy would provide more electricity than is currently being produced on the entire planet by fossil fuels (

Ex-EPA Official: White House Lied To Hide Cheney’s Role In Eviscerating Global Warming Testimony (

Homes that produce their own energy: Producing your own power is no longer just about going green: rising energy prices mean you could quickly turn a profit, too (

Harvesting power from raindrops (

Green Driving Tips: Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly With Your Car This Summer (

Whale-Inspired Wind Turbines (

Beyond petroleum, coal, nuclear and alternative energy, there's another, untapped resource: efficiency. (


Landscapes of Mars (

America Losing the New Space Race (

Monsanto has to Accept Full Responsibility for Genetic Contamination (

The Urge to End It - Understanding Suicide (

Ayahuasca: powerful Amazonian hallucinagen may permanently cure depression? (

Simple Life Form May Have Existed 700 Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought (

Sonar enters the third dimension (

George Monbiot: Trawlermen cling on as oceans empty - and the ecosystem is gasping (

Scientists say we should eat more insects. Are we the weirdos for not eating bugs? (

The Color of the Sun: Revelation (

Super atoms turn the periodic table upside down (

For 8 years, even the highly corrupt FDA refused to certify aspartame as safe because it produced seizures and brain tumors in lab animals. Then Ronald Reagan became president (

Women get PMS but men get Irritable Male Syndrome (


Is It Possible to Escape The Consumerist Mindset? (

World stocks at 21-month low as banks plunge (

When the going gets tough, economists go very quiet (

Long-term unemployment in the US climbs 37 percent in one year (

Why Don't We Know Why Oil Prices Are So High? (

Where's All the World's Food? “It’s the worst crisis of its kind in more than 30 years.” (

Recession is not the worst possible outcome (


The Internet Year In 10 Images (

42 Extremely Useful FireFox Addons (

Theo Jansen - The Kinetic Sculptor (

Artist Joshua Allen Harris Turns Garbage Bags Into World's Greatest Balloon Animals (

Albino Humans and Beasts (

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday after Independance weekend

Hello, and welcome back from freedom. It was full of family, friends, grillin, and booze. What else could an american possibly want?


Censoring Iraq: This week US forces censored an award winning photojournalist, Zoriah– continuing the efforts to make certain we do not see the real results of our actions in Iraq. (

The man who broke the My Lai and Abu Ghraib stories says we're closer to war with Iran than anyone knows. (

Millions of Americans are embarrassingly ill-informed and they do not care that they are. (

US 'Has Nuclear Hit List' (

The July 4th Lie (

We have arrived at a time when Americans are rejecting the contents of the Declaration of Independence, and want to return to the Old World ways, where the few elite rule the many. (

Judge Rejects Bush’s View on Wiretaps (

YouTube ordered to hand over to Viacom a complete log of all users’ activities, which will include a list of usernames, IP addresses, and videos that each account has viewed in the past. (


Banks are Suffering from their Own Stupidity (

America's Great Depression By Murray N. Rothbard (

Deepening Cycle of Job Loss Seen Lasting Into ’09 (

Starbucks To Close 600 Stores, Halves 2009 Expansion Plans (


The Father of Cognitive Neuroscience Discusses Status, Free Will, and The Human Condition (

DNA made from nonnatural (artificial) bases. Can create stable double and triple strands. Can be used for molecular computers, memory and genetic engineering (

Big Pharma Is in a Frenzy to Bring Cannabis-Based Medicines to Market (

Scientists find that the body's own Cannabis is good for the skin (

New study of a binary-pulsar star system further corroborates Einstein's general theory of relativity (

How Prozac sent the science of depression in the wrong direction (

Humor Shown To Be Fundamental To Our Success As A Species (

New Contact Lenses can now display information right in your eye (

'Until recently we have barely admitted that physics existed as a school subject - physics, chemistry and biology have not been allowed to be mentioned in official documentation.' (

Light, electricity, and magnetism are manifestations of the same thing called electromagnetic radiation (

New Mercury Images Show Volcanoes, Magnetic Field (

Pandemic! 10 of the Deadliest Diseases - The Black Plague, Third Pandemic and Spanish Flu wiped out hundreds of millions; they have nothing on today's worst diseases (


28 Billion Bottles of Water (

Garbage In, Megawatts Out: Ottawa will build the first gasification facility in North America to make energy from waste. (

U.S. Lifts Moratorium on New Solar Projects (

Like the tobacco lobbyists who spent years denying the links between smoking and cancer, global warming denialists don't have to win the debate – they simply have to confuse the public (

Forests Forever (

The next Prius will be partially solar-powered (


Websperiment! 10 Audacious Experimental and Interactive Websites (

WhyAmericaIsFucked.jpg (

What Scientology Paid $8 Million To Hide (

Man on the Moon, Future and Past (

12 Ways To Beat Depression (

Today is the day (

When you go batshit crazy, you draw amazing things like this. (

The reason why our products continually become less durable, and more frequently replaced. (