Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday is unforgivable

Can you believe what Hillary just said?!

Video and Transcript: Keith Olbermann's 'Special Comment' about Hillary Clinton invoking Bobby Kennedy's assassination [politics] (

Hillary Clinton: I’m Staying In The Race Because Barack Might Die Like RFK [politics] (

House Overrides Bush's Veto of $307B Farm Bill [politics] (

Congress forgets to read farm bill, sends Bush the wrong copy, he vetoes it, they override the veto, now the bill may be unconstitutional, hilarity ensues [politics] (

FBI files indict Bush, Cheney and Co. as war criminals [politics] (

In 2000, McCain admitted he’d be too old to run in 2008 [politics] (

The Israeli government may not like it, but most of the Israeli public wants a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict through diplomacy. If our allies can talk to their enemies, why can't we? [worldnews] (

A vote for McCain is a vote against Roe v. Wade - and some Hillary supporters will do it anyway [politics] (

The price of oil was only $25 a barrel when the war began in September of 2003. Yesterday, it hit $130 a barrel. And the war itself is expected to cost the nation $1 trillion or more [politics] (

Mark Mckinnon, one of the best in the business when it comes to persuading voters through ads and crafting a campaign vision, won't work for McCain against Obama. [politics] (

What Free Trade Really Means [Economics] (

Gold, silver, platinum, crude oil rally. As for the U.S. dollar, "prospects on the whole remain bleak" [business] (

Thinking the Unthinkable: The end of oil [environment] (

The USDA stopped tracking pesticide use yesterday. Scientists, farmers, environmentalists and even chemical companies opposed the move. (

Heart Doctors: No Question Tasers Cause Lethal Heart Attacks [politics] (

By 75-22, Senate overwhelmingly passes Jim Webb's GI Bill. McCain didn't vote, but has said for weeks he opposed it. Bush opposes it too and promises to veto it. [politics] (

Ron Paul on H Res 1194: "I have noticed that this legislation reads eerily similar to a key clause in the 2002 Iraq war bill, H J Res 114, which authorized the use of force." [politics] (

Court ruling : Texas wrongly seized sect children (

Just how dumb do they think we are? March’s raw data showed consumer prices up 10%... When the Labor Department’s goons finished with it, they reported an increase of only 3.6% [business] (

World’s largest uranium producer has told Canadian regulators that its refinery might have leaked radioactive and toxic materials such as uranium, arsenic and fluorides into Lake Ontario. [worldnews] (

Clinton DNC operatives strip FL of all 210 delegates [UPDATED 2X] [politics] (

Could an Acid Trip Cure Your OCD? [science] (

The key to life on Earth as we know it, scientists figure, is plate tectonics [science] (

Could "Food Shortages" be hoaxed to usher in an era of Genetical Modified Food? [science] (

A food pyramid that’s actually based on the latest and best science. (

Solar Powered, Zero Emission Airplane To Launch Later This Year [technology] (

150 Things You May Not Know About The Human World [offbeat] (

Wall Street's Racket Has Gone Too Far, and We're Going to Pay the Heavy Price [business] (

Gold particles may have resurrected a highly effective HIV drug, without the side effects [science] (

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter : The US Government has Videotapes of Boys Being Sodomized at Abu Ghraib Prison [worldnews] (

Can YOU balance the US budget? [Economics] (

20 Common Cooking Ingredients that Can Be Used As Medicines [science] (

Album cover wars [videos] (

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday is Obama

Well, its been done. The Delegate count has reached a point where we can all let out a deep sigh. Finally, out democratic nominee is Barack Obama.

Obama's in the fast lane [cartoon] [politics] (

McCain's chief media strategist steps down; "“I just don’t want to work against an Obama candidacy.” (

Does anyone else think that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have destroyed everything we liked about them during the 90s? [politics] (

Obama: "We have won an absolute majority of all the delegates chosen by the people in this Democratic primary process." [politics] (

It looks like there may be a war brewing between NBC and Fox News Corp with O'Reilly and Olbermann on the front lines [politics] (

Bush, Unused To Tough Questions, Pushed Back Against NBC [politics] (

As US Threatens Iran Over Enriching Uranium, Bush Promises to Give Enriched Uranium to Saudi Arabia [politics] (

China's All-Seeing Eye: With the help of U.S. defense contractors, China is building the prototype for a high-tech police state. It is ready for export. [business] (

LIberty Electric Cars will convert "tens of thousands" of luxury cars and SUVs [environment] (

Simple, Low-cost Carbon Filter Removes 90 Percent Of Carbon Dioxide From Smokestack Gases [science] (

Twenty years ago, most archaeologists would simply have laughed at the idea of Ice Age mariners colonizing the globe. Not anymore. [science] (

Two Huge Obama Endorsements: Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter. Both have pledged to support whoever wins a majority of pledged delegates, which Obama has now done. [politics] (

It baffles me that Bush would rather go to Saudi Arabia twice in four months and beg the Saudi king for an oil price break than ask the American people to break our “addiction to oil.” [politics] (

Clinton's campaign debt has now soared to nearly $31 million... added another $9.5 million in unpaid bills to venders this past month alone... about a 50% debt increase in one month. [politics] (

First-ever government review shows fluoride may be toxic to the thyroid gland causing fatigue, weight gain, fuzzy thinking, depression, body pain, and more. (Is this why Americans are fat?) [science] (

Bush agrees to give Saudi Arabia nuclear fuel for a little bit of oil [politics] (

Sick people are allowed to die in agony because hospitals and doctors are afraid that they will become drug addicts if they are given enough medication to control their pain. [science] (

Obama is subtly sending out signals that he is going to reform media by emphasizing a more diverse ownership structure. [business] (

Isn't it kind of odd for a culture that trumpets its 'family values' to treat its children like cattle, fattening them up on corn and soy by-products? [business] (

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States of using the September 11, 2001 attacks as a "pretext" to launch invasions and cast doubt on the accepted version of the terror strikes. [worldnews] (

Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby [science] (

Spying on Americans Without Warrants, Charges Based On Secret Evidence, A Small Town Divided By Fear. Welcome To The World Of Bush's "Specially Designated Global Terrorists." [politics] (

President Without Shame:- George Bush's suggestion of a moral equivalence between appeasing Nazi Germany and negotiating with Palestinians is an outrage [politics] (

It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need. [politics] (

This is World's First Car that is Powered by ... Air (The Price is 17,800 USD) [technology] (

Short, but powerful. Perhaps the most inspiring speech a college student has ever made. "Fear is the greatest impediment to peace." Prepare to be speechless. [politics] (

Top ten space conspiracy theories [geek] (

America’s march towards fascism: and some helpful hints on how to protect yourself from the United States government [politics] (

World's Largest Tidal Turbine: First Pictures! [technology] (

How about a glowing light source that lasts for 15 years instead of the typical 15 minutes? [technology] (

Wonderful smackdown by female Saudi news anchor [video] (

Ethanol Vehicle Fuel: Handle With Care! [environment] (

The 10 Craziest How-To Books You Never Knew Existed [offbeat] (

Get Ready to Rethink What It Means to Be Green [science] (

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday for a start

Up and early today, folks. Here's some blogcereal

Olberman Lets Loose an epic smackdown on Bush [Video] [politics] (

Obama : "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," (

McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare [politics] (

Obama ignites crowd of 75,000 people in Portland: largest turnout yet. [politics] (

Chris Matthews completely destroys a right-wing talk show host (hilarious) [politics] (

Chart of who "owns" the Federal Reserve [business] (

China Perfecting Police State - Naomi Klein [worldnews] (

Rumsfeld On Tape: Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-Con Agenda (

Evidence that Bush lied about giving up golf [politics] (

Bush Compares Obama To Nazi Appeasers [politics] (

Defense Secretary Robert Gates proposed talking with Iran the very same day Bush attacked Obama for suggesting the exact same thing. [politics] (

First President In History To Veto Benefits For Vets (

The U.S. Government Database and Tracking System for Eight Million Americans Who Have Been Designated as Threats to National Security (

Of the world's 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries. [politics] (

Highest birth rate in Europe + highest divorce rate + highest percentage of women working outside the home = the best country in the world in which to live. (

15 Biotech Breakthroughs That Will Eventually Affect Your Life [science] (

The Presidency of Al Gore, 2001-2009 [politics] (

Government economic data wildly at odds with reality~The inflation tax is the great thief of the middle class. [Economics] (

Lori Drew Indicted On Federal Charges For Her MySpace "Joke" That Lead To A 13 Year Old Committing Suicide [technology] (

Bisphenol A Controversy - A Deadly Illusion? [science] (

The Orgasmic Mind: The Neurological Roots of Sexual Pleasure (

Heinz is breeding sweeter tomatoes to protect against the rising cost of corn syrup [science] (

Bush's Grandfather arranged loans for Hitler and profited from concentration camp slave labor! [politics] (

Ron Paul publicly names Neocons [politics] (

18 Of The Most Insane Journeys In Recent History [offbeat] (

The war is going to end because it is politically unsustainable. Want Proof? Yesterday, about 100 House Republicans refused to vote for more war funding. [worldnews] (

Wildlife populations 'plummeting': Between a quarter and a third of the world's wildlife has been lost since 1970. [science] (

"Environmentalists" opposing off-shore MA windfarm turns out to be front for oil/coal/mineral companies [politics] (

Q: Do we eat much corn in the United States? A: Holy fuck yes (

It Isn't Morning in America Anymore -- It's Dusk on Planet Earth [environment] (

How Pot Became Demonized: the Fine Line Between Good Medicine and 'Dangerous Drugs' [politics] (

My experiment with smart drugs [science] (

The best argument I've seen for stem cell research. [video] [science] (

Billionaire Boone Pickens said today he's buying 667 wind turbines from General Electric to start what he expects will be the world's largest wind energy project in the Texas Panhandle. [business] (

California Supreme Court OVERTURNS gay marriage ban (

Japan, a country where recycling is practically a civic duty and saving energy – a national obsession [environment] (

Why guitar players spend half their time tuning and the other half playing out of tune: a rough overview of the physics of guitar tuning [Music] (

15 Infamous Top Secret Bases & Compounds From Around The World [offbeat] (

Anyone seen Bob? (Video) [videos] (

Free camera crew: band makes video performing in front of 80 of London's 13 million CCTV cameras, then requesting the footage via the Data Protection Act. [videos] (