Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday is off the table

. . . .Because It Might Force Her To Admit Congress’ Complicity In Allowing The Torture Techniques Used On Prisoners In Guantanamo Bay . . . .


Rep. Dennis Kucinich calls for 1,000,000 signatures by September 10, 2008 to increase the pressure to impeach President Bush (

The Enabling Act of 1933 (Nazi Germany) compared to The Patriot Act of 2001 (United States) (

Pelosi Took Impeachment Off The Table Because It Might Force Her To Admit Congress’ Complicity In Allowing The Torture Techniques Used On Prisoners In Guantanamo Bay (


Keith Olbermann and guest tear apart the Bush DoJ's claim that the anthrax mailings were the work of one "mad scientist" acting alone (

Yes, She Can: Hillary Clinton feels no guilt about encouraging her supporters to mess up Barack Obama’s big moment, thus undermining his odds of beating John McCain. (

As John McCain runs an increasingly negative, sarcastic campaign, some prominent Republicans are deciding that it would be better for the country if Barack Obama were the next President. (

Cindy Sheehan Makes It On Ballot To Oppose Nancy Pelosi (

Does anyone find it ironic that Pakistan can get it together to hold their corrupt President, who fires top judicial officials for personal & partisan gain, accountable with impeachment, but we can't? (

Ignoring forged war documents is a dangerous precedent (

How Is John McCain's Affair Different from John Edwards'? (

KBR/Haliburton worker raped, locked in shipping container for days to prevent her from reporting the attack (


Temperatures Hit 80 Degrees in the Arctic: 2008 May See a Record Sea-Ice Melt After All (

The Alarm is going off real loud on Climate Change - Is Anyone Listening? (

Bush Changes Rules: Political Appointees, Not Scientists, Now Decide Species Protection Status (

U.S. Takes the Lead in Wind Energy Generation [environment] (

A 3000-year-old Practice May Revolutionize the Future of Farming (

IKEA to Invest $77 Million in Clean Tech, Could Result in Solar Sales in Stores (

Devastating declines of amphibian species around the world mean that we're in a "mass extinction spasm" (

The Environmental & Health Benefits of Hemp (

Solar Antennas Could Eventually Replace Solar Panels (


5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode (

Surpassing Nature, Scientists Bend Light Backward (

The Pill may put you off smell of your man and ruin your relationship (

What is energy and how it works (

Sorting Out Coffee’s Contradictions (

Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World (

Why real and imagined disgust have the same effect (

Learning how to cook food stimulated a big leap in human cognition some 150,000 years ago (

Optimism in Evolution (

Startup Has E. Coli Pooping Black Gold...Fossil Fuel From Bacteria. (


Productivity increases since the 1970s indicate that average U.S. wages should be around $58,000/year. They are $36,000/year currently, with corporations pocketing the difference. (

What Recent Market Movements Teach Us About Financial Markets (

Guess Who's Buying The US Dollar (

Women, Repeat This: Don’t Ask, Don’t Get (

The Great Gold Robbery of 1933 (

Our Economic Past - Construction Boom and Bust Between the World Wars (


A good view on what makes Phelps so special (

Visualisation of traffic driven by various social news sites (

The Robot's Rebellion (

Wikipedia List of cognitive biases (

This is insane (

Bush looking very enthusiastic at the Parade of Nations (

George W. Bush at Olympics (

2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (