Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunny Saturday Blogging

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Barack Obama puts up a Thank you, Hillary classy! (

Hillary's homepage: "SUPPORT SENATOR OBAMA TODAY..." (

International Reaction Favorable to Obama Nomination (

US quits Human Rights Council (

At $4/Gallon, Everybody Gets Rational (

A Closer Look at the Rising Unemployment Rate (

After winning the nomination on Tuesday, you'd think Obama might celebrate on Wednesday. Instead, he rushes to the Senate and submits a kick-ass bill on open government (


In Spain, Water Is a New Battleground - Spurred on by global warming and poorly planned development, swaths of Spain are turning into desert. (

Quantum Mechanics for Dummies - BBC documentary explaining the arguments from the 1920's until now as to whether electrons are particles, waves or both. (


Gravitational lenses - nature's own kaleidescope. (

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday is your last day

A shoutout to my babe who's coming home after a semester in Europe tomorrow. Have a safe trip and my heart is with you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday is Obama for real

It's clearly defined. Hill is OUT!


America, This is our Moment. This is our Time. (

World welcomes Obama win (

"Hillary Clinton, who delivered the most abrasive, self-absorbed, selfish, delusional, emasculating and extortionate political speech I've heard in a long time" (

Sad: Bush congratulates Obama on securing the nomination before Hillary does. (

Obamaville vs. McCainland: What the Future Economy Will Look Like (

”I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.” - John McCain (

Should we really be surprised? Clinton does not concede (


10 Quick Fuel Efficiency Tips to Beat the Gas Crunch (

Eating insects could help the world's problems. Insects are the equal of shellfish in providing high-quality protein and are an excellent source of nutrients such as iron, calcium and vitamin B. (

Footprints left in volcanic ash that fell in central Mexico’s Valsequillo Basin about 40,000 years ago are evidence that humans have inhabited the Americas far longer than previously confirmed. (

One of the most important experiments in evolution... The bacteria in those flasks has been evolving since 1988--for over 44,000 generations. (

A team of scientists have developed a highly-engineered metamaterial capable of absorbing all of the light that strikes it (

Top 10 scientists killed or injured by their experiments (

The 20 greatest slow-motion videos ever (

The good news in our DNA: Defects you can fix with vitamins and minerals (

Map to the Milky Way -- Top View [Big Pic] (

Daily Show on Hillary's strategy: "if we act deranged enough, maybe they'll just give us the country" (

Russia will join WTO soon. Saudis give Russia WTO green light (

“The public is clueless. S. 1858 imposes a federal agenda of DNA databanking and population-wide genetic research,” (

Coathanger Abortions: There are few physicians today who can relate to the “bad old days” before Roe v. Wade. But I can. (


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday is literal sarcasm

Some new section labels have been added. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate.


Obama pushes to claim nomination tonight, Clinton campaign experiencing death rattles (

‘Relief’ nears for uncommitted superdelegates

And the winner of the election is ... the Israel lobby - which maintains a virtual stranglehold over US politics

The truth is, America doesn't have any countries that are real enemies, except for the ones it has made for itself in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US has secretly been imprisoning people at sea

Don't look now, but the U.S.-backed government and army may be winning the war

Scalia, a life-long crusade against the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution

Poll: 67% Of Americans Want To Meet With Enemies, Including Nearly Half Of Republicans


Solar Energy made easy -the barriers are only political and they can easily be removed (

GE sees solar becoming $1 bln business (

Climate Security Act (

The good news in our DNA: Defects you can fix with vitamins and minerals (

67% Loss -- How inefficient we are. (

Superior microfiber cloths, which clean mechanically rather than chemically, have never caught on in the US because consumers are idiots (

What happens when man-made noise intrudes on the natural symphony? it interferes with a segment of the spectrum already in use, and suddenly some animal can't make itself heard. (

Put a Little Science in Your Life (

BBC Documentary: A War on Science (

NASA Scientists Make Magnetic Fields Visible, Beautiful. Be Sure To Watch The Video (

New "Superlattice Structure" Lithium Battery To Boost Electric Car Range (

'Sarcasm' brain areas discovered. I'm absolutely fascinated.(

A balloon took a steel cryostat 40,000 meters up, froze samples of air with liquid neon (-246C/-411F) under sterile conditions, and brought back samples of (mostly extraterrestial) dust [pics](

More than 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year. (

Basic Physics Savvy Quiz (


Indonesia and Malaysia have long denied that their tropical forests are being burned to make way for lucrative palm oil plantations. It seems they've been lying through their teeth.

New World Order Map (

State Supreme Court rules law enforcement officers may draw blood as evidence without consent or search warrant (

RFID on Printed Circuit Boards: An adhesive label with integrated RFID TAG will be attached to the PCB. Non-destructive removal of these labels will not be possible. (

Now there is a sniper drone... This is getting scary. (


Crazy Super Mario World hack synced with background music (

Lots of sheet music for download (Classical, Jazz, Pop, Computer game and film soundtracks, fakebooks). (

Bikini-Clad Women Make Men Impatient (