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White House 'buried British intelligence on Iraq WMDs' (

Why Misgovernment Was No Accident in George W. Bush's Washington (

Now, Pelosi, After this Smoking Gun, Will You Call for Impeachment? (

Washington Post raises serious McCain fundraising questions (

Obama Hits McCain MUCH HARDER..."McCain’s energy plan reads like an early Christmas list for oil and gas lobbyists. And it’s no wonder – many of his top advisors are former oil and gas lobbyists." (

"Women serving in the U.S. military today are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq. (

America now has officially joined the ranks of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia by enacting its first-ever "exit tax." (

The State's Plan to Censor the Internet.....Beware of the the coming iPatriot Act ready to be enacted by the cretinous congress after there is an i911 (

Tenet: "“The most startling revelation from this intelligence success story was that the anthrax program had been developed in parallel to 9/11 planning." (

Harry Sargeant III, former naval officer and owner of oil-trading co. that recently inked defense contracts worth more than $1 billion, is archetype McCain bundler. (

Secret EU security draft calls for Europe-wide police access to personal info, video- and unmanned aerial surveillance drones, giving all data to US government (

Musharraf 'to face impeachment' (

"Dress rehearsal" nuclear attack drill being run in SF on August 16th. 7/7 had a training exercise the same day, 9/11 had a training exercise the same day. Thoughts ? (


Ridiculous: U.S. Olympic Cyclists had to apologize for wearing smog masks (

Found: The hottest water on Earth. And it is in a state that has never before been seen in nature. (

Eating Meat Is Worse Than Driving a Truck ... for the Climate (

Brazil On The Brink Of Civil War as rice farmers try to steal Indian reservation. Sad. Happening again. Kill the Indians. Steal their land. Give it to farmers who cut down all the trees. (

Not So Easy Bringing Green Products To Market (

triclosan, which is found in a lot of antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste products, can react with chlorine in the tap water. Guess what you get? (This is the horrifying part.) Chloroform (

The first study outside China that has examined goji berry consumption (


The debate about what counts as a living thing is fuelled today by the discovery of the first virus that is able to fall "ill" by being infected with another virus. (

US scientists have discovered people who can "hear" what they see. (

Broccoli may undo diabetes damage (

“I’m ashamed to say that there were folks even in the medical department who said, Over my dead body will American civilians see this,” (

5 Tips To Filling The Hole Inside: Whether we are in a relationship or single many of us feel that we have an emptiness inside that, something outside of ourselves has the incredible power to fill up. (

Instead of people being super creative when they're young and getting less so with age, Galenson says that artists fall into two general categories: Old Masters and Young Geniuses. (

Bored? Don't shrug it off. It's central to learning and creativity. (


The falling price of oil explained (

It's a Small World After All: A look into the small business enviornment in the U.S. (

Freddie Mac Posts Fourth Straight Loss, Cuts Dividend (

10 ways insurance companies will screw you (

Fannie, Freddie Reality Check: The Big Bailout Is Coming (

Women, Repeat This: Don’t Ask, Don’t Get (


Fiscal Conservative (

Lightning slowed waaaaaaaaay down (

The Robot's Rebellion (

Sorting Out Coffee’s Contradictions (

The 15 Best Hangover Cures From Around The World (

Visualisation of traffic driven by various social news sites (

How-To: Stop the RIAA/MPAA from sniffing your bittorrent traffic (

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Bush committed an impeachable offense by ordering the CIA to manufacture a false pretense for the Iraq war in the form of a backdated, handwritten document linking Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda (
related article at

Keith Olbermann covers the Anthrax anomalies (

McCain is no longer telling the hard truth, or even half-truths. Instead, he’s opted out of truth altogether. (

Former FBI Official: After 9/11, White House Told FBI To Blame Anthrax Attacks On Al Qaeda (

America seems to be following the familiar path of history where republics slide into empire and eventually a fascist dictatorship. Too bad that freedom is most appreciated in its absence. (

In Sep, 2006, Congress passed a provision in a 591-page bill that makes it easy for Bush to impose martial law in response to a terrorist "incident" (

After rape victim used cell phone to call for help, KBR bans use of personal phones in Iraq.» (

Obama Calls McCain's Bluff on Drilling (


Governors Stand in Way of Offshore Drilling, Even if Congress Approves (

If We Drill in the U.S., We Don't Get the Oil (

Mars secret is not life. It's Perchlorate. (

Lost world frozen 14m years ago found in Antarctica (

Fish Sex Being Changed by Global Warming (

An unpublished UK military report shows that submarines can trigger fatal behavioural changes in whales (


Scientists will meet today to debate the latest techniques for creating artificial life - and in the process, hope to solve one of the key riddles of evolution. (

How patent gridlock is blocking the development of lifesaving drugs. (

New Microscope Ditches The Lenses. Cheap And Small Enough To Fit In A Cell Phone. (

14 Ways To Save On Drugs Big Pharma Doesn't Want You To Know (

"Drug disasters are literally built into the current system of drug testing and approvals in the United States," (

Antarctica Fossils Paint Picture of Much Warmer Continent (

Beets - The New Spinach (

Why a spider suspended by a thread does not rotate (

HPV Vaccine Could Come With Bad Side Effects (

Over the last decade, childhood obesity has grown into an epidemic, reflected in soaring rates of type 2 diabetes and recommendations that pediatricians check toddlers for elevated cholesterol (

Aug. 5, 1962: First Quasar Discovered (


Falling oil prices: The downside (

The oil price is dropping. Reasons not to cheer (

Brazil to the Rescue? (

Booming China Suddenly Worries That a Slowdown Is Taking Hold. (

On the Freddie Mac bailout: "US financial system was held hostage by China" (

The Hyperinflation Threat (

Quit subsidizing Big Oil and other big energy companies--the US spent $16.6 billion in energy subsidies in 2007 alone. (

HSBC Felt Effects of Credit Crisis Spilling Over Into Asian Market (


Nazi bunkers hidden for 50 years revealed by storm (

The massive 8ft eagle that chases tennis balls in the ultimate game of fetch (

The harder the wife works the cuter she looks (

101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site (

Geek enhancements (

Top 10 Online Mapping Tools (

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Bush Cronies, Neocons, Get Kurdish Iraq Oil Rights (

CANADA is our biggest OIL supplier, NOT SAUDI ARABIA...something's fishy here... (

Keith Olbermann is the only member of the MSM that covered the HUGE Cheney false flag op story. (

The McCain Strategy Is Vintage Karl Rove, the Media Loves It, and the Obama Camp Is Not Taking It Seriously Enough (

Corporate Media Ignores White House Planning of "False Flag" Operations to Trigger War with Iran (

One of the Reasons the Bush administration was able to fool the United States into war in Iraq was the bullshit Anthrax-Iraq Association. John McCain was a key player in that lie. (

Despite the denials, Britain is complicit in America's secret detentions on an Indian Ocean island (

Sunday New York Times Editorial: "Voters cannot trust the totals reported by electronic voting machines; they are too prone to glitches and too easy to hack." (

New British government committee may police the Internet (

76% Want Bush Put On Trial At The Hague (

These policies aren't "truly alarming" -- they are illegal and unConstitutional. They are BEYOND simply alarming. (

Judging Nancy: Is Someone Finally About to Bring the Gavel Down on Cable's Most Reprehensible Talking Head? (

The Power of Nightmares:The Rise of the Politics of Fear (


Cracks appear in ice under Mars lander (

each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.30 per gallon for gas (

This map shows the acidity of precipitation across the lower 48 states of the United States (

Nissan Motor Co said on Monday it has developed an accelerator pedal that can push back on the driver's foot when it detects excess pressure and poor fuel efficiency. (

Sonar triggers adverse behavioral changes in whales (


Minding Mistakes: How the Brain Monitors Errors and Learns from Goofs (

The Latest Technology May Not Have Transformed Your Health, But It Has Changed Science (

Kids need the adventure of 'risky' play. A major study says parents harm their children's development if they protect them too much. (

A material has been created with a never-before-seen structure. It's similar to a quasicrystal, which is itself bizarre and mysterious. (

Some scientists believe that the Viking missions found life on Mars (

Giant lake found on Saturn's moon Titan (

Insects use trapped oxygen to breathe underwater (

20+ Unusual and Astounding Living Organisms (

Olympic Science 101: Physics & Physiology Behind the Games (


GM posts huge loss, Exxon posts huge profit.... Wasn't it the lobbying of gas companies that persuaded these automakers to stop the electric car production? (

China Trade Promises All Snake Oil -- China has exploited the U.S. consumer market while U.S. companies have been restricted to selling to China bulk goods such as grains, scrap, and chemicals (

Most Americans can no longer maintain their standard of living. And the core problem isn't the housing crisis or rising oil and food prices (

When this man said the world’s economy was heading for disaster, he was scorned. Now traders, economists, even Nasa, are clamouring to hear him speak (

Your Friday Bank Failure (

You think subprime was bad? It's about to get much, much worse (


Audi Snook Concept (

10 Fascinating Facts About the Ancient Olympic Games (

Don't call the cops. Ever. - It's clear that the police have become as big a menace to the average American as any officially designated "criminal" could ever be (