Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday took Forever!

Hello, and thank god were at the weekends edge. Spring is breaking and I'm goin' outside!

40% Rise in Price of Food has lead to Protests in 34 Nations and 40 Nations Now Ban Certain Exports. The Global Food Crisis is Here. [worldnews] (

Does THIS Explain the Rice Shortage? "The Chinese ... stopped exporting [rice to America] when the American dollar got too weak for them to make a profit." [worldnews] (

"Experts fear the cost of bread could soon follow the path of rice, the price of which has triggered riots in some countries and prompted countries to cut off exports." [business] (

Imagine if the media were forced to drop its fascistic fetishes with flag pins and religions and instead ask John McCain if he would torture as president [politics] (

Jon Stewart on Hillary's Declining Respect for The Voters [politics] (

Flowers for Helen wiki (

Iraqis Represent 17% to 21% of the World’s Refugees, and the People Responsible are Oblivious [worldnews] (

Bush admin needs to be reminded that Iraq is not a war -- it's a country. [politics] (

McCain has changed for the worse since 2000, because defending a lie leads to bigger lies. McCain, like Bush, is now resorting to fiction: We're in Iraq "to fight al Qaeda." [politics] (

For countless Americans, this past winter brought with it something distressing - revelations that the American dream, neatly packaged and sold for decades, has become their worst possible nightmare. [politics] (

US wardrums: Iranians are killing Americans inside Iraq; acuses Syria of Nuclear Weapons; Iraq`s Mahdi may restart full-scale fight AND Petraeus promotion an ominous sign of possible war... [worldnews] (

Understanding the Taliban [worldnews] (

We've declared that "the era of U.S.-funded major infrastructure projects is over," yet daily life in Iraq is worse than it was before the invasion. Did that era of major rebuilding ever start? [worldnews] (

U.S. contracted ship fires toward Iranian boat [worldnews] (

30 electric cars companies ready to take over the road [technology] (

Good-Bye, Cheap Oil. So Long, Suburbia? [business] (

The Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults (

India rejects US advice on Iran [worldnews] (

Exotic Quantum State Of Matter Discovered [science] (

My Parents Managed to Raise Two Kids on One Salary. That's Impossible Today -- What Happened? (

Ontario gets 407 Megawatts of solar power contracts, originally expected 88 Megawatts [environment] (

The Return of MKULTRA? Evidence Mounts that Drugs Were Used on CIA “Ghost Detainees” During Coercive Interrogations [worldnews] (

The Making of 5 Modern Marvels of Engineering: Construction Truths Behind Contemporary Wonders [offbeat] (

Stronger Than Steel: Bamboo may be the world's greenest raw material. Architects and bicycle designers are catching on [environment] (

Facebook - "It came from the CIA" [worldnews] (

Scientists use T-Rex protien from fossilized T-Rex bone to prove link to birds [science] (

Human line 'nearly split in two' -- Ancient humans started down the path of evolving into two separate species before merging back into a single population, a genetic study suggests. [science] (

Money, sooner: Tax rebates are being sent out early [happy] (

The Earth Clock - its really scary - but totally fascinating [environment] (

Water Footprints Calculator . How much water went into producing that product.? Far, far more than you'd think [environment] (

7 Common Foods That Can Actually Get You High [offbeat] (

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday is Helen Thomas

Hello, Check out how badass Helen Thompson is- then send her some flowers!

Helen Thomas Is A Fucking Badass [politics] (

ChipIn for Flowers for Helen Thomas [politics] (

"I am asking you to believe..." [pic]
[pics] (

Obama needs only 43 more unpledged superdelegates to clinch the nomination
[politics] (

Armenian Genocide - 93 Years Ago Today
[worldnews] (

You know what my favorite thing in the world is? [Pic]
[pics] (

The White House fuel economy proposal looked promising. Then experts took a close look at page 417 and got very angry.

Nalgene Drops Bisphenol Likes Its Hot
[environment] (

Stephen Colbert needs your help! He's #4 on Time's 100 most influential people list ... losing to Rain (who?)
[entertainment] (

Since 2000 oil has increased 74% in Euros but 237% in US dollars … how is that for a collapsing currency?
[business] (

Monsanto Whistleblower says Genetically Engineered crops may cause disease.
[science] (

On the endangered species list 70,000 years ago? ... Gulp, us. [science] (

Bionic Eye To Restore Sight For Blind People [science] (

Why New York City's Iconic Pizza Is So Tough to Replicate [offbeat] (

Do wind turbines really kill a lot of birds? [environment] (

Ionic air purifiers' dirty little secret: They don't get rid of dust The devices really don't improve air quality, and they can release ozone. [science] (

China Stops Exporting Rice; Weak Dollar Blamed. [business] (

Children's Book About Cannabis: "It's Just a Plant" [PICS] [pics] (

Since the algae are essentially eating the coal emissions, there would be no need to capture and store the CO2. [environment] (

Life Expectancies Dropping, Wages Falling, Food Rationing Reported -- What the Hell is Going on? [politics] (

Astrologers fail to predict proof they are wrong [science] (

A newly created microbe produces cellulose that can be turned into ethanol and other biofuels [environment] (

Denmark Generates Too Much Wind Power [environment] (

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday is Neo-traditional

So, what did you think of that 'double digit' difference between Obama and Clinton?

With 98.9% counted, the margin to Clinton in PA was 8.6%. Most of the MSM are calling it 10%. [politics] (

To the nearest percentage point, Hillary won PA by 9%, not 10% - a difference with important psychological ramifications, and one that is being misreported [politics] (

NY Times: It's time for the superdelegates to end Hillary's destructive campaign. [politics] (

Obama has been warned that his refusal to pay the traditional "street money" to local operatives to help get the vote out in Philadelphia could cost him crucial percentage points [worldnews] (

The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. [worldnews] (

Up to the minute map of NYC crime and carnage [offbeat] (

Creepy, Scary: High School class studies genocide; evaluates places it is likely to happen; and real life proves their predictions correct [worldnews] (

A fish species, which is all female, has survived for 70,000 years without reproducing sexually, experts believe. Offspring are clones of their mothers. [science] (

The human brain responds to being treated fairly the same way it would to winning money - or eating chocolate. [science] (

Euro breaks through $1.60 as dollar slumps to record low [business] (

Surgeons give hope to blind with successful 'bionic eye' operations [science] (

Life Changing Books: Recommendations from 17 Top Scientists (

Google-Backed Solar Startup Picks Up Steam, $130 Million (

Give Your Intellect a Boost — Just Say Yes to Doing the Right Drugs! (

Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower [Health] (

Paper, Castoreum and Levulinic Acid: What's inside a box of cigarettes [science] (

Spring is changing fast -- in ways we are only beginning to understand. [science] (

The No Child Left Inside Act, as it exists now, prevents teachers from allowing children to learn from nature. This is why kids recognize 1,000 logos and fewer than 10 species. [science] (

It is easy to prove to yourself that God is imaginary. The evidence is all around you. Here are 50 simple proofs. [science] (

Ashcroft Compares Waterboarding To Being ‘Interviewed By Jon Stewart’ [politics] (

Obama site hacked, redirects clicks to Clinton's site. Cross-site scripting bug fixed, but researchers say others exist. [politics] (

Japan's food shortages being seen as warning to the rest of the world of what is to come [worldnews] (

Exclusive! 40+ Earth Day Comics from America's Best-Loved Cartoonists [environment] (

Easiest Job on Planet: Bank CEO [business] (

"Imagine what it was like for me, a fifty-something women who felt abandoned, unloved. Here was a beautiful young man with the most incredible, fit body, begging me to go to bed with him. [offbeat] (

John McCain has a long and detailed history of illegally intervening on behalf of his campaign contributors. Enjoy the straight talk. [politics] (

The price of the new farm bill, final details of which are being hammered out by congressional negotiators, has risen to $280 billion over five years, according to news reports. [business] (

The green economy can kill three birds with one stone. It can solve the climate crises, provide good jobs and lower household costs for energy. What are we waiting for? [technology] (

Clueless in America: "Ignorance in the United States is not just bliss, it’s widespread." [politics] (

Rock Port: First U.S. City To Run On 100% Wind Power [environment] (

The Fabulous Life of John McCain: 8th richest Senator, has 9 houses worth over $13 million. Says economic problems are "psychological," Americans should deal with recession by "working a second job." [politics] (

The FULL Jason Beghe Interview about $cientology *finally released* [entertainment] (

You Walk Wrong - How Shoes Hurt Your Feet [science] (

Pipe Cleaner Dance [WTF] [WTF] (

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday is a Link

Hello. Here's a healthy heaping of links from the weekend.

Tomorrow is EARTH DAY!
Earth Day: The World is Just Awesome [environment] (

Obama reports $51M to start April; McCain raised $15M [politics] (

"Say it, Obama! ... who did she and Bill bring to the White House for 'spiritual counseling?' THE REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT!" (

Hillary Clinton & her ties with Monsanto [politics] (

Obama's New Ad: "Exactly" [Vid] [politics] (

"The 2008 presidential race has boiled down to a fight of two against one – John McCain and Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama." [politics] (

NYTimes fronts stunning article on Pentagon success in spinning media terrorism coverage [long; important] (

Thousands of people are losing their jobs on Wall Street — some before their first day of work. [business] (

Condoleezza Rice appeared on TV saying that the violence in Iraq hadn’t reached the point at which random bodies were turning up in the streets. The noise of hungry soldiers eating came to a stop. [politics] (

New Energy Order: Get ready for a new world order in which energy will govern what we eat, where we live, and if and when we travel [politics] (

Have you looked into the eyes of a climate scientist recently? They look really scared. [science] (

The American Worker: Overworked and Worked Over [business] (

When bananas ruled the world: Intrigue. Power. Corruption. Death. Sex. The history of oil has nothing on that of the yellow fruit. [politics] (

15 People Who Changed the Internet [technology] (

1993 Stephanopoulos Criticizes The Tactics of 2008 Stephanopoulos [politics] (

If you think war for oil was bad, just wait until we're fighting over food [politics] (

Chinese stocks have fallen by 50% in the last six months [business] (

Daily Decisions Make Mush of Your Mind [cogsci] (

Samsung says water powered cell phones expected to hit the market by 2010. [gadgets] (

In one second... (pic) [environment] (

Socrates (470-399 BCE) saw the citizens of his beloved Athens sleepwalking through life, living only for money, power, and fame... [worldnews] (

We now have confirmation that Bush personally gave his approval on torture. Where is the media? Where are the Democrats? [politics] (

Sexual Intercourse: Let’s All Be Brief and Average (

Face It, We All Aren't Going to Become Vegetarians (

The Hidden Battle to Control the World's Food Supply (

Bio-electromagnetic Weapons: The ultimate weapon [science] (

Cultural Differences Found in Pee [offbeat] (

Could deja vu be explained by grid cells? [science] (

US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades [worldnews] (

The Impossible Art of Li Wei [Pics] [pics] (

Titan: Treasures of Earth's oily twin [science] (

The coral reefs in the tropical western Pacific are at the brink of one of the most spectacular and significant nights in their annual life cycle. [science] (

Only in Japan, 30% of high school girls go on "compensated dates" with middle aged men [worldnews] (

Spiral Galaxies in Collision [Photo] [science] (

Comcast: Worst. Company. Ever. [business] (

Americans are increasingly close-minded and unwilling to listen to opposing views. (

20 Amazing and unusual weather phenomena [science] (

Elephant paints portrait of self holding flower. [video] [offbeat] (

Things Worth Shortening Your Life For [offbeat] (

What I Know at 64 that I Didn’t Know at 24 [happy] (