Friday, August 24, 2007

Fry the day

Hello and welcome to the weekend. we are in the middle of Vietnam #2, and there's nothing we can do except protest like the hippies did. Good luck to everyone, I'm getting right into it.

Article V of the Constitution states that, "on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, [Congress] shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments." This would allow us, the citizens, the ability to initiate amendments so we could change and/or clarify the Constitution. All 50 states have applied numerous times, and yet a convention has never been held. Why?

Who wants war with Iran? It seems that Fox News does [VIDEO]

All Hail Ceasar [PIC]

No GOP Presidential Race is Complete Without Criminal Activity: The latest on McCain's Bathroom Blowjob Hypocrite, Romney's Cop-Imitating Director of Operations, Giuliani's Coke Hound, possibly Fred Thompson himself, and much more.

Bush cabinet member comes clean to 60 minutes

Former Reagan Administration Official : George W. Bush is a War Criminal

Sydney to let convicted prisoners out of jail to make room for Bush protesters - who will be denied bail until he leaves...

Mother Teresa was an Atheist.

Carter was the last American president who stood up to Israel and demanded that U.S. diplomacy be even-handed.

Ron Paul: "The house of cards Nixon built is now on the verge of collapsing on our heads"

White House Declares Itself a "Freedom" Free Zone

Barack Obama's Republican edge (Republicans are more likely to support Obama than Hillary and is why Rove has been drumming up Hillary Clinton.)

"Ron Paul: Americans are Living on Borrowed Money and Time"

Paradise Lost: Imperialism on the Isle of Diego Garcia

If Ron Paul gets more donations from members of the military than any other candidate, than why is Gallup finding that he's only polling at 1% with veterans?

Ted Nugent threatens Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton during a performance- with machine guns in hand!

AT&T Ditches 'Fewest Dropped Calls' Ad Campaign

How our seedy, corrupt Washington establishment operates

Study: Martian soil may contain life

Top 10 Physically Modified People - Scary Stuff

Insurance company sends a private fire department to a wild fire zone in an effort to protect only the homes owned by their more wealthy clients

Atheistic Societies Are Happy Societies

The Privileged Class

Russia's military expansion may not be as threatening as it looks. We might even end up grateful for its rebalancing of the world order.

Burn the Spring Chicken [Pics]

Getting Over The “Taboo” Of Generics And Store Brands

At the Rotenberg Center, autistic, mentally retarded, and emotionally troubled children from eight states are subjected to food deprivation, social isolation, and electric shocks. Employees wear remotes bearing a picture of each child around their waist so they don't shock the wrong kid [PHOTO ESSAY]

Google Inc. is co-hosting a "Conservative Modern Media Strategies Workshop" with the right-wing Heritage Foundation. WTF happened to Do No Evil?

What do close advisors to Stephen Harper and George W. Bush have in common? They reflect the disturbing teachings of Leo Strauss, who believed in the inherent inequality of humanity. Most people, he famously taught, are too stupid to make informed decisions about their political affairs. Elite philosophers must decide on affairs of state for us. In Washington, Straussians exert powerful influence from within the inner circle of the White House.

Quebec police admit they went undercover at Montebello protest

Astronomers Find Gaping Hole in the Universe, Dwarfs all Previous Discoveries

Imagine how this sounds to the average Iraqi. "America is fighting this war for your freedom and safety. Also, we're drawing all the world's worst terrorists into your backyard so they blow up your markets and police stations, and steer clear of ours."

Man served 10 years in prison for selling light bulbs [WAR ON DRUGS]

White House: Wealth Inequality "Is Not A Very Interesting Story"

"Doesn't he realize that if the U.S. had stayed in Vietnam longer, they would have killed more people?" said Vu Huy Trieu of Hanoi, a veteran of the communist forces that fought American troops in Vietnam. "Nobody regrets that the Vietnam War wasn't prolonged except Bush."

The metre (and a list of those who don't use the metric system) [pic]

Gigantic Jets are lightning-like discharges that spring from the top of thunderstorms, reaching all the way from the thunderhead to the ionosphere 50+ miles overhead. They're enormous and powerful[video]

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday isn't a day too soon!

Well hello, and welcome to the pre-weekend party. We're chillin and discussing the similarities and differences between Iraq and Vietnam, care to join? Seems the Vietnam vets have quite a bit to say on the matter, along with Iraq vets. Although there is a major age gap between the two, they all seem to have the same general viewpoint. War blows. So, enjoy the anti-war themed messages you will find here today, and hopefully us non-vets can join in on protesting this pathetic excuse for a 'war'.

Why is George Bush suddenly making parallels between Iraq and Vietnam? Because he's preparing to shift the blame for another disaster.

History lesson: What happened to the U.S. economy last time after we lost a major war and an unpopular president left office. Get ready...

Doubya says pulling out of Vietnam in 1975 was a mistake. Yikes.

Bush's Vietnam analogy not playing well with vets. “The real insult to Vietnam veterans accrues from somebody who didn’t see fit to fight but seems more than capable of defining what our sacrifice was all about.”

Bush: Iraq will not become my Vietnam

Vietnam rejects Bush's Iraq comparison

Iraq: The vanishing coalition - President Bush invokes Vietnam as splits emerge with Iraq allies

The Black Hole Theory of Government: Taking the Wealth of the American People and Transferring it to the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

The Blame America First Crowd [Comic]

Robert Fisk: "Now we are at work in Iraq. The Iraqis don't deserve us, it seems, because their elected leaders are not doing what we want them to do. So we betray them . . . "

British Army Deploys New Weapon Based On Thermobaric Technology

This manual was written by the Bush Administration as guidelines of what to do before the president arrived. Includes - how to hide protestors so the president doesn't have to see/hear them

Obama Says That He Will End Federal Raids on Medical Marijuana Patients

How can this bloody failure be regarded as a good war?

Follow the Money - "what we have here in this country is 100% communism under the guise of a free-market capitalist system. The government owns and controls everything"

Don't blame just the President. Our entire political establishment is complicit.

Noam Chomsky: modern communication as important to democratic countries as propaganda is to a dictatorship

Where's the inflation? Tuition, medial care, housing... everything that you can't trade with China.

National intelligence director confirms that the government helped AT&T and Verizon install wiretapping systems, thinks cooperating corporations should be exempt from lawsuits

Americans' vanishing right to travel

The Lost War: We've Spent 36 Years and Billions of Dollars Fighting It, but the Drug Trade Keeps Growing

Researchers perform drug-tests on wastewater samples in 10 U.S. cities. Caffeine is common; cocaine prevalent in affluent areas, methamphetamines correlate with gambling.

Judge: Bush Administration Broke the Law, Must Issue Global Warming Report ASAP!

Bolton: I ‘Absolutely’ Hope The U.S. Will Attack Iran In The Next 6 Months'

Justice Department argues that the White House Office of Administration is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act

10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Brain

Conservative Republicans still in denial that Obama will be VP. Fred Thompson to host "Coming Out" party after labor day.

Ancient Organisms Discovered In Canadian Gold Mine

Russia claims that the aim of any lunar program of its own (a permanent moon base by 2015-2020) will be extracting He3.

A lone senator is single-handedly ensuring that the health insurance industry can use your own DNA against you.

Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney: Degenerate Hypocrites

"Ron Paul: Unconstitutional Government Has Created a War Crisis"

Scientists have induced out-of-body-like experiences in healthy people, suggesting a scientific explanation for a phenomenon often thought to be a figment of the imagination.


Yellowstone National Park Reveals Yet Another Natural Wonder, A New Kind Of Life Form

Less talk from woman, more happiness for couple

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wed Nes Day

Yes sir, it's here. The middle of the week, and we can *finally* compare the 'War on Terror' with the Vietnam War. Somehow this idea came into George W's conscious, while the rest of us have been restless about it for the past 5 years. At least he figured it out, right? Well, we're screwed anyways. What's the count down to a police state? 4 months? I wish I knew, the pressure continues to push us closer and closer to the martial law state. Our freedoms are slim to none as it is, and it can only get worse. Thank you corporate media, for keeping us all so well educated on bullshit news and hiding real news so that people like me get to digg it up. It's a lot of fun, just so you know- and I'm not being facetious. Well, maybe a little bit :)

Post-War Bush Forgets Pre-War Bush's "Lessons Of Vietnam"

Bush warns of new Vietnam in Iraq. WTF did he think would happen before he started us down this course?

Shocking video comparison of FOX News saying the same thing about Iran now that they said about Iraq before the invasion. Same thing!

Jefferson & Madison wanted nothing to do with a powerful central government, preferring states & counties as the primary seats of government. They knew that special interests and factions would take over. Were they correct? With special interests writing laws today to suit their own needs it appears they were.

Chickenhawk Bush Has the Gall to Lecture Americans on Vietnam

Can you see the Bubble? Home Prices Vs. Median Incomes [Graph]

Welcome to the Idiocracy. Many Americans don't read, don't follow world affairs, and can name more American Idol judges than rights provided by the First Amendment.

Could The U.S. National Debt Be Used As An Economic Weapon Against US

Socialists and Neocons versus Ron Paul

Ron Paul, Kucinich winning in recent poll

"Boston Globe: Why is the Mainstream Media Trying to Marginalize Ron Paul?"

The Times has decided that Kucinich isn’t a candidate. He doesn’t exist.

Reagan official warns America could be a police state within 1 year.

Hillary Clinton says US's Iraq Tactics are "working", and she will increase US Military by 80,000 --- I'm so glad we're going to have a choice next election.

Censorship: A Call to Save the Internet and Avoid the Hellish Corporate 'Internet 2'

Psychological Warfare Conducted Upon Our Own Troops: "The group identity they are drilling into these kids, is based on explicit contempt not only for the declared enemy of the week, but for the entire civilian population, with a special emphasis on women and homosexuals." (War Psychiatry and Iraq Atrocities)

"All of our top military commanders recognize that there is no military solution in Iraq"

The US is no longer a functioning democracy

Greenpeace’s New Ads Take Aim At Political Hypocrisy From Ted Kennedy And Others Over Wind Power In Massachusetts

There's Obama and Clinton's mixed signals on Iraq...and then there's smart foreign policy.

Fred Thompson is breaking the law.

Why is the Democratic Congress so unpopular? Because Americans Overwhelmingly Want Congressional Investigations of the Administration.

First court-martial for an officer in Abu Ghraib scandal gets under way

Wall Street thinks the Federal Reserve is running out of time to prevent Recession

The ugliest theory yet on why Rove left: He lost the battle on war with Iran to Cheney

AT&T Must Face Justice for Illegal Spying

Asperger Syndrome: "From early childhood, my memory was so acute and my wit so bleak that I was described as a genius."

Scientists discover ultra-lethal "Hot Zone" Marburg virus' natural reservoir in Africa

600,000 colorectal and breast cancer cases could be avoided every year by vitamin D intake

Remember Freedom Fries?

Tesco launch stirs high hopes in U.S. "food deserts" - The world's third-largest food retailer is seeking to woo U.S. shoppers with smaller convenience stores of around 10,000 square feet emphasizing ready-to-eat meals and fresh produce in areas that are underserved by supermarket and grocery store chains.

Scientists Discover Methane Ice Worms On Gulf Of Mexico Sea Floor

A Beijing factory recycled used chopsticks and sold up to 100,000 pairs a day without any form of disinfection

Once upon a time, a dangerous radical gained control of the US Republican Party

The Lost War: We've Spent 36 Years and Billions of Dollars Fighting It, but the Drug Trade Keeps Growing

Unbelievable! The George W Bush’s Presidential Advance Manual, made available only by a court deposition.

Guantánamo in Germany

Google Earth - Just Added GALAXIES

Kucinich Campaign Submitted Complaints to ABC News, Awaits Answers

Agent Provocateurs Attempt To Start Riot At PEACEFUL Demonstration

The top fifth of earners in Manhattan now makes 52 times what the lowest fifth makes -- roughly comparable to income disparity in Namibia

China Airlines Paints Over Name, Logo On Wreckage Of Jet [pics]

When the Bush administration didn't report on global warming, they broke the law

Kucinich Blasts Bush Administration For ‘Setting The Stage’ For War With Iran

Astronomers have been puzzling over a supernova 100 times brighter than most – it may be the first observation of 'strange matter'

Space dust in plasma organizes into double helix shape—like DNA

(video) Army tell LaVena Johnson's Family She Commited Suicide (in Iraq).. Her Father Investigates and Finds She was Severely Beaten up and Couldn't have Inflicted the Fatal Wound And Someone had Attempted to Burn Her Body to Hide All this Evidence..(Army says "Case Closed !")

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday gets the work done

Hello, what a tiresome day. There is no energy for any kind of positive output, so I'm just going to get right into it.

The 10 Mega Hurricanes of 2007 (Interactive Map)

The Worst Political Scandal You Never Heard of: The Franklin Coverup (VIDEO)

SENATOR plans to indtroduce FREE TUITION - Math and Science majors may go to school for FREE

Cheney's Office Says It Has Dozens of Wiretap Documents But Won't Hand Them Over

Consider this question: What percent of our ancestors were women? It’s not a trick question, and it’s not 50%.

20 Things you Didn’t Know About... Hygiene

French are wimps? Check out who is walking around Baghdad without troops

By the time you finish reading this sentence, you'll be 25 miles closer to the planet Mars.

Mitt Romney: "Exceptionally" Stupid

What I Do to Live Frugally

Dennis Kucinich again delivered the best line of the debates when he was called on to answer the question of whether or not the candidates believe that prayer could stop wars and hurricanes

Bush OKs use of spy satellites for local law enforcement

Save the trees, kill the fish: Top Bush forestry official faces contempt, possible jail time

Prelude to an Attack on Iran

The Supreme Court has sent a clear message to "patent trolls": your paydays are numbered.

Obama calls for easing Cuba travel restrictions

Public tolerates abuse of wives by athletes more than abuse of dogs

White House to deliver Iraq progress report ON Sept 11

Kasparov: 'Putin's System works like the Stalin regime'

Bush Administration Acts to Limit Healthcare Coverage Plan for Poor/Needy Children

The secret history of the Nazi mascot

Honda was getting 47mpg -- THIRTY YEARS AGO [classic ad photo]
ABC News Censors Poll Because Kucinich Won

Legalized Loan Sharking: The Sleeper Issue of 2008

Again, Cheney Says He is Not Part of the Executive Branch........ Is He Delusional ??

Scientists say they've found cure for Alzheimers

Passengers escape as plane hijacking in Turkey goes awry.

From Quagmire to Cakewalk - Dick Cheney's Big Flip-Flop

Million Strong for Obama group mysteriously vanishes from Facebook. LGT a thread on the subject.

Video - How to Clean a Scratched CD or DVD With a Banana to get the Best Results

The Concrete Phone Booth [Comic]

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday has the 50th post

Hello and welcome to a new week. I have hit the big five zero and will continue to report strong. What a long and painful weekend of traveling that had transpired. Its almost nice to be back at work- only because I get to add more interestin news. Keep your heads up and minds open.

Cheney pushes attack on three camps in Iran where Iraqi Shiite militiamen have allegedly been training, to provoke Iran to retaliate militarily, which then would justify launching a massive air attack against Iran.

Quote from Reagan Diaries about George Bush's son W.

US Officials in Washington: 'There WILL be an Attack on Iran's Revolutionary Guard and its Nuclear Facilities in the Next Six Months'

127,000 Private Contractors Replace Soldiers in Iraq

Pelosi's Stand Blocking Impeachment in the House is Killing the Democratic Party

Arctic Ice Coverage Will Shrink to 2050 Projections… This Summer

Remember how the American Psychological Association was bravely refusing to participate in torture? Well, not so much.

Canada is America's #1 trading partner. Not China. Canada.

Bill Moyers on Karl Rove: “Rove is riding out of Dodge City as the posse rides in.”

In one year, the average life expectancy in the United States dropped by 12 years.

Finally, the Democrats are Embarrassed for Giving the President New Spying Powers

The War as We Saw It -- NY Times Op-ed by Army Sergeants in Iraq: "The claim that we are increasingly in control of the battlefields in Iraq is an assessment arrived at through a flawed, American-centered framework."

Modelling the Earth's climate mathematically is hard already. Now a new difficulty is emerging.

Chalmers Johnson, in his book "Nemesis," explains that we can continue the same way as imperial Rome and lose our democracy, or chose the British model of keeping it at the expense of sacrificing empire. Freedom or empire - that's our choice.

Study shows loneliness can have harmful long-term effects on people

Scientists expect to create life in next 10 years

Matt Cooper Says Rove DID Leak Valerie Plame’s Identity To Him: UPDATED!

Meet Copowi, the world's first ISP to guarantee network neutrality

Imagine waking up during surgery - in agony, but unable to move or speak. It happens 100 times a day, according to the FDA

Banks in trouble The game is up

Police officer criminally convicted for abusive use of a Taser - how is this possible? . . . oh I see - this was in Canada.

Wiretapping was only the beginning. New law allows to conduct body searches on American citizens, collect business records without court approval.

CNBC’s Erin Burnett wants Americans consuming poisoned food, absorbing lead to keep prices low

Private Mercenary Armies: A Looming Threat to Freedom

AT&T cripples the BlackBerry 8820 in favor of the iPhone, the future of a world without net neutrality baked in

Police Paid By Number Of Tickets Written

[VIDEO] Cruiseliner starts to go down, crew bails and leaves the passengers to fend for themselves.

Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world

World's 10 Stories You Don't (MayBe) Know,Because It's Underreported [Pics]

Christopher Hitchens writing about his recent book tour in the States. Damn Funny.

Sudden, inexplicable depression in Men has a weird biological cause: A phenomenon called a xenobiotic attack

Brain Cells Work Differently Than Previously Thought

Babies Should Be Exposed To Dirt. It's Good For Them.

Exploring the Dynamics of Earth Systems

The American Happiness: "The gift of breast implants costs about $7,000. 'But I don't think you can put really a price on your child's happiness,' she said."

Secret spy court orders Bush to respond to request for information on secret ruling

How I Got Arrested for Holding an IMPEACH Sign

Doug Thompson founder of Capitol Hill Blue supports Ron Paul for President 2008

Country Wide CEO Dumps Stock

Short of Purple Hearts, Navy tells vet to buy his own

Russia and China thumb their nose at US, begin joint "War Games"

When Jose Padilla is 1984's Winston Smith, then so are all of us.