Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday before Europe!

The time is coming. I'm leaving tomorrow for my european vacation with my baby. This will be the last post for awhile, and I will leav you with the good words of pres. Obama

Obama Speech: A More Perfect Union [politics] (

Obama Speech In Full: A More Perfect Union [politics] (

Obama's speech will test our collective maturity level. He took the stage and essentially said: "It's time to sit down and have an adult conversation about race in America." [politics] (

New York Times Editorial: Mr. Obama’s Profile in Courage (NYT says Obama is like Lincoln, FDR, and JFK in times of crises). [politics] (

10 candidates for Congress launched a plan to withdraw from Iraq now, end warrantless wiretapping, & make sure this never happens again. They are sticking their necks out. They deserve our support. [politics] (

JPMorgan buying a dying company to help curb a recession? Sounds really familiar... [business] (

France calls for a boycott of the Olympics ceremony over Tibet [worldnews] (

Pentagon's cyborg insects all grown up: One step closer to zero privacy [science] (

"America’s wars against Afghanistan and Iraq have been red ink wars financed by foreigners...who purchase the US Treasury bonds that the US government issues to finance its red ink budgets" [politics] (

This latest assault on the integrity of the American way of life can only best be described as a conspiracy by the Banking, Insurance and Mortgage Industry to defraud the American people. [politics] (

New Hampshire House Approves Bill To Decriminalize Pot [politics] (

Cheney is STILL linking Iraq war with 9/11 [politics] (

Numerous Countries Have Recently Dropped The Dollar as Their Reserve Currency [politics] (

Federal Reserve Cuts Federal Funds Rate by 75 Basis Points, from 3.00% to 2.25%; 1% Drop was Expected [business] (

Obama believes that Americans want to engage an elevated and more noble type of politics than the depressing garbage spewed by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News - Glenn Greenwald [politics] (

Legalization! It is estimated that the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. would lead to a $7.7 billion drop in law enforcement costs and generate $6.2 billion in tax revenue [politics] (

"Never do I want to hear again from my conservative friends about how brilliant capitalists are, how much they deserve their seven-figure salaries..." [business] (

Top 10 Outdoor Survival Tools [geek] (

Former Head of the NSA: Al Qaeda WANTS US to Attack Iran [politics] (

Can quantum antiferromagnets reveal secrets of bosonic supersolids? [science] (

The Big Organic Questions - What Is Organic Food And Is My Food Really Organic? [science] (

Four Online Telescopes [science] (

Baby sand dollars clone themselves when they sense danger. [science] (

Games Girls Play [happy] (

Tesla Motors Starts 'Regular Production' of Electric Roadster [environment] (

Using tiny brushes and chisels, workers picking at a big greenish-black rock in the basement of North Dakota's state museum are meticulously uncovering something amazing [science] (

The downside of a good idea (

The Encyclopedia of Life (

Time Travel and Paradoxes -- Interesting Discussion (

Quantum-Dot Leap: Tapping tiny crystals' inexplicable light-harvesting talent (for those interested in learning about nano-photovaltics) [science] (

History has shown that all empires eventually crumble under a worthless currency and with an exhausted military [politics] (

The Story of Stuff. The hidden environmental and social costs in consumer purchases. [environment] (

Long-Distance Wi-Fi - Intel has found a way to stretch a Wi-Fi signal from one antenna to another located more than 60 miles away. [technology] (

Now CCTVs put in UK schools to spy on teachers [worldnews] (

Disfigured woman loses fight to die [worldnews] (

Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010 at Sub-$18,000, Could Hit 1000-Mile Range [science] (

10 Deadliest Legal Drugs [science] (

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday is Prolonged

Hello. This week is one of the longest ever. Possibly because I'm leaving for London on Thursday. Enjoy the day's headlines!

It took me a long time to realize it, but the end result of the tragically weak dollar will be this: American hard assets will be for sale to foreign investors for dirt cheap. [business] (

China declares "people's war" to control Tibet (

It's happening: Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton to prolong conflict with Barack Obama, and Hillary's an easier target for McCain [politics] (

Top 10 Iraq War Profiteers. [politics] (

Wonder what's the reason behind Cheney's visit to Iraq? Read the first four lines. [politics] (

Time Magazine invents facts to claim that Americans support Bush's domestic spying abuses - Glenn Greenwald [politics] (

What's the difference between "managing" sewage and recycling it? Turns out, clean water. [environment] (

Former Bear Stearns CEO walked away with $232 million. It's obscene that billions of taxpayer dollars are going to richest people, when average workers can't afford health care for their kids. [politics] (

Happy birthday, Department of Homeland Security, you useless, expensive, corrupt, and bureaucratically hamstrung failure of a make-work pork-barrel project. [politics] (

Tomorrow marks the 40th Anniversary of My Lai Massacre: more than 500 villagers were raped, tortured, and slaughtered by American soldiers in a hamlet nicknamed Pinkville. (

kissing ass: U.S. drops China from list of 10 worst rights violators [politics] (

Clean Energy: It's Getting Affordable The argument that we can't afford renewable sources of energy falls flat when considering the growth in solar, wind, biofuels, and fuel cells [business] (

"The problem is that unless the major financial (companies) are kept solvent, the economy will suffer (so much) that everybody's livelihood will be affected" [business] (

Ocean Power: Europe's Next Green Thing [science] (

BigDog Quadruped Robot Is So Stunning It's Spooky [science] (

Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan [business] (

Europe ain't that big (

The Conflicted Consumer: Scientists Find that Low Self-Esteem & Materialism Goes Hand in Hand [cogsci] (

New Artificial Organism with Advanced Group Intelligence: A Swarm of 10,000 Miniature Robots [science] (

Prostitution is not only the oldest profession; it predates man. [science] (

Bottled Water and Poisonous Plastic [science] (

The thing that shocks me is that the liberal blogosphere has been deadly silent about the massive bailout of bankers that is taking place with taxpayer money, and fueling the collapse of the dollar. [politics] (

Euro to USD went up $0.10 in less then a month! (

Chinese repression of Tibet is growing: Spread the word against the injustice [geek] (

The Intelligence Cover-Up: House FISA bill would expose the "breathtaking extent of [Bush's] lawless behavior" [politics] (

The real problem in the US is not the fact that Cheney/Bush are running a fascist takeover of the government. The real problem is that Congress is letting them do it over the protests of We the People [politics] (

Uncovered: What Causes Traffic [short video] (

Specialization Is For Insects (was: re: Jack of all, master of none) [programming] (

Artificial Intelligence ? You're soaking in it. (

Man had $12,000 in debts, repaid $15,000 over 8 yrs, still owes $12,200. Credit card industry stopped him from testifying to congressional panel [business] (

U.S. Presidents used warrantless wiretaps to spy on, blackmail, and destroy the careers of political opponents, from the 1920s through watergate [politics] (

Americans used to be the world's most skillful entrepreneurs and managers. Now we're laughingstocks. What happened? (

We Are All Larry David (

The man who unboiled an egg (