Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday without an iPhone

Rolled out of bed and into Friday. I'm glad I'm not waiting in line somewhere for an iPhone, those poor souls. If they only knew the trap they were walking directly into. Today has a melancholy atmosphere, and I have no plans- so there isn't anything to look foward to. Let's see where the news brings us.

15 Reasons Why The Apple iPhone Sucks

iPhone: Who's the real manufacturer? (No, it isn't Apple)

Paris Hilton Media Blackout Leaves Americans Outraged - This is more depressing then any other news article all week. People actually think its 'unamerican' to drop paris coverage. I know I said I was dropping this issue yesterday, but jesus- these people need to WAKE UP!

Russia lays claim to the North Pole - and all its gas, oil, and diamonds

America, your president is about to launch World War III

Of all the items listed below (eggs, gas, health care, milk, corn, cocaine, tuition, bread), the price of only one item has gone way down since Bush took office.

George Galloway: White Terrorists Don't Make The News! British terror raid on right wing party candidate nets 22 chemical explosives in largest cache of its kind EVER FOUND IN THE UK; another party loyalist caught with an actual ROCKET LAUNCHER and a nuclear/biological suit.--No big press conference; No mention of Fox "News", CNN, or MSNBC!

Latin You Should Know. Id est, Veni Vidi Vici, Deus ex machina etc

Say "Goodbye" to brand name discounts: Supreme Court OKs retail price fixing by manufacturers

Cheney-Bush Planning For New 9/11

Number of States Rejecting National I.D. Card Growing

Just need to built Skynet now: Taser and iRobot get together to create Taser toting robot (don't mess with your Roomba, or else)

The Coming Biofuels Disaster

A Product Paper Towel Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know About

Pesticides In The Body - Don’t Look, Don’t Find

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday is close enough to Friday

Hello, and good luck waking up in this perfect sleeping weather. It took longer then usual to rouse myself out of bed, but here I am. I want to give respect to those reporters that refuse to do Paris reports, Mika Brzezinski, US Weekly. And I am disappointed in you, Larry King. Never will I have the same respect for you. Dropping a Michael Moore interview for Paris, you make me sick. Besides that, I'm dropping the issue. I have avoided the situation until now, and this is the only mention of Paris you will hear from me again. The entire north east is undergoing major thunderstorms and flooding. After our minor heat wave the rain will help out alot.

Why does fiat money seemingly work ?

For every 100 girls

Dick Cheney Rejoins The Executive Branch

The CIA Altered the Minds of Children as Young as 4 Years Old

Mind Control & MKULTRA, Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, (Edmonton 2006-07-21)

What do you Really Know About Mind Control? Disturbing Truths Mainstream Media Must Ignore

No company has profited more from the carnage in Iraq than Halliburton, which was once headed by Cheney

Bush Won't Supply Subpoenaed Documents ... What a Shocker.

The top pictures of last year shot by UK photographers - don't look if you are too sensitive - some disturbing scenes
Geopolitically, it's 1929 again: The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers

Our Solar System once had three Earthlike planets. What happened to the other two?

The Self-Correcting Internet.

10 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Wall Street Journal reporters chose not to show up to work this morning.

The US White House has rejected subpoenas for documents relating to the case of federal prosecutors sacked last year, citing executive privilege.

5 Basic Survival Skills You Need to Know

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday is the hump

Happy hump day. We are at the peak of the week, and it's all down hill from here. The weather is hazy, hot, and humid- and the news complies. Yesterday was a stress-monger and today the waters are much calmer. Besides the fact that Cheney is nuts, the world is decent as of today. Changes in the tides are occurring, and this might possibly be the wake up call we have been waiting for. The direction of the news today adds a positive perspective- are we finally gaining power through being informed? We shall see where the politics take us in this rapid time period.

Google Earth Zooms In on Darfur Genocide

Cheney Back in the Executive Branch

Congress to investigate Bush’s signing statements. Finally.

An excellent magnified view of the tropical beach sand.

It Gets Stupider: Now Cheney Says He Can Have Secrets Because His "Office Isn't an Agency"

The world's most prestigious financial body warns of Great Depression dangers

Congressman Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Military Stand-Down On 9/11/'01

Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest, discusses what he sees as the largest social movement in human history, and why that movement is so invisible to the media -- and itself.

Cheney's Role In 9/11 Events Raises Questions, and Some Incredible Speculation

The crowd is getting ugly. Soldiers roll up in a Hummer. Suddenly, the whole right half of your body is screaming in agony. You feel like you've been dipped in molten lava.

The CIA's newly declassified documents are now available

Report: ‘Shadow Goverment’ Of Private Contractors Explodes Under Bush

Hoodwinked by the Most Extraordinary Combination of Circumstances

3 Supreme Court Justices Agree..."it would be better to tax and regulate marijuana than to persevere in a futile effort to ban its use entirely."

White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed!!!

Depression tied to folate levels

Gordon Brown is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

(video) Daily Show humour: Cheney claims he's member of Supreme Court

Unspinning the FairTax

Bush EPA chief says she quit after Cheney rewrote coal power plant rules

Finally, a Convincing (and Machiavellian) Explanation for the Actions of the Bush Administration

ExxonMobil beats Halliburton and Wal-Mart as the worst corporation in the world

Doctors back plan to store medical info under your skin

Daily Show viewers are more up on current events than Fox News fans

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, yet once again

Hello, and happy Monday. Such an eventful weekend- can't really complain. But here back at work is a different story. Time to come back down from the clouds and into reality. Welcome to the week.

Undoing Bush: The ultimate guide to repair eight years of sabotage, bungling, and neglect

The Photos Washington Doesn't Want You To See

If we Americans are so rich and so smart, why can't we treat our citizens as well as the Finns do?

The Only Path To Tomorrow - by Ayn Rand

Why (really) is our planet warming?

The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US. (By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease in 2001 was 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable to cancer was 553,251.5)

Law-abiding majority 'is a myth'

The Overnight Metamorphosis of America into Tyranny.

Europe sees creationism as threat to human rights

Did you know the House of Representatives just voted 411-2 for a resolution which stated Iran "has aggressively pursued a clandestine effort to arm itself with nuclear weapons"? So when Bush bombs Iran in spring, 2008 and we later learn they actually weren't trying to make nukes, Democrats will (rightfully) hear "But everyone thought they were!"

Have you heard of Credit Triggers? You should

Blackwater Mercenaries on the USA-Mexico Border

"Our presence in the courtroom was declared a threat to national security." Librarians' lives suffer following receipt of FBI national security letters

Courageous IRAQ War Veterans explain how troops are instructed to plant evidence to justify "indiscriminate" and widespread killing of innocent Iraqi civilians. "You could basically kill anyone you want."

New York Times plans Monday expose of Rupert Murdoch, owner of vast media empire

San Francisco mayor says no to bottled water

'Sicko' leaves top Democrats ill at ease. Leading candidates are sidestepping direct comment on filmmaker Michael Moore's proposals for universal healthcare.

Our solar system was not formed as part of the Milky Way, we are from another galaxy

How Dick Cheney reinvented the vice presidency

Why do you think being gay is unnatural?

Capitalism is the Institution of Ethics

10 Reasons Why Men Prefer Bitchy Women