Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday I'm In Love

I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don't care about you, it's Friday I'm in love. Monday you can fall apart, Tuesday Wednesday break my heart. Thursday doesn't even start, it's Friday I'm in love. Saturday, wait! And Sunday always comes too late, but Friday never hesitate... I don't care if Mondays black. Tuesday Wednesday heart attack. Thursday never looking back, it's Friday I'm in love. Monday you can hold your head, Tuesday Wednesday stay in bed, or Thursday watch the walls instead. It's Friday I'm in love. Saturday wait! And Sunday always comes too late, but Friday never hesitate... Dressed up to the eyes, it's a wonderful surprise to see your shoes and your spirits rise. Throwing out your frown and just smiling at the sound. And as sleek as a shriek, spinning round and round. Always take a big bite, it's such a gorgeous sight to see you eat in the middle of the night! You can never get enough, enough of this stuff- It's Friday I'm in love!

Evidence showing that the USA is becoming a police state [politics] (

It was common knowledge--and was verified every time there was a wildfire--that if your house had a tile roof, and stucco walls, it pretty much was immune to fires. [] (

AT&T Asks CA Wildfire Victims If They Remembered To Pick Up Satellite Receiver As They Fled Their Burning House [] (

Is the U.S. Canada's Mexico? - Their dollar at par, Canadians are spending big in the U.S. [business] (

Australian Dollar is closing in on the US Dollar too! It's not just Canadian Dollars and Euro's doing well in comparision to American Currency! [business] (

US imposes unilateral sanctions on Iran: One step closer to war [] (

Rumsfeld charged with torture during trip to France - under French law, authorities must open an investigation when an alleged torturer is in its territory [] (

Asked whether waterboarding constituted torture, Guliani replied: "It depends on who does it." [politics] (

Rice struggled to hold it together Thursday as members of the House Oversight Committee let her have it on everything from the incomplete U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to Blackwater’s killing spree. [politics] (

We're all "enemy combatants" under this law [politics] (

A Liberal Rethinks Ron Paul [politics] (

Why I Quit The Democratic Party For Ron Paul [politics] (

Let's Start Another Revolution [politics] (

A vision of what our energy future could be, if we just get smart about things... (

Gene switch altered sex orientation of worms - worms proceed to have gay orgy. [science] (

The first prehistoric fish that clambered onto land glimpsed its new world in full color and could even see wavelengths of light that our eyes can't [science] (

Watching Funny Shows Helps Children Tolerate Pain Longer, Study Finds [science] (

Nap now, sleep tonight -- and think better tomorrow [science] (

Greatest mass extinction happened slowly due to volcanic eruptions and global warming, not meteor [science] (

Damn Interesting: Reanimated Rodents and The Meaning of Life [science] (

Putin to Iranian Supreme Leader: An American attack on Iran will be viewed by Moscow as an attack on Russia. [politics] (

Since possession of cannabis was effectively decriminalised in Britain three years ago, use of the drug has dropped significantly [] (

Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants[Pics] [science] (

The 88 Fast Food Items Most Likely To Kill You [science] (

26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs (

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday is the dance

I want to dance so I don’t have to think anymore about the steam cleaned caterpillar in the pinafore. I want to dance till the meanings of words are replaced by the snobbish foppish dandies with discriminating taste, taking lady’s place and bouncing her face up the escalator to inspect the fay new blonde. I want to dance to the voice of the phantom oboe performing spritely melodies of a rococo. I want to dance to the rhythm of owls in a plumb who have fashioned tiny instruments plucked with their thumbs, no feeling is more safe then when you embrace me. Dancing, we don’t need to call any of our friends because I don’t even care who else is there. If dancing is your legs laughing, choking is your throat heckling, cement grapes are falling (falling falling) ah but the limp nymphs are calling me to dance. I’m so sick and tired of always feeling down, yeah just sitting around, yeah wasting my life. I want to dance, I want to dance, I want to dance!!!

Cheney falls asleep during Cabinet meeting on wildfires. [video] [politics] (

Obama: Gore to be Involved in Our Administration [politics] (

Who do you think is going to pay all that back with interest? Not George Bush. Not Dick Cheney. Not the huge international corporations who are profiting. No. You are. [politics] (

BREAKING: Kucinich Will Force Impeachment Vote Before Thanksgiving [politics] (

The UK Energy Situation is Even Worse Than the US's.... [science] (

Scientists should never be censored [science] (

Is It Game Over for U.S. Control of Iraqi Oil? [politics] (

Eighteen Secret Mercenary Armies Funded, Armed and/or Created by the CIA.. [politics] (

MSNBC: Radiohead's Experiment Rocks Music Industry (

String Theory in 2 minutes of less [Video] [science] (

Photographs of an abandoned Russian brain research laboratory [science] (

Israeli troops occupying Palestinians admit to insane acts of brutality against women and children. The problem? Military units were not trained to be policemen, they are trained for war killing. [politics] (

With no new evidence, Fox continues to ask: Did al Qaeda burn California? [politics] (

Ron Paul: A police state can't happen here? Why the naysayers are wrong. The police state is a growing possibility. [politics] (

Obama says he’ll support a filibuster Of Any Bill Containing Telecom Immunity [politics] (

The most important issue to young people in the 2008 campaign is one that no presidential candidate will discuss.. even touching on this subject is taboo [politics] (

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday for the bump

We're bumpin it up today. Hello, and welcome. Current manifestations are finally returning to a normal, intermediate level. And the timing couldn't be any better. We're finally getting some decent news back in here again, rather then the mumbo jumbo bullshit that's been rolling through here. Also, send my regards to all the californians on fire. I hope you can find an extinguisher....

This might be the largest man-made thing on the planet [science] (

What is terrorism? Here's a good start. [pic] (

75% of the 9 trillion US debt was accrued under three Republican presidents. The last time Republicans reduced the debt was 1947. [politics] (

The American people have a right to know what happened in the last six years at the Justice Department. [politics] (

Colbert's presidential run illegal? [politics] (

New Bill to Repeal 'Military Commissions Act' in House ~ Introduced by Dr. Ron Paul [politics] (

Blackwater and me: You see, during my own yearlong tour in Iraq, the bad boys of Blackwater twice came closer to killing me than did any of the insurgents or Al Qaeda type [politics] (

General: Bush ordered Guantanamo 'torture' tactics himself (

Scientists can tell whether the brain is processing true or false memories by watching brain waves known as gamma rhythms [science] (

Bill Cosby's Rant: We Can't Blame White People (

Can More Sex Make Up for Less Life? (Scientics Study the Toxic Effects of Testosterone.) [science] (

Six nuclear weapons disappeared from Minot AFB in North Dakota, Five nuclear weapons were discovered at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. [politics] ( we sat down with the U.S. Drug Czar, and asked him what would happen if we legalized drugs. [politics] (

Do you know who Alan Quasha is? He's the man who bailed out George W. Bush's failing oil company in the 80's. Now he's helping fund Hilary Clinton's campaign for president. [politics] (

Bush's response to 9/11 has magnified many times over the initial damage caused by the terrorists. [politics] (

The result, he says, will be a rupture in human evolution. "We are effectively inventing a new species. So where does that leave us then? In control." [science] (

Men age faster 'because of Stone Age sex' [science] (

"Whenever the world's tropical seas rose several degrees [in temperature], Earth experienced mass extinctions" [science] (

11 Foods Men Should Eat Every Day [science] (

Underground Wonders of the World (

1776: it ain't accurate, but it will blow your f*cking mind (Robot Chicken vid) (

Bush Wants $200 BILLION For Iraq War, But Plans To Veto $22 Billion Labor, Health, and Human Services Bill [politics] (

1 out of 56 is not ‘most’ [politics] (

Behind the Ron Paul sensation is a desperate desire for someone, anyone, to stand up and call "bullshit" on the "War on Terror" [politics] (

How Blonds Evolve [science] (

Imagine an artfully designed fungus that looks like a hat; when you put it on, it digests your head and turns it into a still-conscious, rubbery Super Ball an inch across [science] (

Caution: Killing Germs May Be Hazardous to Your Health Our war on microbes has toughened them. Now, new science tells us we should embrace bacteria. [science] (

Study Shows Salaries Are Not Keeping Pace With Student Debt (

California may soon Spend More on Jails Than Universities ,Thanks to draconian Anti-Drug Legislation & 3-Strikes-and-you're-out [politics] (

I’ve been reading Cheney’s Iran speech, and it’s clearer than ever that we’re in danger of getting snookered again. [politics] (

Bush Needs $46 Billion More for the Iraq Occupation - Bin Laden Tape Shows Up Just In Time [politics] (

The Body's Intricate Dance With Gravity [science] (

NASA's dilemma: Sex and dead bodies in space [science] (

Neocons pouring millions into the Propraganda machine for more War [politics] (

Blackwater Mercenaries Draw Their Guns On US Soldiers (

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday is back

Hello, and we are back on track. Life has picked up the pieces after derailing and we are now on one of those new fancy monorail type trains that run on magnetic tracks, hovering over the tracks and gliding smoothly to a new destination.

3000+ Armed police surround monestary, monks beaten and arrested. Burma? No, Tibet (

Obama should.. cancel his gay bash tour, and do it now [politics] (

Alberto Gonzales May Face Criminal Charges [politics] (

Bush v. Clinton impeachment poll chart [politics] (

41 million Americans can't make ends meet. (

Who Owns You Americans [politics] (

"We are the humans in a dangerous and unnatural experiment in the United States, and I think it's unconscionable," [science] (

Congressional Oversight Commitee: Evidence of Tax Evasion by Blackwater USA [politics] (

You are reading these words right now because 600 million years ago, an aquatic animal called a Hydra developed light-receptive genes—the origin of animal vision. [science] (

Duke refuses to stop watering artificial turf field even though the region is experiencing the worst drought in its history and only has 69 days left in the water supply. (

Researchers Knock Out HIV (

Bush threatens that Iran's mere knowledge of how to build a nuke justifies an attack [politics] (

Why Clinton II Wouldn't Offer Much Change From Bush II... [politics] (

Want to save the planet? Don't change your lightbulbs; change your leaders. (

Top 10 Environmental Blogs: a detailed analysis [science] (

How do we manage to remember smells despite the fact that each olfactory sensory neuron only survives for about 60 days and is then replaced by a new cell? [science] (

Just so we're straight,.. It is now OK for the U.S. to kidnap Canadians, send them to Syria and torture them for years if we THINK they are terrorists. [politics] (

Scientists Race to Detect First Gravitational Waves [science] (

Antimatter: mirror of the Universe [science] (

The Best Explanation of the Credit Crisis So Far. (

Aristotle on the Phony Religiocity of Tyrants (

I Was a Hacker for the MPAA (

You Are What You Grow (