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He Will Say Anything to Get Elected: The 72 Pandering Policy Reversals of John McCain (

Georgia, Israel, the CIA, the US and Russia. It’s all about the oil. (

The US is not a superpower. It is a bankrupt farce run by imbeciles who were installed by stolen elections arranged by Karl Rove and Diebold (

At JFK Airport, Denying Basic Rights Is Just Another Day at the Office (

Well, there's an incredible operation going on in China to use the latest, what's now called homeland security technology -- networked surveillance (

Massachusetts citizens almost certain to decriminalize marijuana - 72% in favor of decriminalizing marijuana (

India - Getting Away With Murder: 50 Years of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (

It takes one to know one -- Bush To Putin: "Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century" Yeah, right, Except when directed at Iran? (

How did the BBC lose a million US readers? « (

China's Gold Medals Found to Have High Lead Content (

Take Care, Chinese Gymnastic Girls! (


Environmentalism is the most politically diverse movement in history. Monbiot replies to the "hypocrites" accusation (

Millionaires are purchasing entire ecosystems around the world and turning them into conservation areas. Their goal? To stop environmental catastrophe (

Ocean "Dead Zones" Become Worldwide Problem (

80% Efficient Solar Panel?! Works at Night?! (

2 Large Solar Plants Planned in California, Will Each Be 10 Times Bigger Than Largest Now in Service (


Scientists inject artificially created human stem cells under the skin of mice, "tumors" emerged after 9 weeks containing human brain tissue, cartilage tissue and muscle tissue... (

Scientists Produce Hydrogen Using Process Found in Plants (

Two highly regarded Princeton mathematicians claim to have proven that if humans have even the tiniest amount of free will, then atoms themselves must also behave unpredictably (

Scientists say we can see sound (

How to Become a Late Riser: 5 Reasons Why Sleeping In Every Day Will Boost your Productivity (

The Surprising Truth Behind the Construction of the Great Pyramids (


How China has changed the world (

What They Teach you at Harvard Business School: My Two Years Inside the Cauldron of Capitalism by Philip Delves Broughton (

How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse (

Dollar intervention: Facts versus ideology (

Steve Saville On The US Dollar And Gold (


The World of Web Trolling (

Timeline: the chronology of cannabis (

5 things we learned about Michael Phelps (

Olympic FAIL compilation (

Think Photosynth was impressive? Have a look at the latest photo viewing creation by the University of Washington and Microsoft Research (

The Web Entrepreneur's Customer Service Toolbox: 100 Hacks and Resources (

Cats on the Blink (

Amazing High Speed Captures of the Kayes Effect (

War in South Osetia - 89 pictures made by a Russian soldier. (